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So You Think You Can Dance 3, May 24th – They're Back, And So Is Sex

When Joel and Carmen start dancing, I’m looking for Benji and Heidi, but what we get instead is something you see people do at weddings after the champagne and several cocktails from the open bar. By the end, the judges are doing a swing dance in their seats that looks better than what’s onstage. Mary tells Joel he has no connections, and he looks as if he’s ready to strangle Carmen. She says everything about it was dreadful, and Dan says he didn’t feel anything. Nigel asks Carmen what she does for a living, and she says she’s a new dance instructor. One day her dad threw the newspaper on the table, and said that’s what you should do; it says no experience required. Mary worries that Carmen isn’t living in reality, saying it was the most juvenile routine of the day. They aren’t sure if they will get back together, as dancing is the only thing they have. Now, that’s sad.

In another case of dance instructor and student Katie Watts, 25, has been Ashley Keegan’s instructor since Ashley was 11 or 12, and they’ve grown really close. She came to support Katie, but is now finding herself auditioning as well. Ashley goes first and throws off the white fur bolero she was wearing during her dance. Nigel tells her she has all the qualities she needs to be a good dancer. Mary adds that she has great extension and is a joy to watch. Dan thinks she showed them a little bit of everything. She’s on her way to Las Vegas.

Before she dances, Katie is asked to speak to them. Nigel tells her she’s shown them she’s a good teacher, and now needs to show them she’s a good dancer as well. She dances very well and with one leg pointed in the air does a grest spin up with body. Nigel mentions after there is a lot of pressure on her now that Ashley made it. Katie says she’s happy for her, as she’s like a little sister. He asks if she’d be happier to not make it, and only Ashley making it, and she says she’d like them both to make it. Nigel is happy that as a dance teacher she is teaching well, and says no wonder, as she has great technique herself. Mary says she’s a special dancer herself, other than being a dance teacher. Dan adds she doesn’t have the God-given long legs that Ashley has, but she’s done pretty well with what she’s been given. She’ll join Ashley in Las Vegas.

Stanislav from last season’s top 20 is back, but this time he has brought his sister, Faina Savich, 21, of Brooklyn, New York, to audition. They moved to New York City form Moscow, Russia six years ago, and used to dance together, although they split up three years ago. They find they are more supportive of each other after their split. As they dance together, he’s the same old Stanislav, and she’s terrific with a little more excitement to her dancing than he offers. Nigel tells Stanislav his sister is much sexier than he is, and tells Faina that her dancing was absolutely beautiful with sexuality and technique, and he thinks she should go straight to Las Vegas. Mary says she is the epitome of what they look for in a Latin dancer. They all agree … Las Vegas it is.

Jamar never did scare up a girl to partner with, so he’s dancing with E-Knock to his swing dance. The music begins, but Jamar doesn’t. He tells Nigel he was waiting for “da da da da da,” meaning he was waiting for the horns to kick in with the drums. There are some elements of swing once he gets started, and it’s certainly entertaining, as he even swings E-Knock between his legs. Dan calls it hysterical while Mary cackles, and Nigel says they sit there all day and sometimes they put up with a lot of rubbish, and sometimes a lot of abuse. But every once in awhile a star will get up there on that stage, and Jamar is a star. Mary calls it a lot of fun, although not a whole lot of swing dancing, and Dan says he thought Jamar was completely full of it when he said he knew swing, but that was fun. He’s moved on now to the choreography round to join E-Knock.

There’s one contestant left to see, and what would New York City be without him. Trying out again this year is David Kenneth “Sex” Soller, 33. His new motto is “I’m the best.” Wow, he’s clever. He represents the male sex image he believes, and what’s different with him this year is that he has better moves, more training, and more enthusiasm. He also claims to have hundreds of girlfriends. The audience isn’t helpful as they give him loud cheers. Nigel asks Mary if “Sex” has improved for her this year. She says it’s the least sexiest thing she has ever seen. Sex disagrees and says he’s very proud of himself. Nigel asks what Sex wants, and he says he wants to be a dancer. Nigel states he will not be a dancer on this planet and says he should have more respect for the people that are seriously auditioning. Sex calls him obnoxious, and it just gets worse as they argue back and forth. Sex’s mom, or as Nigel calls her Mrs. Sex, then starts an argument with Nigel, as she’s upset they’re taking his dream away. Nigel wants her to see there is no dream, as he will never be a dancer. By the end, he tells Sex and Mrs. Sex to not come back the next year.

We don’t get to see much of the choreography round, but we do see that E-Knock didn’t make it, while Jamar did, probably mostly on pure entertainment factor. Hannah-Lee has made it as well, along with 57 others in total from New York. Luckily, the auditions won’t be drawn out like they are on American Idol, and we’ll be done with them after two more nights next week. Three nights of auditions is just enough to get our juices flowing, but not too much where we start to get bored and are aching to get going with the performances.

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