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American Idol 6 Results, May 16th—And Then There Were 2

Homer Simpson takes over the intro for Ryan and is much more entertaining, four fingered hands down. Unfortunately, Ryan walks out onto the stage instead of Homer (although Ryan does have the stubble that Homer sports), so I guess it’s back to the same old, same old. I am so excited because Elliott Yamin is singing tonight. Can I vote for him to win this year? Maroon 5 will also be performing tonight.

The clips from last night play next and snippets from all three songs from each of the contestants are shown. It seems the way the recap was edited, there is a big Melinda push from the judges, producers, and editors. I guess we’ll find out!

After commercial, the promo for the Idols Live tour is played again. It’s the same as last week. Ryan sits to talk to the final three and starts with Jordin. He asks her about going home. She says it was crazy and gives us a look at her trip home. She went to the Fox station and signed pictures, then went to her school and to choir class to see her best friend as she cries. She gets a parade after that and sings for the crowd. More crying ensues as she leaves and also as she’s on stage live. Ryan has her in the middle of the stage with the dramatic lighting and runs through the judges comments from last night. Ryan chastises Simon for his comments with a look. He then drums up the suspense and eventually tells Jordin she’ll find out how she did later in the show. Duh. Like he was going to tell her when there was 45 minutes left to kill in this excruciatingly long results hour.

Ryan introduces the latest winners from the American Idol Challenge and then asks the question. Go text A to 51555 because Elliott Yamin was not in the final 2 last year. I’m still waiting for my share of your winnings for the assist.

Ryan sits down to talk with Blake and starts singing This Love as Blake beat boxes. We get to see more of Blake in Seattle. There are tons of screaming little girls as he talks at a radio station—and some not so little girls. He heads up to the Space Needle and says he’s never seen Seattle like this. Hey! It’s that guy from tryouts that was friends with the guy who Simon called a Bush Baby. Blake sings for the crowd and then takes a plane ride to his parents’ house. He hugs his dad and his dad cries as he talks about his parents. The Lewis family rides in a parade with thousands of screaming people running after their car. Blake sings again and then gets to sing the National Anthem at a Mariners game. Blake and his dad are in the middle of the stage when the clips end and they hug and Ryan makes his dad go back to his seat. Again, there is dramatic lighting and the recap of judges’ comments. Of course, there are no results yet.

Yea! It’s Elliott Yamin! I will confess the only two people I’ve ever voted for on this show are Clay Aiken and Elliott Yamin. I have this song on my profile at My Space so I’m thrilled to hear him sing “I’ll Wait For You”. It’s starting to get airplay on my local station, too, so I’m happy for his success. It’s too bad he wasn’t in the competition this year because he would have blown away the competition. He even has signs for him in the audience. Ryan makes him face the judges and Paula and Randy give their typical “that’s hot” answer and Simon tells him it was awful but says he was kidding and it was great. Elliott gives the finalists some advice and that there are great things in store for all of them. He plugs his CD and tour and thanks everyone for their support.

The Ford commercial has little kids playing the final three lip synching in their bedrooms to “Everybody Wants You” and then the now finalists hop in a Ford and drive off to a red carpet event.

Ryan talks with Melinda about going home and how she lives in a bubble while she’s on the show. They show more homecoming video of Melinda at the Fox morning show taking pictures with fans. There are about 12 people at her official “day” conferment. She goes back to her alma mater, has a parade, and gets a street named after her. Melinda sings to the crowd and goes to church. She decides she wants to win for Nashville. Ryan recaps the judges’ comments again with the scary lighting. However, we still have to get through a Maroon 5 performance before we hear results.

Once again, Ryan plugs the new American Idol meets Battle of the Bands show and how to apply to be on it. I guess they can’t milk enough money out of Daughtry. Anyway, Maroon 5 sings their newest hit “Makes Me Wonder”. I really like this song and jam along and sing as I drive in my car when it comes on the radio. It’s just not great live. I prefer the recorded version. Maybe it’s because Adam Levine’s hair looks like a toupee tonight. It looks like he decided to get it cut in the dark this time. Ryan talks about their new album and thanks them for being there.

It’s finally time to get to the results of this results show. Ryan makes Jordin step forward to much applause. Jordin has made it to the finale. She hugs Blake and Melinda cheers loudly for her and gives her a long hug. Ryan makes Melinda step forward next. She is going home tonight. The finale will be Blake vs. Jordin. That’s just as I’d hoped. He composes himself well as he hugs Melinda who is all smiles. Ryan calls her one of their best singers ever. The clip package to Daughtry’s “Home” plays with lots of shots of her singing big notes. She applauds for Blake and Jordin and then Ryan gets reactions from the judges who all tell her to go have a great career and that she’s a great singer. Melinda looks surprised as Ryan hands her the microphone to do the sing out and she gets right into “I’m a Woman”. Blake comes up and gives her his bouquet of flowers as she sings. She ends strong and doesn’t cry once. Melinda is a true professional.

The finale is set! Who will be this year’s American Idol? Drop me an email at heather@realityshack.com.