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The Amazing Race, April 22nd – Yup. We didn’t win. Damn.

Dustin and Kandice run in, and we overhear one of them looking ahead saying, “Yup. We didn’t win. Damn.” Phil tells them they were very close and he knows they must be tremendously disappointed, but he says they must also be proud to do this together and be standing there together. Dustin says they’re very honored, but if you know anything about this race, you know anything can happen, and it didn’t happen for them today. But they’re happy for their friends it happened to. They’ve made a lot of great memories, and that’s worth a lot to them.

Charla and Mirna run in, and Phil tells them they fought a hell of a race. Charla says they had a great time and are very happy they did it. It was extremely tough. She and Mirna knew their abilities, and she’s proud of everything they did on this race as they did it with every ounce of energy they had. Mirna adds that Charla has overcome so many obstacles on the race, and they persevered to the very last leg. It was wonderful to break the stereotypes, not just physically, but also what people thought of them. In the end, she thinks people got to know the real Charla and Mirna.

Dustin says she is so proud of the places she’s been and the pictures she has in her mind, and she’ll take this wherever she goes. Kandice says that her grandmother always told her to reach for the moon eventually you’ll hit the stars. She’s very thankful for the experience, Dustin, and The Amazing Race. These two look like they’re ready to break down any minute. You can tell they were counting the million already after winning the last few legs.

Eric and Danielle are allowed to call one family member, and it’s Jeremy, Eric’s partner from his last race. Eric tells him they won, and Jeremy says, “I’m rich, Bitch.” Eric says it was hell, awesome and worth it, while Jeremy promises to give him spankings at home. That was warm and fuzzy. Eric says Danielle couldn’t have done anything better than she did, but he didn’t seem to be feeling that way on the race all the time. He thinks they appreciate each other more and he can see things progressing. Does this mean marriage? Danielle says she knows she can do anything she wants to now. Opposites attract, and it’s what got them through the race, she believes.

While it wasn’t the most exciting finish ever, I think that has to be when the hippies (Eric and Jeremy’s adversaries) won, I suppose it’s just. I’m not so sure if we saw the Charla and Mirna she wanted us to see, but I do think we understand them better. While Mirna’s shrieking is still annoying and demeaning to Charla, she seemed to always have Charla best interests at heart. I think they maybe won more coming in third than the winners did. Dustin and Kandice, I’m not so sure. They are truly disappointed to not win. For beauty queens that are used to the competitiveness of the pageant circuit, and winning the last few legs, they thought they had this wrapped up, and when they fell behind for the first time in awhile, they began to pick at each other. After all they went through, in two races, I hope they stay good friends.

Eric and Danielle did go through a lot to get here. All those terrible flight times, getting allowed to be on a plane, then kicked off, getting Yielded twice. For them to survive, this is pretty just. Eric was right about what he said about making or breaking a relationship. If they made it through that, they can make it through a lot. And while he started out the race definitely disrespecting her, he did seem to find more respect for her as time went on. Although, like with Rob and Amber, maybe they won’t be able to keep that excitement in their relationship unless they are constantly doing something exciting. God help us if we have to watch them get married on TV or watch him try to become a poker ace.

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