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The Amazing Race, April 22nd – Yup. We didn’t win. Damn.

Eric and Danielle who had been following behind, cut off Dustin and Kandice to arrive in second place and get ticket #2. The beauty queens say to be #3 is not a good feeling. They wonder how the cousins got there ahead of them, and when they see them, Mirna says they were all on the same flight. Didn’t they see them?

Flying in the helicopter, Mirna and Charla do the hula. Danielle is glad they’re at least ahead of one team, and Dustin and Kandice are telling their pilot to hurry, as they’re in a Race. I see that working for taxi drivers, but not so much helicopter pilots. Charla and Mirna run to the jeeps and decide they want the grey one, while Eric and Danielle choose a yellow one. Charla and Mirna find a man dressed in ceremonial dress to get their next clue, a Detour – Under or Over. In Under, teams will take a boat to an underwater cave, where they’ll swim under rocks to get the next clue. In Over, teams will take a boat inland where both team members must stand and balance on special boats to paddle themselves to a buoy to get their next clue.

Charla is sure she wants to do the paddling, as she’s low to the ground, even though Mirna says it will take great technique. She proves to know herself pretty well as she has no problem balancing while Mirna initially struggles before she gets the hang of it. Eric and Danielle initially decide to do this as well since Charla is doing it with such ease, but quickly change to swimming underwater when Mirna struggles. After they finish, Mirna says Charla was incredible and did a good job. It’s nice to hear her compliment her for a change. The clue tells them to drive themselves to Shipwreck Beach, and once there, trek one mile up the beach to get another clue.

Eric has a shark phobia so is constantly looking around for sharks while diving underwater to get their clue. Making this much more difficult, there is water blowing out of the cave periodically that pushes them back. Dustin and Kandice arrive and decide to do the same task. Obviously the leggy blondes would do better on this than the balancing of Over. As Eric and Danielle finish, Dustin says she’s on the verge of a panic feeling to try and time the swimming with the current so they can get under and not get crushed by rocks. Dustin starts gasping for air and starting to panic, and later says she just wanted to survive at that point. With their snorkel gear on, Kandice is asking Dustin if she’s okay, and she says she’s can’t breathe. They eventually get the clue, and lament being in last place, but note there hasn’t been a chance to catch up yet.

Charla and Mirna park at Shipwreck Beach and struggle walking over the rocks. Charla asks if the grass wouldn’t be much easier. Eric and Danielle seem to arrive at nearly the same time as Dustin and Kandice. Seeing how close the others are, Mirna is telling Charla she has to run. She has to run to race. The other teams seem to be running through the grass instead of the rocks, like Charla suggested, but did editing just make it look that way? Eric and Danielle are the first to the clue, which says they must choose a kayak and paddle out to the shipwreck where they will find their next clue by a a buoy.

Dustin and Kandice arrive next, with Charla and Mirna pulling up the rear. Dustin wants to walk the kayak because they’re in shallow enough water, and once they get out, they struggle to get back in the kayak. Kandice says that sometimes Dustin blocks things out and doesn’t listen, and it makes Kandice feel extreme frustration, which doesn’t help. Charla and Mirna can’t seem to power it up to go over the waves, and keep drifting back to shore. Eric and Danielle arrive at the buoy and receive a clue to make their way to San Francisco, then get to the Old Mint.

Kandice is yelling at Dustin and telling her they can’t walk it. They tip over completely as they approach the shipwreck and buoy. As Mirna pleads with Charla to at least move her paddles to help, the beauty queens finally reach the buoy. As Dustin and Kandice are driving back to the helicopters, Kandice says she and Dustin couldn’t get it together on the boats. She is frustrated and angry, and tells Dustin she was not a good teammate out there. Dustin says they paddled Kandice’s way, though, and Kandice argues they did not. Kandice tells Dustin she has no patience for her right now as she ignores what she says, and she just loves how she thinks. Dustin tries to explain she does what Kandice says, but Kandice keeps going, saying Dustin can’t ever admit anything, so she’s not even going to try.

Dustin starts to tear up while she’s driving and tells Kandice she’s saying a lot of hurtful things, and Kandice says it’s all true, and it’s over. Dustin won’t let it go, though, and says Kandice called her “not a good teammate,” and that’s a big thing to her. Kandice argues she’s wasn’t a good teammate. If she were by herself, that would be fine, but along with Kandice, it’s not cool. Dustin can barely even get the words out as she’s so upset, as she says the fun of this race is doing it with Kandice. She’d rater not do it if it’s like this. Kandice declares it over again and says let’s just get to California, because “we have a race to run, Sister. Sorry.” Dustin says it’s really tough on a friendship. Just like last Race, if they’re in front, they’re sugar and spice and everything nice, but when they fall behind, they start barking at each other’s heels.

Charla and Mirna fight the waves all the way through to get to the buoy. Although they know it’s dangerous, they just have to push over them. Once they finally reach the buoy, they know if they just turn around, the tide will pull them back to shore. They started out in Hawaii with a forty minute lead, and are now way behind. As they drive back to the helicopter, they say it’s very, very tough, as they are very exhausted right now.


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