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The Amazing Race, April 22nd – Yup. We didn’t win. Damn.

I’m sure there aren’t as many bets placed in Las Vegas over the outcome of The Amazing Race like there is with American Idol, but looking at our final three teams, perhaps there should be. Dustin and Kandice would have had pretty good odds on them, and Eric and Danielle were an unknown together, but Charla and Mirna were definitely a longshot. Who would have guessed they’d make it this far? People were guessing they were going to be out from week one, and here they are on the finale in the final three teams.

The All Star season started off with eleven of our favorite and no so favorite teams leaving from Miami, Florida. Phil tells us they battled the elements, health issues, and each other. Perhaps he was mostly talking about Eric and Danielle there. They met on a prior season of the race, and both ran with their friends. He says he raced with his best friend before, but is more nervous this time, as it could make or break a relationship. Phil explains Eric tried to dominate her and they shared bad luck in airports, but their constant respect for the game and growing respect for each other brought them to final three. Growing respect for each other? Because he’s no longer talking about boobs that means he now respects her?

Beauty queens Dustin and Kandice had their share of adversaries, but their competitive spirit and physical prowess always kept them in the game. Yeah. That, and buying a Yield. Cousins Charla and Mirna used their brash tenacity and their good luck in airports to make it into the final three, but it wasn’t always easy for Charla. And that wasn’t just her physical limitations either, but she also had to put up with Mirna’s constant yelling and occasional belittling.

Yet, it’s one of those three teams that is about to win a million dollars.

On this last leg of the Race, Dustin and Kandice leave Fort Soledad in Guam at 11:53 AM. Dustin says that making it to the top three gives them so much confidence in their ability to go all the way to win the Race. Now they feel it inside, and they tell us to expect to see aggressiveness, passion, and fearlessness that we’ve never seen from them before. Their clue is sending them to Honolulu, Hawaii to the Kamaka Air Hangar. There they will sign up for one of three helicopter flights that will transport them to the island of Lanai. The beauty queens know they have to be on that first flight out.

Eric and Danielle leave just over an hour later at 12:55 PM. She is nervous as there is a lot of pressure on them as they definitely want to win. He says when he was on the Race with Jeremy before, they were five minutes away from a million dollars, and it was the most bitter thing he had to deal with. His only redemption will be winning this Race with Danielle. They figure there are a lot of flights between Guam and Hawaii, and think the beauty queens could be getting on one right now.

Eric is correct that the beauty queens are at the airport, but they aren’t finding a lot of flights. They have fond one on Nortwest leaving at 3:50 PM, with a stopover in Tokyo, and landing in Honolulu at 7:40 AM. Dustin and Kandice ask the ticket agents to not tell anyone they talked to them … for privacy reasons. One of the agents cracks, “What color is blonde?” She catches on very quickly. Perhaps she should be on the next season of the Race.

Charla and Mirna leave at 1:29 PM, and say now that they’re in the final three, they realize the energy and confidence they had in the race was for a reason. They knew they could make it this far. Yet now, Mirna knows they need to make up nearly two hours to win a million dollars.

At the airport, the blondes see Eric and Danielle trying to get to Honolulu, and find that the flight that the beauty queens will be on is booked. They get a flight leaving at 4:25 PM, but it still puts them with a stopover in Tokyo, and catching the same flight to Honolulu. Eric says since it’s the same last flight anyway, he doesn’t think it will be a big deal. Charla and Mirna get the same exact deal, and Mirna asks if the “other people” bought tickets from him, and when she asks who, he tells her all the other people and that they’re the last ones. Do the ticketing agents know beforehand how many people from the Race will be coming their way?

Once everyone touches down in Tokyo, the beauty queens, and Eric and Danielle all head straight to the gate. But Charla and Mirna hover over the departure flights board, and find a flight that will be arriving in Honolulu at 7:00 AM on United. They don’t know why the ticket agents never mentioned this flight, but they take off to see if they can book that flight, and celebrate when they’re allowed to switch flights. They don’t have much time, as the flight will be leaving in fifteen minutes. Meanwhile, the other two teams are trying to find out what happened to them. Once they board their own flight, they mention that Charla and Mirna have been known to snag great flights that no one else knows about. Eric/Danielle and Dustin/Kandice walk up and down the aisles of the plane searching for Charla and Mirna.

As they land, Mirna addresses the taxi driver, “My friend,” and says they’re in a rush. At least she no longer has to use that stupid accent. They want to be the first to sign up for the helicopter flights. The other two teams are then seen running out of the airport catching taxis. Dustin says, “Wouldn’t you just love it if #1 is taken, and it’s Charla and Mirna?” Indeed, the cousins sign up for the first helicopter flight, although they’re a bit dismayed to find that the difference in flights is only 10 minutes, effectively reducing their big lead. Once they land in Lanai, they will choose a Jeep and drive to Kamalapau Harbor to get their next clue.


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