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American Idol 6 Results, May 2nd—Wanted Dead in a Blaze of Glory

Last week everyone was safe, but that means two will go home this week. Who will it be? If I had to choose, I would pick Chris and LaKisha, but I still miss Sanjaya, so what do I know?

Ryan starts us out by promising an hour long show with no fillers. Yeah, right, Ryan. Tonight’s special live guests are Robin Thicke and of course, Bon Jovi. He asks Randy why Rock and Roll worked for everyone. Randy gives a stock answer about working it out and then Paula starts to say something while Simon pretends to be her puppeteer. Ryan tells Simon that Paula is better looking than his puppet and he mistakes Ryan’s stupidity as a slam against his girlfriend and demands an apology. Everyone tries to explain what he meant, but thankfully they get back on track by saying Blake did well by taking a risk. We then get the weekly video clip recap package of last night’s show, including the Simon/LaKisha kiss.

Ryan heads to the Farmers’ Market to ask people their thoughts. They mostly say Jordin blew it and there is some delusional girl who says Chris Richardson is awesome and hot. When we get back to the studio, Ryan asks Blake about how he rearranges the songs and if he was worried or not. He then goes on to Jordin and she says she knew it would be a bad week, but she gave it all she had. Phil wasn’t able to listen to pop music because his dad’s a pastor, but he does admit to listening to “Slippery When Wet” anyway. LaKisha says she’d kiss Simon again and Ryan makes a crack about how serious Simon and his girlfriend are which for some unknown reason makes Simon laugh like crazy.

Wait a minute! They’re still begging for money? It’s a tape of Ruben Studdard (who has lost some weight!) smiling and pointing a lot while asking for donations.

Melinda says it was huge last week to be a part of the Idol Gives Back show. We then get a recap clip package of everything that happened last week. Wasn’t 2 hours last week enough of this? Robin Thicke gets to perform. I can’t believe how much he looks like his dad. I will admit that I have never heard him sing before. Does he always sing everything in falsetto? He’s way too breathy for my tastes. This is a song Sanjaya could have hit out of the park.

Ryan promises that the next person to sing will be one of the contestants who is leaving. Thank goodness we’re finally getting somewhere. The next Idol winner, Fantasia, makes a videotaped plea for money. She basically says the same thing Ruben did as she gives the number.

The Ford commercial this week is a surreal freak show to “Paint it Black”. That was just weird. Who comes up with these things? Anyway, Ryan announces the songwriting contest is down to the top 20 finalists.

Melinda, Phil, and LaKisha join Ryan in the middle of the stage as he dims the lights. Melinda is safe with the combined votes of both weeks. Phil puts his arm around LaKisha and Ryan tells LaKisha she is safe which means Phil is going home. His goodbye video is set to Carrie’s version of “I’ll Stand By You”. It includes his kids and a montage of him hugging all of his mentors and other contestants. Melinda, LaKisha, and Jordin shed a tear and Phil sings “Blaze of Glory”. Unfortunately, he did go down in a Blaze of Glory. It’s a shame he’s leaving. He did very well with this song and he hugs all of the judges and some friends and family in the audience. He ends by singing to the other contestants and they have a really big group hug.

It’s that whole trivia question thing again and it asks about tonight’s Ford Commercial. The answer is C so text it to 51555. The back row on the couch stands and Ryan immediately makes Jordin sit back down because he tortured her enough last week and she is safe. Either Blake or Chris will be going home, but we won’t find out until after Bon Jovi. So we’re losing 2 guys tonight? That’s rough. At least it should be Blake in the final four with the girls. If Chris stays over Blake, I swear I’m throwing something at the TV.

The crowd gets to its feet for Bon Jovi and they play their newest song “Make a Memory”. Anytime I see Jon Bon Jovi, all I think of was that stupid rumor that went around about him back in the 80s. I remember being in grade school and one of my classmates was saying she had heard that Bon Jovi had AIDS in his lip. My crazy 7 year old self believed that rumor. Did anyone else hear that one? Anyway, I’m glad to see he still looks (and sounds) great. Ryan thanks Jon for helping out and he tells all of the contestants they were great. They plug the upcoming Bon Jovi tour…starting next January? Jon refuses to say if he thinks Blake or Chris will be the next eliminated.

Oh, look, it’s Taylor Hicks asking for more money (and it looks like he’s in a library somewhere). He had more trouble reading the copy than Fantasia did and she’s illiterate! Well, now all of the idol winners have done their part for Idol Gives Back. Can we now move on and get rid of Chris already?

After one more Bon Jovi album plug (that doesn’t come out until June). Blake and Chris say they are best friends and Blake offers to go home instead of Chris. NO, BLAKE! They say it doesn’t matter who goes home because they are going on tour together. Ryan tells them Chris is going home, thank goodness. My TV thanks you America for keeping me from throwing something at it. The guys hug and Blake goes to sit down. Chris’s clips are to Daughtry’s “Home”. I guess they just didn’t want to play this song twice and so Phil got Carrie instead. That delusional girl in the Farmers’ Market interviews is probably sad, but I am happy.

Next week is “Boogie Sounds” with mentor Barry Gibb. That should be a good theme for the final four. Chris then sings “Wanted Dead or Alive” to end the show. Apparently, America wanted him dead.

Get on your boogie shoes for next week’s Disco week! What do you think of the final four? Send your thoughts to heather@realityshack.com.