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The Amazing Race All Stars, April 22nd – Teletubbies Go to War With a GPS

On last week’s The Amazing Race, it was left unclear how close the teams actually were, but it was going to be very important, as Oswald and Danny were saved with a non-elimination leg, and thirty minutes of time was going to be the difference between them being eliminated this week or staying, letting one of the other three teams bid their adieu. I figured they were pretty close, so I was quite surprised to see there was actually nearly a two and a half hour difference between first and last place.

First to leave the second to last pit stop on The Amazing Race – All Stars are Dustin and Kandice. They are very pumped on this leg, as they realize it’s kind of do or die for them. They’ve gone home before in their previous season and know what it’s like and that they didn’t like it too much. Their first clue tonight has them flying to Guam in the South Pacific where they will drive themselves nine miles to the Andersen Air Force Base. Because of military security, the teams will need to choose a military escort to drive them to an air traffic control tower where they will climb to the top to get their next clue.

The beauty queens know they have to take the ferry back to the mainland and are lucky to be able to make the 3:00 A.M. ferry. Mirna and Charla leave at 2:50 A.M. and are hoping to make that 3:00 AM ferry. Charla says she was at first hesitant to come back to the Race, as it’s so challenging on her body, and being up against the best racers of The Amazing Race is even more scary. She has to be tough, though, as there’s no other way to play the game. Dustin and Kandice end up riding the 3:00 ferry alone, and Mirna and Charla settle in to wait for the next one at 4:00 A.M.

Eric and Danielle leave just six minutes later at 3:06 A.M., and he tells her to hurry up, as she says she is hurrying. He says it’s everything for them to win and it’s been a long road. They didn’t come this far through all the crap just to lose. After getting tickets for the 4:00 A.M. ferry, they run into the cousins. They ask if the cousins have seen the beauty queens, and if they may have gone to a hotel to check flights. Mirna repeats what she says Charla said to her earlier, and that’s that the beauty queens don’t know how to use the internet, and Charla corrects her that she said she’s never seen them using the internet. Quite honestly, for the beauty queens to make it this far, it hasn’t been solely on luck, and they have to have some intelligence with them as well.

After Eric/Danielle and Mirna/Charla catch the 4:00 ferry, Danny and Oswald are the last to leave the pit stop at 4:37 AM. Oswald talks about being marked for elimination and that karma was a bitch for them last week on the Race, as it slapped them hard. They’ve now asked the universe for forgiveness, and they hope that things will go their way as they work on catching the ferry.

As Charla/Mirna and Eric/Danielle take taxis to the airport, Mirna asks to use the taxi driver’s cell phone to check flight info at the airport, then asks how he says airport, and miraculously, he also says “airport.” She corrects her accent on the word, and as I hear Amazing Race fans all over chuckling simultaneously, Mirna says “to try and do the right accent makes all the difference in the world.

Eric is working more intensely at the game than Mirna, and his concentration is on making sure the marked-for-elimination Danny and Oswald are eliminated. So far it’s working, as Danny and Oswald have to wait to catch the 6:00 AM ferry, and they assume the other teams are all “running around like chickens” at the airport. Only Dustin and Kandice are at the airport, and they’re not running. They’re reserving tickets for Guam, and find a flight that leaves at 9:05 AM, connects in Tokyo, and gets them to Guam by 9:50 PM.

As Dustin and Kandice are booking their flight, Mirna is hearing the same information on the taxi driver’s cell phone. Eric and Danielle are worried, as they don’t have the best luck with flights, yet don’t do anything to secure tickets ahead of time. As they and the cousins arrive at the airport, Kandice tells Eric he’s looking very buff in his white shirt, and it’s clear she’s kissing up to the guy she paid $45 to Yield last week. Eric/Danielle and the cousins all get the same flight as the beauty queens, and the question remains if Oswald and Danny will get there in time to get the same flight.

Oswald and Danny depart the ferry, and once at the airport ticket counter, they are told the 9:05 AM flight closes in five minutes. If they hurry, they might make it. The others are obviously hoping Oswald and Danny get left behind and hope they either got lost or that all the ferries are cancelled for this day. They miss the flight as boarding has already closed, yet book another flight that leaves at 10:15 and makes the same connection in Tokyo, yet there is only a 45 minute connection time there, meaning it’s very risky. At this point, though, Danny and Oswald have no choice.

The other three teams arrive in Tokyo and all start asking about Danny and Oswald as they board the flight to Guam. Danny and Oswald arrive and are told again they need to hurry as the flight is already boarding, and they say, “Oh God, here we go again.” Eric doubts they’ll make it, and he and the others are all really happy, as Oswald is saying if they don’t make it, they’re “dead, dead, dead.” Once Danny and Oswald step on the plane, the faces on the other six completely fall, and Oswald questions whether they have just landed in Japan or Alaska, as it’s really cold,

Oswald and Danny are the first to arrive at Andersen Air Force Base, only to find it doesn’t open until 7:00 AM, meaning all the teams will wait. Once allowed inside in the morning, each team chooses a guide, and as Dustin and Kandice says they feel like they’re in boot camp, it’s them that are the first to arrive at the top of the tower reaching a Detour – Care Package or Engine Care. In Care Package, the teams will make their way to a warehouse where they will take part in an Air Force humanitarian relief effort. They’ll fill a box with three hundred pounds of supplies for neighboring islands, then board a cargo plane for a once in a lifetime opportunity to air drop the supplies. In Engine Care, teams will scour clean a B52 bomber. They’ll choose an engine pod and wash it and a wing flap completely clean. When the sergeant is satisfied with their work, they’ll get their next clue.


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