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And THIS Is Why I Love Reality TV: Not So Big World For Little People

The Roloffs may be one of my favorite television families of all time. They aren’t annoying. They don’t make me cringe uncomfortably. They are what being a family is all about. So what makes them so interesting? The name of the show says it all: Little People, Big World. Half of them are little people. Half of them are not (for lack of the better term which I can’t quite remember but I know it’s not “normal” or “regular” or even “average” height—so mea culpa from here on when I make that mistake).

The Roloff adults are awesome. The dad is a tinkerer. He tinkers. He likes to build. He likes to create. He has a farm. He built a Robinson Crusoe-like tree house. He bought a car that he can fix up. He also is a salesman and inventor. The man never sits still.

Mama Roloff is one of the strongest women ever to walk the face of the earth. She keeps the household organized and running. She coaches soccer. She holds down the fort while her husband tinkers.

The four kids are a handful. The daughter is not a little person and neither is one of the twins. The other twin is a little person. Then there’s the youngest son who is not a little person but is young so he is little person height right now. You with me? I don’t think I’m sure I’m with myself. All you need to know is that they do kid things like get good and bad grades, get into trouble without getting caught, get their drivers permits, and listen to their parents only half the time.

Of course, throughout all this daily, mundane life, we get to see what it’s like to live as a little person. And I thought I had problems at 4-10. There’s lots of things that are out of reach. There are also a lot of people in the world who are dumb and like to gawk. There are also government regulations about home construction that are unfair to little people—dangerous even. On the bright side, little people have conventions where they meet other little people. Most of the show is about how little people are just like any other people.

[b]And THIS is why I love reality tv[/b]: Proof that normal people still exist in the world. Cheers to the Roloffs for showing that functional fun families still exist.

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