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The Amazing Race, April 22nd – God Grant Me the Intelligence to Hide the Body

As Eric and Danielle are arriving at the rickshaw and finding out there is a Yield ahead, Kandice says if they all get on the elevator at the same time, they need to dash up there to the 61st floor. Oswald and Danny end up getting there first, then Dustin and Kandice, followed by Charla and Mirna. Mirna can’t figure out why Oswald and Danny are Yielding Eric and Danielle, saying it doesn’t make logical sense, because it’s the beginning of the leg, and they’re not too far behind, meaning they could catch up at any time. The attorney is correct. It doesn’t make sense. They only did it for the money, but Dustin and Kandice once again didn’t need to do this. They could have kept their money and turned down the plan. Now they’re only targeting themselves more.

Once past the Yield, there is a Roadblock. The All Star teams here will face the highest jump in the history of The Amazing Race. They will step outside and walk completely around the outer rim of the observation deck. They will then use the world’s highest permanent descender to jump off the sky jump and fall 660 feet to the street below. Once they are brought down to solid ground again, they will receive the next clue. Kandice, Danny, and Charla will be doing it, with Oswald calling Danny an adrenaline junkie. Putting on the outfits they must need to do this, Charla says it has short sleeves for the others, but long sleeves for her.

Eric and Danielle aren’t worried about being Yielded again, hoping that one of the other teams were able to Yield the blondes. At the tower, Charla is really glad to not be going first, while Kandice is walking around the rim, with Dustin being very worried for her. As Danny is walking around, Mirna tells Oswald she is scared for them up there. Charla makes her walk around the rim, and says it is so crazy, as she has never ever done anything like that in her entire life. As Kandice does her sky jump, she yells it’s amazing. Oswald asks her how it was when she is done, and she says she almost crapped her pants. The beauty queens’ next clue has them traveling by taxi to Lou Lim Ioc Garden to search for the next clue.

Oswald explains to Mirna about they deal he and Danny made with the beauty queens. She tells him they would have given them the money; they didn’t need to make a deal with the devil. As Eric and Danielle arrive at the tower to find they were Yielded by Oswald and Danny, Eric tells the picture of them that they are “pieces of …,” and editing silences his last word. Editing them blurs out what looks like a certain hand gesture from Eric yelling up to Danny and Oswald.

Oswald says the doesn’t feel good about their deal, but they were desperate, and it was in the spirit of the game. As Danny jumps off the tower, Oswald says he looks like a little bug, and that there will be no way to explain to Eric and Danielle the bad karma vs. no money thing. Eric is still angry saying you start out trusting everyone, they see other things that come up, and he now has no respect for them. Charla says jumping off the edge was much scarier than she thought it would be. In the taxi to the Gardens, Mirna explains to Charla the deal between the blondes and Oswald/Danny. She says people don’t realize sometimes the Yield backfires on you.

Something happens with the taxi Dustin and Kandice are riding in, and they have to wait for a new taxi to come along. As the Yield time is finishing up, Eric says he is going to kick Danny and Oswald when he sees them. It’s him that does the Roadblock, and he says he’s not going to lie; it’s freaky, as he could die. Oswald seems to be having a hard time with the deal they made, still talking himself into it, saying had they not done that, they could have run out of money, and not been able to make the end of the leg. However, aren’t they always given enough money to make it through a leg if it’s done wisely?

Oswald and Danny are the first to arrive at the clue box, and find a Detour – Noodle or Dragon? In Noodle, the teams will go to a noodle-making station to flatten, then cut dough, with two bundles of noodles when they are done. in Dragon, teams will choose a dragon head and drum, carry them through the streets to the dragon boats, then attach the head to the right boat that it matcbes and deliver the drum. They decide to do Dragon, and when Dustin and Kandice arrive, they decide to do Noodles, as do Charla and Mirna. Eric and Danielle arrive at the Garden, and Danielle slips and falls. They also decide to do Noodles, because it’s her favorite thing.


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