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The Amazing Race, April 22nd – God Grant Me the Intelligence to Hide the Body

Editing has made such a big thing of the contestants talking about the pitfalls of bad karma, that we know it’s leading up to something big. Charla and Mirna, and especially Oswald and Danny, talked about how they didn’t believe in playing the game that way. This is combined with the fact that we were shown in previews last week that two teams would coordinate their efforts to conspire against another with another Yield. It’s quite surprising how it all plays out.

Oswald and Danny spend part of their mandatory 12 hour rest in Hong Kong looking up the Travelocity trip they have won on a MacBook. They then leave at 3:41 AM, with Oswald saying he and Danny have been incredibly fair with the way they have dealt with every single team. They aren’t going to be the people that are stabbing someone in the back just to qualify for final 3. The first clue on this leg has them traveling by Turbo Ferry to the mainland, Macau, China. When they arrive, they will find a man with a rickshaw and the next clue. Buying their tickets for the ferry, Oswald and Danny lament the fact that they were only given $73 for this leg of the race and the ferry is costing them $50. They’ve been running on minimal funds since Danny spent all their money buying up newspapers.

The beauty queens leave over an hour and half later at 5:23 AM, with Dustin saying until they are in the final 3, they are going to fight like they are in last place, because they want it so badly. She compares them to wild animals fighting for food. They hope “the boys” haven’t been able to catch the ferry yet, but they already have, and are in fact now in Macau, receiving the clue from the man on the rickshaw. They need to find the tallest structure in Macau, the Macau Tower, and travel there by taxi. Once there, they will search inside for the next clue, and a Yield.

Oswald and Danny say if they were going to Yield a team, it would the team behind them, making it the blondes. They don’t think they’ll be using it. Dustin and Kandice catch a ferry and are thrilled to be on it by themselves. As Oswald and Danny wait at the Macau Tower, since it doesn’t open until 10:00 AM, the beauty queens read there will be a Yield ahead. They can’t Yield anyone since you’re only allowed to do it one time, and they have already Yielded Eric and Danielle a few legs back. They have a feeling they will now be Yielded.

Charla and Mirna leave Hong Kong at 7:06 AM, with Mirna saying people think because Charla is short that she should treat her in a special way, yet Charla doesn’t want to be treated in a special way. Mirna also thinks other teams probably see her as a tyrant, but she’s there to win. Wait until she finds out it’s not just the other teams that view her that way. Getting on the Turbo Ferry and finding it kind of wobbly, they wonder where the motion sickness meds are when they need them, and get barf bags ready just in case.

Oswald and Danny realize starting out with $73, and spending $50 on the ferry and almost $10 on the taxi, they don’t have much left. When the beauty queens arrive to wait for the tower to open at 10:00 AM, Oswald and Danny joke their going to Yield them. More seriously, they make an offer to the beauty queens. They will Yield whomever the beauty queens want … for a price. They need the cash. As they’re saying this, Charla and Mirna are finding the man with the rickshaw. The beauty queens talk privately about the offer, and know they can afford it, as they have $200 still. They just need to decide who they would rather face in the final three. They realize Eric and Danielle are a stronger team, but they think it’s kind of crappy to kick them while they’re down. On the other side of the coin, they know a Yield is a tool to be used in the game. They offer Oswald and Danny $45 to Yield Eric and Danielle, and realize this officially makes them the Yield queens.

Eric and Danielle are just leaving at 9:31 AM, 29 minutes before the tower is going to open up. He says they don’t like where they are now, as it’s not a good position to be in. Duh. They’re fighting from the bottom to try and get to the top. There’s no room for mistakes in order to not be eliminated. Danielle says it really sucks, because it’s right before the top three, and it will be really cut throat and crazy. They need to catch up somehow, or they’ll be screwed. Charla and Mirna arrive at the tower, and Kandice tells Mirna her hair looks nice. Which it does, it’s just a surprising exchange between these two.

When the tower opens at 10:00, the teams run to be first in line. The beauty queens get #1, Oswald and Danny #2, and Charla and Mirna #3. This is all only to see that the top of the tower doesn’t open until 11:00, so it means more waiting, and more of a chance for Eric and Danielle to catch up. When Oswald and Danny mention to Charla that they are short on funds, she offers them some of their money. Oswald says they were able to recuperate some funds, but he thanks them for their generosity, and if that offer had been made to them a littler earlier, it would have been “heaven sent.” Dustin and Kandice observe this and wonder if a new deal is being made.


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