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The Amazing Race All Stars, April 15th – Just Like Carl Douglas Said, Everybody Is Kung Fu Fighting

Eric and Danielle look for the laundry, and when they are delayed by their cab driver, they get out and start looking for it on their own. While the beauty queens are already on the ferry which departs every ten minutes, Mirna tells Charla, climbing, that she looks like Spiderwoman. They finish, and Mirna says Charla is here to prove on the Race that she can knock down people’s expectations of her. Apparently, this includes her cousin’s expectations as well.

Mirna and Charla head to the Star Ferry in the cab, and know that Eric and Danielle aren’t too far behind them. They ask the driver if he is sure he is going the right way, and he replies yes. The beauty queens get off the ferry and hop in a taxi, as Charla and Mirna are boarding a ferry asking if it’s the right one. Eric and Danielle finally reach the laundry and know one of the other three teams surely had to take the Fast Forward. They decide to head to Kung Fu Fighting.

As Charla and Mirna are on the ferry, they start asking questions about getting to Hong Kong Island, and it turns out they just left Hong Kong Island and are headed to Kowloon. After all their asking, they should have trusted that nagging feeling they had that they weren’t going the right way and weren’t on the right ferry. Looking at a map, a local shows them that the ferry will turn around and go back to where they need to be anyway, so they may as well just wait. They know Eric and Danielle’s plane arrived a half hour before and that they will probably be catching up soon. The cousins then break something resembling a wishbone, as Mirna wishes to make it home safely … with a million dollars.

Danny and Oswald have to pay some type of toll on their way to the pit stop, and while it costs $20, that’s exactly how much they have left. It must be that good karma thing they’re working on. Dustin and Kandice arrive at the Old Police Headquarters and find a Roadblock. One person from each team will enter the building and kick down the doors to find the clue hidden in one of the rooms. Kandice does this Roadblock and seems to find the clue fairly quickly. It sends the beauty queens to Victoria Park where they will find Travelocity gnomes riding on model boats in the pond, and will need to pull the boat across the pond on a string without dumping the gnome. If it falls out, they have to start over.

Danny and Oswald arrive at the pit stop, and they are, of course, #1. Their gnome reveals they have just one Travelocity’s largest package in the Race this season, and will be coming back to Hong Kong for Chinese New Year. Charla and Mirna finally end their time on the ferry, and take off for the Old Police Headquarters. Dustin and Kandice work on pulling their gnome across the pond, and finish fairly quickly, receiving a clue to drive themselves to the next pit stop.

Charla and Mirna arrive at the Old Police Headquarters and Charla decides to do this Roadblock, saying she’s not afraid of getting dirty, and she has really strong legs as well. Eric and Danielle complete the Kung Fu Fighting very quickly and head to the Star Ferry, as Charla continues to look for the clue, with Mirna saying it should be pretty obvious. She doesn’t want Charla wasting too much time in there. The beauty queens arrive on Phil’s mat and are team #2, as Charla find the clue. Mirna gets directions and tells Charla to quiet down and relax. Is it just me, or do they only struggle on the Race when Mirna is driving?

Eric and Danielle arrive at Old Police Headquarters very quickly and Eric wastes no time running through the building kicking on doors. However, it’s more difficult for them as the building doesn’t appear to have electricity and it’s already dark out. As he finds the clue, Mirna is getting stuck in traffic. Danielle gets mad at Eric going what she perceives is the wrong way, as Mirna emerges from the traffic jam. Eric is going “all the way to the other side” as Danielle berates him that he should have followed the cab. She knows he is very stubborn and thinks he can do everything. He doesn’t like to listen to her opinions, and it’s very frustrating for her.

Charla and Mirna arrive at the pond, and pull the gnome across, as Eric and Danielle are still looking for Victoria Park. They have to double back the other direction, as Danielle was right and they were going the wrong way. They arrive at the pond while Charla and Mirna are already on their way to the pit stop. Finishing, Danielle tells Eric to ask to follow a cab, and he refuses. Mirna and Charla are having a hard time finding the entrance, as Eric and Danielle stop and ask for help as well.

Eric and Danielle continue to argue about asking to follow a cab, and he doesn’t want to do it, saying they don’t have $20. She feels like they’ve been going in circles. She eventually gets out and asks a cab for help, saying Eric didn’t want to admit she was right. She believes he’s mad that she was possibly right about something. Charla and Mirna find the right entrance and arrive on the mat as team #3.

As Eric and Danielle finally arrive on the mat, Phil looks rather pissed off, so I’m thinking it’s his poker face, and it’s really a non-elimination. It turns out that’s exactly what it is, and they are now marked for elimination on the next leg. Eric says he was wrong, and she was right. They should have gotten a taxi earlier, but he can’t blame her as they’re a team and in it together. He’s trying to keep her strong. She says this Race is really important for her, and she wants to show she is stronger than she thinks she is. I’m really hoping next week will be the last of them. I can’t take much more.

This is going to make next week very interesting. In the previews, we see that two teams join together to Yield another team. They make it look like Eric/Danielle and Oswald/Danny pair up to Yield one of the all female teams, but that might just be what they want us to think. Danny/Oswald and the cousins have said they think the Yield brings bad karma, and Eric and Danielle have already promised revenge on the beauty queens, so it will be interesting to see how it all plays out next week.

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