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The Amazing Race All Stars, April 15th – Just Like Carl Douglas Said, Everybody Is Kung Fu Fighting

We’re down to the final four here on The Amazing Race. Shouldn’t tonight have been one of the most exciting episodes ever? Final four on All Stars? Needles to say, it wasn’t. Everyone seems to be playing well, except for Eric and Danielle. The standby fairies were not granting them any wishes for yet another episode.

The first ones to leave the 9th pit stop on the Race, a mansion in Malaysia, are Dustin and Kandice at 12:28 AM. Dustin says they’re not sure how Eric and Danielle will bounce back having been Yielded by them, but they’re not expecting to now become their best friends. They point out that while they love everyone here, Yielding other teams is part of the game. They know you have to take the good with the bad in the Race, and apparently are hoping Eric and Danielle will realize that as well, but it’s a little difficult for them to realize that, as they’re always playing catchup with only four teams remaining. Their clue leaving Malaysia sends them to Hong Kong, China, where they will travel by taxi to a laundry to get their next clue.

Charla and Mirna are the next to leave, just over an hour later, as Mirna says they have a new phrase, “Yield Karma.” They feel there’s no reason to resort to dirty play like the beauty queens by using a Yield, otherwise they might get the bad karma back. As they head to the closest hotel to check the internet for flights, which helped them tremendously on the last leg, Mirna says it’s time to bring on the muscles, and the brain is the muscle they try to use the most.

Eric and Danielle leave at 1:50 AM, as Eric says they are definitely not happy with the blonde girls for Yielding them. If they get a chance to pay them back, they will. Oswald and Danny leave at 2:19 AM, as Oswald says on the previous leg they had a lot of money, but “Mr. Moneybucks” there forgot they were running the Race on a budget, as he used up their remaining cash to buy up the newspapers he needed to get through the Roadblock. Danny knows they are in really bad shape financially. Before they get to the aiport, they check on flights and find the best is an Air China flight that leaves at 8:00 AM, and the next best leaves at 9:15 AM on a Malaysian airline. Both are completely booked, and they find out, as do Charla and Mirna, that they must be at the airport to get on the standby list.

Dustin and Kandice arrive at the airport and are told the ticket agents are closed, but they are able to get information about the two flights to Hong Kong. However, they aren’t told about them being booked. China will open at 5:00 AM, and Malaysia at 4:00. They decide to “park our butts” at Malaysia. Eric and Danielle arrive at the airport, and finding they can’t book flights yet, ask for the nearest internet, and are told they can get that at Burger King. As they jump on the same elevator as the beauty queens, Eric and Danielle leave to go to Burger King, and the beauty queens can’t figure out where they’re going.

Oswald and Danny arrive at the airport and find out through information about China opening at 5:00 and Malaysia at 4:00, as do Charla and Mirna. Oswald and Danny find an open Malaysia office and ask for if they can put them on standby, and they do, giving them a code of BC-4. The Malaysia ticket agency opens up, and the beauty queens, Eric, and Danielle find it is fully booked, and ask to be on standby. They do this, but are told their chances are very slim. Eric and Danielle note the fake smiles on the beauty queens.

Everyone then sets their sights on China Airlines, and Oswald and Danny find the China office, as do Charla and Mirna, while the other two teams wait downstairs at the ticket counter. An agent opens up the China office, and Oswald/Danny and Charla/Mirna ask to get flights. The agent tells them to wait for him upstairs at the ticket counter, but they talk him into helping them right here. Mirna asks if she can do the talking, and Oswald tells her only if she respects the order in which they arrived in line. Mirna asks Desmond to kick some people off, and says there are some not so nice people traveling with them. She asks the agent to please follow the order of the list, and he says he will.

The agent opens up the ticket counter at 5:00, and the beauty queens are first in line, and ask if they are now first on his list. He tells them no, that there are two groups ahead of them. She asks for names, and hears Oswald, Danny, Charla, and Mirna. One of the beauty queens then repeats “Oswald!” in the same way that Seinfeld used to repeat, “Newman!” The beauty queens ask if he can bump them up in front, and he says no, they are third now, while Eric and Danielle get fourth. Oswald and Danny agree if they get the first flight, they will give their code for the second flight to Charla and Mirna.

The beauty queens and Eric/Danielle continue to plead with the agent to put them first and second for the flight, saying they were actually waiting in line where they were supposed to be for 1-1/2 hours. Dustin tells the agent that even if one team gets on, it’s a big deal. Mirna tells Charla, Oswald, and Danny, she wants the beauty queens to take their padded bras and whatever else they have stuffed in there and get out. Oswald warns the beauty queens to not think they bamboozled them out of a pace in line, as they were upstairs waiting. Danielle is pissy as always, calling this a big waste of time.


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