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American Idol 6 Results, April 11th–Should Have Sung Naked

Love him or hate him, Sanjaya has become the star of this show. Ryan tries to capitalize on this by asking who is going home while standing next to Sanjaya giving him a “look”, but the audience just laughs because they know Sanjaya is pure entertainment and not going anywhere.

The show starts out with Ryan asking Randy about how the night went overall last night. He goes on about how hard Latin songs are hard to sing and the contestants all did okay. Paula giggles her way through an answer to whether or not she saw a different side to the contestants. And luckily Simon was able to sleep after giving Sanjaya a compliment.

Since the results show is now an hour long (whose bright idea was THAT?), we are “treated” to a group number. They sing “Bailamos” by Enrique Iglesias. We start out with Chris, who actually sounds decent for once to me. Melinda gets a solo that seems a bit too low for her range. Haley and Sanjaya duet at center stage. After the chorus by all of the contestants together, Phil and Jordin get solos. Blake and Lakisha duet together and it’s the chorus again, with many shots of Sanjaya and Haley. At the end of the song, Chris, Phil, Blake, and Jordin all get little solo parts and Phil and Jordin ad lib while the others sing the chorus. It wasn’t a total disaster, so it’s a good start to the show.

Ryan then introduces us to the couple who won the trip to the show from the trivia challenge. This week’s prize is $10,000 and a trip to the Ford Commercial shoot. You need to text B to 51555 because Katherine McPhee sang with Meatloaf last year in the finale. I’m still waiting for my cut of the winnings. Ryan then shows a video clip of what everyone on the street is talking about regarding last night’s show. He gets a lot of opinions about Haley in the skimpy clothes and Sanjaya’s mustache gets the most screen time. There are some random girls on the street with Blake signs…nooooooo they weren’t planted. They end with some lady walking away when Ryan asks her for a kiss. Smart lady. You never know where his mouth has been (whoops, that’s Clay).

Akon is back this week, sans Gwen Stefani, and sings his current single “I Got You”. I’m not sure how he fits in to Latin week, but it was a good performance even if I am sick of that song since it’s overplayed on the radio around here.

The Ford commercial is really really freaky this week. They sing “So Happy Together” and they all morph into each other as they head bang in the Ford vehicle. Sanjaya just seamlessly morphed into Melinda. It was downright scary.

Thankfully, Ryan starts rambling about Idol Gives Back and again begs for money from corporations. He gives a preview of what to expect on the special and then shows a clip of Simon telling some African girls about the “school in a box” that can educate people for only $183. The little girls have drawn a picture of Simon and he gets mad at them when he sees they have drawn man boobs on him. Ryan then asks if they raise $20 million for the charity, would Simon get on stage and sing and he flat out refuses. They show some doctored up clip of Tony Bennett in a fake audition and getting ripped apart by the judges complete with an “other door” ending. Even Celine Dion will be on the stage for the special in two weeks. Now that the show is half over, Ryan promises we will get to the results and an EXPLOSIVE performance by Jennifer Lopez. Oooh…I’m getting goose pimples as if Phil were singing to J-Lo.

Wow, Ryan is even speaking more slowly in order to stretch this show out. We get a bunch of clips from the show we just watched last night. They transition from one Gloria Estefan song to another and the Santana songs. Of course, they save Sanjaya for last. I feel as if I need a shower after those looks he was giving the camera.

There is more filler as Ryan asks Melinda about Simon’s criticisms (she loves them). Haley says she wasn’t offended by Simon’s comments, but she was hurt a little bit. The girls scream, as Ryan moves on to Blake and calls him out about writing the words to his song on his wrist for rehearsal. Phil says he’s blessed and Ryan asks him to stand and then sends him to the center of the stage for the bottom three. He could probably get there with his eyes closed by now. Lakisha is the next one to stand and she is safe. Jordin gets wild applause as she stands (did you know she had a nose ring? I didn’t…) and then she’s safe. Ryan makes Sanjaya stand and then sit down right away as he will get back to him in a minute. Melinda stands and then Ryan tells her she’s safe. Haley is next and of course follows Phil’s footsteps to the middle of the stage. Sanjaya gets to stand again and then Ryan makes him sit again. Blake stands to more screaming and is safe, of course. This leaves Sanjaya and Chris. They both stand and, not surprisingly, Chris is sent to the middle of the stage for the bottom three and Sanjaya sits. A rousing round of boos follow Chris to the middle of the stage, which I can only imagine are expressing what I was yelling at the TV last night as he was singing. All three are not a shock at all to me. Any of them could leave and I’ll be just fine with that, although I am hoping it is Chris, to be honest, because I just can’t stand all of the praise the judges throw at him when even when he’s really bad. These poor saps still have 20 minutes to wait until they find out who is eliminated. That’s just cruel to them—and us to make us sit through even more stuff.

After the commercial he does send Chris back to the couch, leaving Haley and Phil in the bottom two. Haley said she’s scared to death and Phil smiles and says he’s just blessed to be there. We get yet another clip package all about Jennifer Lopez and her interaction with the contestants. She then performs amidst a stage full of smoke. I can’t tell you the name of this song because I don’t speak Spanish, but I do know her eye makeup is very distracting. It’s on so think it looks like she can’t open her eyes wide enough to see. It’s also hard to hear her over the background singers and for some reason my TV keeps going in and out sound wise, and sometimes picture wise. There are a lot of pyrotechnics, dancers, strobe lights, and fans. From what I could tell through all of that, she did a pretty good job. The judges sure liked it.

Ryan and Jennifer have a little chat about how impressed she was with the contestants and the judges and what they said. She hems and haws around that question saying she didn’t agree with all of them because she comes from the “Paula school” of critique and focusing on the positive. They have isolated Phil and Haley sitting them on the bottom couch by themselves as the other idols stand behind them in the second row.

After returning from commercial, Ryan complains about the smoke on the stage and tells the crew to dim the lights for the elimination. He quickly rips off the band-aid, if you will, and tells Phil he’s safe and Haley is going home. She’s amazingly not crying yet considering she was a basket case last week before the results were announced. The usual clips are played to Daughtry’s song and there are lots of shots of her legs and bare back. She does wipe away a few tears and then reprises “Turn the Beat Around”. Her voice is wavering a bit from the emotion, but she manages to put on the pageant smile and dance around. I have fond memories of this song from show choir (I had the solo on the “scratch scratch scratch” verse). She finishes strong and gets her hugs.

Next week it’s on to my favorite—Country Week! Yeeeehhhhaaaawwww! Send me your picks for country songs the idols should sing: heather@realityshack.com.