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American Idol 6, April 10th – Clean Out Your Ears, Because Sanjaya Was Actually Good

Randy says what is absolutely wonderful and absolutely great is seeing someone who is 17 years old like this. It doesn’t matter what it is, Jordin’s got it. For him it was the yo factor and blam. Got that? Paula loves Jordin because she’s so authentic and herself. She doesn’t care about anything else. She’s just out there having a great time and is just adorable. It’s interesting that Paula never critiqued the performance, isn’t it? Randy really didn’t that much either. Simon says he feels about Jordin pretty much how he has felt all night. I was an okay performance, and nothing stunning. He says they all know she’s a great singer, but we haven’t seen a progression with her, and that’s very frustrating for him. I wonder if that’s what Paula was trying not to say.

Blake is singing a song by J-Lo’s husband, Marc Anthony, I Need to Know. J-Lo says all these songs have to mean something and have to come from somewhere, or else you just leave people feeling vacant, just walking into it. She suggests he listen to Marc sing to hear the different type of voice that is needed. She wants him to realize it doesn’t have to be a real big voice, just enough to “pick that girl up.” She thinks he finally got it at the end.

As Blake comes out wearing a Chris hat, he performs the song just the same way she explained. He’s weak in the beginning, but towards the end really kicks it into gear. It’s not my favorite performance of his, but could have been. Randy calls the song the best song choice of the night, and calls it a hot performance. Paula liked the performance as well, and calls it very smart, believing it totally captured who Blake is and the essence of who he is. Simon also calls this song the best choice of song for the night and the best song performance so far.

Very surprisingly enough, J-Lo says Sanjaya is the embodiment of Latin passion. She warns us not be be fooled by the votes he’s gotten, as he’s still Sanjaya and he rocks. Is she talking about Sanjaya Malakar? He performs Besame Mucho, and J-Lo has to admit he really, really impressed her. She loves Sanjaya, and she thinks if he takes the time at the end, and doesn’t rush through it, she thinks he stands a really good chance with the song. He comes out singing with what one newscaster later in the night called “Jeri-Curl hair,” and facial hair as well. And I’ll be damned if J-Lo isn’t right. He sounds pretty good on this, so much so, that he sounds almost like a natural at Latin music. Right now, I’m giving it up to Jennifer Lopez as guest mentor of the year, if she can pull this type of performance out of Sanjaya after all these others have tried before her.

Randy starts off with one of his famous “check it out”s, and says Sanjaya is one of the smartest contestants he’s ever met. He says that was actually really good. Paula adds in that his performance was in pitch and smooth, and was nice, very, very, very nice. Simon jokes he couldn’t understand a word of it, since it was all in Spanish. He also says he sang it like a 14 year old, yet he also says he’s going to hate himself for it, but it wasn’t horrible. Out in the audience, his family, including his sister and some guy with outgrown Blake Lewis hair, are high fiving. And with good reason.

I honestly can’t tell you how this one’s going to work out, and the freaky thing to me is that people are prognosticating out there even before the performances happen. Yet even now after the performances, I still have no clue. I would think it will be Haley and Phil in the bottom two, with Haley finally leaving, but as we’ve seen the past two weeks, anything can happen.

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