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The Amazing Race All Stars, April 8th – Malaysia – Clutterbugs and Dirty, Dirty Hookers

Danielle thinks she is done, but finds she needs four more hands. As Mirna comes back in with the required 8 hands of papers, assumably all from the same woman’s house, she tells the camera that the kids that helped her are the future Charlas and Mirnas of the world. Please don’t frighten me … or them … like that. She then tells them to stay out of drugs, stay in school, and become a professional.

Danny is very upset to be doing this strenuous chore on a hot day, and Oswald tells him that’s why he wanted his big strong boy to do it. When Danny tells him to be quiet, Oswald says Danny is unhappy today. Danny continues, saying he’s hating him right now. Finding out he needs more newspapers, as he drives away, he says over and over, “Hating you. Hating you.” Oswald asks for a rope to hang himself.

Danielle runs her bike into the curb and breaks the bike, asking why it’s so hard to ride. Danny runs into another guy with papers on a cart and asks him to sell them, but he refuses. Charla and Mirna arrive at the mansion, and Mirna tells the local greeter she is wearing a beautiful dress. They are team #2. Oswald stops at a store and asks to buy all his old newspapers, giving him all the money he has. Is this against the rules, as it stated they had to get the papers from residents.

Danielle tells the young local boys she loves them and asks them to help her push the bike. She wants to know why she has to do every Roadblock that is designed for a guy, and all the Roadblocks designed for girls have sucked. Eric, meanwhile, is laughing saying he does all the easy challenges. Nice. Danny drops his papers along the way and has to stop to pick them up. Danielle arrives back with her papers, and asks Eric why she was doing this Detour. He laughs, saying they didn’t know what it was. Ack. Get rid of these two, I beg of you. She has the required amount of papers, and they leave for the pit stop.

Oswald apologizes to Danny, instead of laughing at him, proving to all watching who the better man is. In the taxi to the pit stop, Danny talks about having lemonade and water while he was loading newspapers, and Oswald notes he was very worried about him, but the whole time he was sitting there drinking lemonade. The show builds the tension here, on who will come in next, Eric and Danielle or Oswald and Danny. But does it matter? Uchenna and Joyce are still out there somewhere.

It’s Eric and Danielle come in at #3, and she complains again about being Yielded, saying she was Yielded her first season and was out because of it. There was no reason for it today, and she’s a little pissed. Oswald and Danny arrive on the mat, and Phil teases them, saying they aren’t first. He then says they are #4.

We finally see Uchenna and Joyce again, and it’s dusk as their flight arrives. She says when the sun goes down and turns to night, and they’re in the position they’re in, it feels like they might have to throw in the towel, but they’re not ready to do that yet. Uchenna says they have to keep their spirits up and keep lugging along until they’re caught up or … he doesn’t even want to say it. After riding the train and bus to the Batu Caves, the clue there sends them to the pit stop, not the Yield. They know right there.

Once on the mat, they are indeed Philiminated, and Ucehnna says they did what they could, but they can’t win them all. They’ve won before, and know how hard it is. Joyce says having never been eliminated before, it’s a strange feeling for them. The end of the road. Uchenna follows up here saying it’s been worth it, every minute. Joyce admits there is a new spark in their relationship, and she sees Uchenna as her life partner, not being able to imagine life without him. Uchenna says they made a choice to stay together, and they will try to work every kink out and find a place to be together, happily, for the rest of their lives. Joyce admits Uchenna does thrill her still, and she does love him.

It happened with Rob and Amber, coming in first, then leaving in last place on that next leg, and now it has happened to Uchenna and Joyce, despite both of them being good teams. And again, everyone was making mistakes. The beauty queens Yielded Eric and Danielle, but there was no reason to, since Uchenna and Joyce weren’t there yet, so they knew they probably missed their flight. Charla and Mirna lost their whole big lead. It would have been better to at least salvage some if it, and leave after one hour, and why weren’t they punished for taking a taxi? Oswald and Danny switched tasks back and forth too many times, and if the directions were too vague, they should have just gone to the other one. After the past few weeks of flights being delayed and filling up too fast, this was a risk they shouldn’t have taken.

It makes me wonder what is coming in the following weeks, being there are four shows left, and we are already at final four. No one would have guessed Charla and Mirna would have made it this far, and they have barely made it, yet here they are. No one would have guessed that neither Uchenna and Joyce or Romber would make it to final four. This could be a very interesting ending in the next few weeks.

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