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The Amazing Race All Stars, April 8th – Malaysia – Clutterbugs and Dirty, Dirty Hookers

Mirna and Charla decide to leave the cookies and go to the batiking. Oswald and Danny arrive at the cookie challenge and realize seeing the open boxes and spit-out cookies littering the floor, that someone’s already been there. They argue back and forth whether they only need to check one cookie in each box, or all the cookies in each box. From Phil’s directions, it is unclear. They decide to leave and go to the other challenge, arguing along the way. Mirna and Charla arrive at the batiking while Dustin and Kandice are already beginning to paint.

Oswald and Danny are still arguing, then decide to go back to the cookies. As Eric and Danielle are still waiting at the Yield, Mirna tells Charla she won’t be able to help stamp the fabric, as her arms won’t reach. They’ll find a way to make it work, though, as they’re a team and work together, even if she has to do it alone. Huh? Dustin and Kandice finish the batiking, and receive a clue to travel to Taman Sri Hartamas where they will need to locate a newspaper truck. Mirna and Charla are realizing they spent too much time at the cookie place. Yes, 2-1/2 hours too much. They lost their lead.

Oswald and Danny arrive back at the cookies and are still arguing, and at this point I have to wonder whatever happened to Uchenna and Joyce. We haven’t seen hide nor hair of them. Eric and Danielle finally finish their Yield time, and decide to do the cookies. They say that if any team has to win besides them, they’d rather it be Danny and Oswald. Danny and Oswald happen to see Eric and Danielle leaving for the cookie challenge, and say they are good competitors and very cunning. Oswald and Danny give up the cookies, then, before Eric and Danielle get there, and go to the batiking. Once there, Danny says no one told him he’d be in a sweat shop in Malaysia. Eric and Danielle are eating the cookies saying, “Yummy!”

Dustin and Kandice arrive at the newspaper stand and find a Roadblock. Here they will give a nod to Malaysia’s eco-friendly policy regarding recycling. One member of each team will get on a bike with a side car and find residents that are willing to sell their old newspapers. They need to cart a stack of newspapers back here that is eight hands high. They are told to say, “Surat Khabar Lama,” which means old newspapers. Kandice will be doing this task.

Oswald and Danny finish imprinting their fabric, but have 16 imprints instead of just 15 and need to start over. Kandice is biking through the streets of Kuala Lumpur, honking her horn and looking for old newspapers, and a local man tells her she will have no problem because of the way she looks. Oswald and Danny working on their batik say they really loved the first fabric they created. Mirna and Charla are wondering where Eric and Danielle are, yet no one is asking about Uchenna and Joyce. Mirna and Charla finish the batiking and take off for the Roadblock.

Oswald and Danny finish as well, and can’t figure out why the taxis aren’t stopping for them. They find a cab just as Danielle finally bites into a cookie with the licorice center. Despite being behind, they will now be caught up, just on pure luck, as sooner or later, someone was bound to find one of those cookies. Oswald says they’re exhausted and emotionally drained, but Danny adds in he’s fine now. Oswald says they love each other again, but Danny replies he’s not ready to go there just yet, and wants Oswald to give him some space.

Mirna and Charla arrive at the newspaper stand, and Charla tells Mirna she’ll have to do it since it involves a bicycle. She has a hard time with the bike as well, as s he keeps running into things, saying, “Just kidding!” every time. Dustin and Kandice then finish with the required eight hands of newspapers, and head to the pit stop at Carcosa Seri Negara, a mansion that has hosted dignitaries from around the world for the past 100 years. Oswald and Danny wonder where Eric and Danielle disappeared to, as they never ran into them after seeing them leave the Yield.

Eric and Danielle are arriving at the Roadblock, and just after Oswald and Danny arrive. Danielle will be doing the Roadblock, and Oswald tells Danny he wants him to do it, as he doesn’t like bicycles. Eric tells Charla and Oswald that the blondies Yielded them. Meanwhile, the beauty queens are arriving at the pit stop, as they say, “I smell Phil.” It must really be hot there then, for them to smell him from outside the mansion. He tells them they are #1, and have each won a retro scooter. Dustin is in fear of being overconfident, and Kandice says if they can stand the pace, it’s looking good for them. Well, judging by what is happening to Uchenna and Joyce, who seem to have vanished somewhere in Frankfort, you can never think that far ahead.

Mirna walks into a house to retrieve some newspapers and finds stacks and stacks all over . She tells the woman that she doesn’t need this many newspapers, as it clutters her house, and she then becomes a clutterbug. This has to go down in Amazing Race history as once of my favorite quotes. Right after “My ox is broken.” She gets kids to help her load the papers and push the bike back to the newsstand.


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