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The Amazing Race All Stars, April 8th – Malaysia – Clutterbugs and Dirty, Dirty Hookers

With the elimination of Team Guido last week, we seem to be left with five extremely focused teams on The Amazing Race, and some much more so than the next. Yet, nearly everyone made mistakes tonight, and even the team that didn’t, didn’t improve in their time at all, meaning they can’t be long for the Race, if they’re not making mistakes and barely hanging on.

Tied for first place after teaming up together on the Intersection on the past leg are Uchenna/Joyce and Oswald/Danny. Both of these teams leave the castle in Krakow, Poland at 9:48 PM. Joyce says the Race is getting down to the wire and is more dog eat dog. Everybody is a lot more desperate to stay in the race. Oswald says he and Danny have been through thirteen years of ups and downs, and ultimately how you resolve disagreements sets the strength of a relationship. I guess this pretty much guarantees they’ll be arguing on this leg.

Their clue sends them to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and both teams head back into the hotel to book their flights. They are both offered a flight that gets in at 6:40 AM, and all realize it’s a tough one, because the connection in Frankfort is only an hour long, and international flights require a minimum of 45 minutes of time between flights. Oswald pushes to find something better, and they find a flight connecting in Paris with a longer, easier time, that gets in slightly later at 7:25. He and Oswald decide on that, while Uchenna and Joyce take the risk of the earlier flight.

Dustin and Kandice leave at 2:52 AM, with Dustin saying sometimes they feel like they’re holding on for dear life, and sometimes it feels like they are charging ahead and are on the offense. They hope to be consistent and continue to be positive. They head straight to the airport. Charla and Mirna leave at 3:16 AM with Mirna noting that all the other teams try to copy and look over each other’s shoulders, but they won’t resort to dirty game play, and will depend on their own skills to get them through. Can I see a collective eye roll here? The cousins head back to the hotel to use the internet to look for flights.

Eric and Danielle leave just six minutes later, with him saying when you’re with someone and spend a lot of time with that person, you naturally pick on that person and argue then as well. In relationships if you can get past those things, there’s potential for growth in the future. They run into Charla and Mirna in the hotel who are tying up both the computers, and won’t let them on. As they ride to the airport without checking on flights beforehand, Eric mocks the cousins, saying, “Why don’t people like us?” Danielle answers with, “Because you’re rude.” Charla and Mirna, with their persistence, find a flight that lands at 4:45 AM.

Eric and Danielle run into the beauty queens at the airport, and Eric says they have some bad news, “Charla and Mirna are not nice.” He explains what happened at the hotel. Dustin/Kandice and Eric/Danielle book the same flight that Oswald and Danny did, and Mirna overhears this, and realizes they are on a much better flight. She wants to check something out with it, and asks if she can just butt in to ask one question that will only take ten seconds. Eric says he’d rather her wait, since they had to wait for the internet. Mirna says there’s no reason to be rude, but later, away from the others, she admits, “Touche.”

Eric/Danielle and the beauty queens talk to Uchenna and Joyce about the risk they are taking with their earlier flight, and Eric says they are braver than him. Regardless, Uchenna says they are optimistic that it should … should? … work out. Charla and Mirna take off on their flight, followed by Uchenna and Joyce on theirs, and finally the other three teams. Uchenna and Joyce’s flight lands ten minutes late, and they are told they are too late for the Kuala Lumpur connection. They plead with the airline representative, but the flight is closed. When they’re told there will be another departure the next day, they decide all they can do at this point is to stay positive, and hope the others will have issues.

Charla and Mirna land first and must take a train and bus to the Batu Caves, and it’s up to the teams to figure out which train and bus will serve them best. They had talked to the locals on the airplane, and were told the best routes to get to the caves. They know they have a couple of hours on the others. They almost miss the bus, but Mirna is able to flag it down. It must have been a long train ride, as while they are on the bus, the flight carrying everyone else but Uchenna and Joyce arrives. The beauty queens picked up a local on the plane to act as their guide, and Oswald and Danny did research at the hotel to find the quickest route. Eric and Danielle get directions there. Dustin and Kandice talk about not knowing where the cousins or Uchenna and Joyce are.


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