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American Idol 6 Results, April 4th—Smile Though Your Heart is Breaking

This week, the idols sang standards and were fortunate to work with the great seasoned performer Tony Bennett. Who is going home tonight? Honestly, I don’t think I’d be shocked by anyone going home at this point. Maybe Melinda, but she’s about the only one who has been consistent.

Someone in the audience has a Paula sign, but it’s upside down. Maybe they are hoping she’ll be able to read it if she slides under the table. Paula is wearing some sort of doily looking shirt and the recap of last night started up. I am reminded of how awful the judges outfits were last night from Randy’s spadangly shirt, to Simon’s unbuttoned number, to Paula’s usual hodgepodge of patterns.

Kermit the frog makes another guest appearance in this week’s Ford commercial. The contestants are at a carwash and they all get wet as they sing “One Love”. Ryan then talks a bit about the song writing contest for a chance to win $1000000.

The contestants are broken into groups of three tonight and we have to guess which group is the top, which is in the middle, and which is the bottom vote getters. The groups are Blake, Chris, and Sanjaya, Haley, Gina, and Phil (standing in the middle of the stage—doesn’t look good for that group!), and Jordin, Melinda, and Lakisha. The group with the three girls gets a loud round of applause. Ryan tries to fake to a commercial, but then tells Jordin, Melinda, and Lakisha that they are all safe. Blake, Chris, and Sanjaya are not the bottom three either, but are told they were also not the top three. That leaves Gina, Haley, and Phil as the bottom three. No real shockers there.

Ryan gives the question for the Idol Challenge and this week’s answer is Kevin Covais (Chicken Little)! Text the letter A to 51555 and if you win, give me a shout out next week when you’re in the audience. Ryan then says that All State has joined the corporate sponsor list for the Idol Gives Back program. Tony Bennett has come down with the flu, so Ryan plugs his CD for him and introduces Michael Buble who will sing instead. From some angles Michael looks like he’s morphing into a more squat Matt Dillon as he trots around the stage toward the band during a musical break in “Call Me Irresponsible”. He then gets to plug his new CD and urges people to steal their parents’ credit cards and pre-order it. Then he tries to be funny by asking if he’s wasting his votes by still voting for Antonella Barba. Ryan looks at him blankly for a second, and then makes a comment how he still does that, too. Awkward silence follows and Ryan quickly cuts it to a commercial, thank goodness.

Ryan immediately tells Phil he’s safe after the commercial break and he looks surprised and sits back down. Randy hesitates and says he’s not really surprised, well he’s surprised about Gina, no wait he’s surprised about both. Paula does her usual avoidance of the question and Simon said he’s not surprised after being admonished by Ryan for smiling. Haley is already crying. Ryan says this was the highest vote totals of the season to date and then tells Haley she’s staying. Gina then starts balling audibly. Her montage focuses on all of her previous rejection from American Idol and how she was determined not to be rejected this year. Ryan tries to comfort her as her eyes are the same color as the streak in her hair. She thanks everyone for getting her this far. Ryan introduces “Gina Glocksen and the tongue ring” as she sings a reprise of “Smile” and she finally gets the emotion behind the song. Various other contestants are teary eyed as they walk out to surround her and her family cries in the audience. She lets Jordin sing part of the song and ends on a nice note before she completely loses it.

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