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The Amazing Race, April 1st – You Can Carry a Mannequin, But You Can't Carry a Tune

Dustin and Kandice arrive at the Intersection, and not seeing the other teams, know it means they must wait the four hours, making them tied for the time-being for last place. They have gone from the lead, to a three-way tie for the lead to a three-way tie for last place. They know the front two teams are totally stoked. And they remember that in their last Race, they had a similar thing happen at the Intersection, although they didn’t have to wait nearly as long.

Uchenna/Joyce and Oswald/Danny attempt the Fast Forward, and everyone counts 111 steps in the Town Hall tower, and heads to St. Mary’s. Uchenna says Danny and Oswald didn’t miss what went on at Auschwitz, and as a group, they can’t miss that they did that together. The great orator has a point. It’s something that would draw you much closer, to go through that with someone else. Kandice is wondering if the first four teams took the Fast Forward, and realizing they’d have to, having the “numbers.” While Oswald and Danny have 348 total, the other two counted 347 and 349. They go with 348 and win the Fast Forward. They are now to drive themselves to the next pit stop, the Pieskowa Skala Castle. They get in marked cars and take off.

The second bus arrives at Auschwitz, and the mood is just as dismal as it was with the first crew that arrived. Bill says both he and Joe have seen images in photos and movies, but nothing can describe the silence and emotion as they stand there now, and as he says this, Joe offers the sign of the cross. Bill continues, say nothing describes the emotion that is felt, and it’s unthinkable what those people had to go through. It helps Eric put his and Danielle’s bickering into perspective. Mirna says her and Charla’s Armenian ancestry experienced genocide, with their great grandfather’s whole family was killed, making it very personal for them.

As they leave in taxis, Eric says the people there had no control over what happened, and it makes him grateful to have what he has. Bill says he and Joe were born at a time they could be themselves, but there were people like them that weren’t allowed to express themselves. He sees it as so unbelievable that one man could treat another man in such horrible ways, and that people turned their heads, allowing it to happen.

On their way to the pit stop, Uchenna says he can’t keep his mind off the concentration camp and how cruel people were to each other. He says mankind has been cruel to each other forever and he is hopeful that one day we’ll get it right and stop destroying each other. Amen. Uchenna/Joyce and Oswald/Danny run into the pit stop and jump onto the mat together. They are all team number one, however there is only one prize. Oswald and Danny graciously offer to give it up the trip for two to St. Lucia to Uchenna and Joyce, telling them it was their pleasure, but they won’t be giving away the million dollars.

Dustin and Kandice continue to wait for the other three teams to arrive, and their first choice of a team to pair up with is Team Guido, followed by Eric and Danielle, and lastly Mirna and Charla. It’s the cousins, of course, that show up first, and while the beauty queens think of waiting for another team, they decide to work with Mirna and Charla and not wait. Joining up, they find a Detour – Eat It or Roll It. In Eat it, teams will travel to an old market and each team member must use traditional methods to make a 3” link of polish sausage. When they finish, each person must eat two feet of sausage. In Roll It, teams will travel to a bakery, use traditional methods to roll out 20 bagels, and when finished, make their way on foot to a restaurant to deliver the bagels.

The beauty queens ask about doing the sausage, but Mirna says she’s not a big eater. She says she thinks she can do it however, and they head to the old market. Eric/Danielle and Team Guido arrive at the Detour, and forced to work together, decide to do bagels. Eric says they want to stay together with Team Guido, knowing that they have a half hour advantage. Even if both teams are last, Guido will be eliminated. At the old market, Mirna notes how they first had to deal with a naked mannequin and now sausage. That girl’s mind is in the gutter. The other two teams’ driver can’t find the bakery, and stops for directions. When he still doesn’t know where it is, they switch to the sausage making, since the old market is easier to find.

The beauty queens and cousins finish making their sausages and sit down to eat, saying a prayer first. Dustin says it’s actually really good, while Kandice asks why hers is so much thicker than everyone else’s, proving that size does matter. Dustin tells her to count her blessings as the other teams aren’t there. Of course, just then, the other two teams walk in. They ask how it tastes, and Mirna says, “Like poop!” The pressure’s on, as the other two teams sit down to eat as well. Mirna lets out a big belch and apologizes as the beauty queens crack up.

Someone at the Guidos and Eric/Danielle table announces the sausage is a lot better than his mother’s. Charla yells at Mirna to pick up the pace and concentrate, and while the beauty queens crack up again, I’m having flashbacks to Charla eating the ostrich egg. The Guidos were worried about Danielle, but realize Eric is eating slower than her. Joe finishes first out of all eight people, and Kandice finishes shortly after. Dustin does as well, then pukes it up, as Eric announces, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss California!”


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