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The Amazing Race, April 1st – You Can Carry a Mannequin, But You Can't Carry a Tune

Oswald and Danny pass up the cousins, literally, and arriving at the Detour choose the piano, although they do question it, wondering if they should do the mannequin. Mirna and Charla finally find someone that speaks English at a hotel, and head to the Palace. The beauty queens find a monument that is named on the sheet music clue, and then run in for the pit stop. They are, of course, team #1, and win a trip for two to Puerto Rico. Phil notes that they keep saying they will be the first all-female team to win, and Kandice says they definitely believe they can be, and just need to have a constant focus throughout the entire thing to stay on top. “Blondies are back on the board.”

At 11:02 AM, Uchenna and Joyce are arriving in Warsaw, and Oswald and Danny are choosing a grand piano. Danny sits down and plays Heart and Soul, and Oswald says they’ve been friends for 13 years, and now he finds he can play the piano. Danny has been hiding this talent from him. Mirna and Charla arrive at the Detour, and Mirna misreads it as “Perfect Angel.” I don’t think she fits the part, so they choose Perfect Pitch. Oswald breaks a string in the piano, and waiting for it to be repaired, he wonders if they should have carried the mannequin. This all reminds me of REO Speedwagon, as I have the album You Can Tune a Piano, But You Can’t Tuna Fish, running through my head. That should have been the Detour – Tune a Piano or Tuna Fish.

Uchenna and Joyce know they need to catch up with the leaders and possibly pass them. They walk into the wrong building while looking for the Palace. Joyce says, “Sorry,” as she opens a door, and Uchenna admonishes her that that’s a toilet. Well, even Chopin has to go. They’re in the Academia, a school of music, not the Palace. Mirna and Charla arrive at the pianos, as Uchenna and Joyce finally find someone to tell them how to get to the Palace. Mirna and Charla think they are done, and listening to the pianist play, they think it’s good, but he says no. Uchenna and Joyce find “Chopin,” and realize they haven’t seen any other teams in close to 24 hours. Oswald and Danny break another string, but still decide to stay. Mirna says to lose the Race because of something like this would be ridiculous. Trying the key to tune it, they think it sounds like an ambulance.

Oswald and Danny finally get their key tuned, and conduct behind the pianist while he plays. They get it right and receive the clue. As Oswald hugs the pianist, he says, “If I were in town, I would ask for your number.” They advise Mirna and Charla to stick to it. Yet, they decide to leave for the mannequins. Uchenna and Joyce arrive at the pianos, and she admits she used to play, but doesn’t anymore. She does still remember where middle C is. Mirna and Charla pick up their mannequin which is a very buff male, only wearing a pair of jeans. Carrying him through the streets of Warsaw, they can’t figure out why others won’t help them find the laboratory, as Mirna lofts the mannequin onto her back.

Oswald and Danny find the statue, and run onto the mat, as team #2. Mirna drops the mannequin off her back, just before they find the laboratory. They don x-ray gab, and Mirna admonishes Charla to get out of the room. She was trying to cover up his private parts, apparently. Uchenna and Joyce fix the key on the piano, and listening to the pianist play the piece, know they have it right. They receive the sheet music clue. The cousins can’t get the angle of the x -ray right, and aren’t finding the clue, but they do find it ridiculous, thinking it’s going to take all day.

Uchenna and Joyce find the monument quickly, and run onto the mat for third place. Mirna and Charla finally find a line of type inside their mannequin that shows up on the x-ray, and they receive their next clue to run to the monument. As it’s getting dark, Mirna can’t believe anyone else has had a day worse than them. Well, Team Guido and Eric and Danielle are having a worse day, as they’re just arriving in Warsaw, after traveling for thirty hours straight. The cousins reach the monument and run into the pit stop in fourth place. They can’t believe there are two teams left to come in yet.

The beauty queens are beginning the eighth leg of the Race, despite the fact that two teams still haven’t arrived on the mat yet for the previous leg. They leave at 10:54 PM, and receive a clue to travel to Auschwhitz-Birkenau concentration camp, which still stands as a monument to the Polish underground resistance. The teams will choose a ticket for one of the two buses that are departing four hours apart.

Team Guido arrive at the Detour, and decide to carry a mannequin. Eric and Danielle arrive as well, and decide to tune the pianos. I think “Chopin” is probably happy to finally be done. As Bill carries the half-naked mannequin, Eric and Danielle think they’re done already tuning their piano. Definitely not. Team Guido x-rays the mannequin with planned out preciseness, while Eric and Danielle try the piano again, but it’s still not right.

Oswald and Danny leave for the next leg of the race at 1:06 AM. Reading that they are going to Auschwitz, they talk about how incredibly difficult and emotional the place must be, to be around that type of prejudice. Eric and Danielle break a string in the piano and wonder if they should leave, thinking Team Guido is probably done. Yet they’re still flipping the mannequin over trying different sides to the mannequin, looking for the clue. Eric and Danielle try the piano again and get it right, heading to the monument. Team Guido finally gets the the clue, and wonder if Eric and Danielle did the pianos since they never saw them.


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