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The Amazing Race, April 1st – You Can Carry a Mannequin, But You Can't Carry a Tune

Heading to a travel agency, Eric and Danielle of course walk into the same one with the other two teams who say they have been there for seven hours. When Eric questions why they’re still there, Mirna sarcastically says they found the best flight and decided not to go because they wanted to hang out there with him. Eric asks Danielle if they should go to another agency, since the others have been there for seven hours. Danielle doesn’t understand why they should leave, as there aren’t any other agencies around. They proceed to walk in and out, arguing, with her saying it’s like talking to a 5 year old (my apologies to any 5 year olds that are insulted), and telling him she’s surprised Jeremy didn’t kill him. They finally leave for good.

Back at the agency, another flight opens up, and Danny/Oswald and Mirna/Charla will fly to Nairobi, then Amsterdam, and finally to Warsaw. Eric and Danielle stop in another agency, but still can’t get a good flight. Had they stayed where they were, they could have been with the others. They sit outside what could be the airport arguing still. She says they aren’t getting along at all because he’s all touchy, and he shouts back he’s not touchy. He knows there’s only one way to handle it that she sees, and that’s her yelling at him, but he won’t put with that garbage. Yet she puts up with it from him, but that’s okay, I guess. He waits for her to “get herself out of it.”

Team Guido is the last to leave the pit stop at 7:01 PM, and their flight that is being provided them leaves at 7:55 PM. Bill knows he and Joe are racing with the best, and they’re trying their best. Coming in 6th used to be middle of the pack, but it’s now the bottom of the pack. They know they need to step it up a little. Eric and Danielle decide to freak out the Guidos and hide on them. Once they show themselves, the Guidos figure they’re a lot happier to see Eric and Danielle than Eric and Danielle are to see them. Their flight has them stopping in Kilimanjaro, then Amsterdam, before Warsaw.

In Kilimanjaro, there are supposed to be tickets waiting for them, but they instead are told they are too late for their connecting flight. They say they have tickets and are told it doesn’t matter. Danielle asks them to radio the pilot to let them know they are all standing their waiting. Joe goes outside trying to flag down the flight as it leaves, and is waiving something that looks like a spoon, but I’m sure it’s something more appropriate. Bill tells Joe once he comes inside he’s not proud of his temper, and Eric bemoans the fact they’ll now probably be three days behind. They all agree and shake on going to a hotel for the night and trying it again the next morning at the same time.

As Dustin and Kandice are asking for aisle seats in Frankfort, Uchenna and Joyce arrive and are told they are too late and won’t make it. In Kilimanjaro, Team Guido, Eric, and Danielle finally board a flight. They beauty queens arrive in Warsaw at 9:07 AM, and take a taxi to the Palace to see “Chopin” play a tune for them. Dustin knows it will all be really fun, as she plays piano, and Chopin is one of her favorites. She compares it to meeting Santa Claus. Well, I’m pretty sure Chopin isn’t fictional or a myth. 9:22, Mirna/Charla and Oswald/Danny arrive, and have no clue which other teams have made it there before them.

Arriving at the Palace, Dustin says how cool it is and says hi to “Chopin.” They find a Detour – Perfect Pitch or Perfect Angle. In Perfect Pitch, teams will travel to another palace and will choose one of a selection of grand pianos. After watching a demonstration, they will use the tools provided to tune one key on the piano. A concert pianist will then play a Chopin arrangement, and if it sounds in tune, the team will get the next clue. In Perfect Angle, teams will travel to a boutique, choose a mannequin, then carry it to a laboratory. Using an x-ray machine, they will need to locate their next clue inside the mannequin. The beauty queens choose Perfect Pitch, since Dustin has been playing piano since she was 6 years old. She thinks she can hear what key out of tune, and they can then figure out how to tune it.

As the cousins drive to the Palace, Charla asks their driver if he likes polish hot dogs, and Mirna asks if he likes polish sausage. When he doesn’t answer, they figure he doesn’t like them too much. Oswald and Danny have a similar problem, realizing their driver doesn’t speak English. Dustin and Kandice watch the piano demonstration and learn each key has three strings, and they need to find the right key, then choose the right string, and figure out which way to turn it to get it in tune. As Mirna and Charla arrive at a church instead of the Palace, they can’t find anyone to answer them on where the Palace is. The beauty queens tune their piano quickly, and get a clue on a piece of sheet music. What they need to figure out is that the name of the song is their next clue.

Mirna and Charla are still looking for the Palace, and ask a security guard, who only turns out to be another that won’t answer them. Mirna is asking the people if they how how to speak and if they can talk. She says it’s not something they’re used to in America, and Charla wonders if they just have never seen a little person. After this suggestion, Mirna has awful timing, comparing them to having the plague or something.


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