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The Amazing Race, April 1st – You Can Carry a Mannequin, But You Can't Carry a Tune

Amazing Race fans have been trying to figure out all week how it was going to work this episode, and if there was going to be a “great equalizer” this week. Mirna and Charla arrived on the mat sometime late afternoon, and Team Guido appeared on the mat sometime the next morning. If there’s a mandatory 12 hours pit stop and rest, it seems like Charla and Mirna will be leaving before Joe and Bill even leave. At the beginning of the Race tonight, Phil confirms for us that there is a sixteen hour time difference.

Charla and Mirna leave Zanzibar at 4:20 AM, before the sun is up, so clearly Bill and Joe haven’t arrived yet. Mirna says they love the feeling of coming in first, but feel it’s almost better to be under the radar as they were before, as now all the others see them as a threat. Their first clue is sending them to Warsaw, Poland, to find the Czapski Palace, the Polish composer Chopin’s childhood home. They will find someone playing the role of Chopin in front, and get their next clue from him. Fights are limited here, so they have all been provided tickets for a flight landing at 11:25 the following morning. Surely Charla and Mirna will be able to better that, but the Guidos probably won’t be able to.

Oswald and Danny leave just eight minutes later, and Oswald says he and Danny are having fun and enjoying themselves while being competitive, but not stupid. They will help people to a certain degree, but no alliances, just joint ventures. They join up here with Charla and Mirna, and head to a travel agency together.

Uchenna and Joyce leave more than three hours later at 7:55 AM. Uchenna, always ready with nuggets of uplifting and well-thought out wisdom, says theirs spirit was definitely lifted by making it through being marked for elimination. Having special times together helps them to grow as a couple and is the essence of why they are there. The beauty queens leave five minutes later, talking about Chopin being dead. Dustin says this Race is more challenging, as everyone knows how to work every angle in every situation. Kandice says it’s the time in the Race they need to stop holding on and staying in the middle. They have to step it up a notch. They, too, head to a travel agency.

Although it doesn’t open up until 8:30 AM, Uchenna and Joyce decide to wait at the South African Airways offices, knowing the others are most likely headed to a travel agency. While they wait, they decide to call a travel agency on the phone. The other three teams all wind up at the same travel agency, and of course, it’s this agency that Uchenna and Joyce call on the phone. Dustin tells the agency to call the person on the phone back, and urges her to just hang up. Uchenna knows there are others telling her to hang up, and asks if there is a small person with them. The agent says yes, so he figures it’s Mirna telling her to hang up. Although, Mirna then starts in, telling her “Just hang up. Bye Bye.” The agent hangs up the phone, and Mirna tells her not to share the information she finds with Dustin and Kandice.

Oswald says the reason he and Danny are able to work with Mirna and Charla is they took a step back and realized they are four aggressive people, and two of them like to sspeak a lot, so they figured they would channel all their communication through Mirna. That’s playing smart. Make her stand out. Mirna offers the agent a commission if they find her a better flight. Oswald thinks it’s like a spy game.

Dustin and Kandice’s agent finds them a flight arriving at 9:10 AM, over two hours earlier than the arranged flight and book it. Charla asks how Dustin and Kandice got booked on a flight, while Oswald explains they’re all going to the same place. Their agent checks, but tells them that flight is now full. Dustin and Kandice leave for the airport, where they will have stopovers in Addis Ababa, then Frankfort, Germany, before reaching Warsaw.

The agent working with the other four at the travel agency just can’t find any flights at all. Mirna pleads that she’s having a heart attack and needs emergency help. While she mentions they have been there for four hours, Uchenna and Joyce talk about being at the South African Airways agency for four hours. Their agent finally finds them a flight that will head to Johannesburg, then Frankfort, where they will pick up tickets to Warsaw, getting there at 9:10 AM, the same Frankfort to Warsaw flight as the beauty queens. Mirna asks the agent if they can at least get standby for that flight.

Eric and Danielle leave at 3:15 PM, and she says the Race is testing their relationship. Being put in extreme situations, they argue a little bit, and she should be able to ask questions, or put an opinion out there, but sometimes she thinks he gets snippy. She asks Eric, “Is Warsaw here?” And he replies no, it’s in Poland. She compares herself to Polish girls, and he tells her she’s not like a Polish girl. She thinks she is, though, because they’re blonde. He adds in that she didn’t even know where Warsaw is.


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