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And THIS Is Why I Love Reality TV: Bad Bad Girls

You would think that the Oxygen Network would be like Lifetime Lite. Lots of fuzzy stories that make you warm and cozy. Very Oprah-like. Not so. Enter The Bad Girls Club. Oh, how this show exploits the catty side of women. Oh, how I love this show.

The premise is to find out what happens when seven bad girls live under one roof (from the same producers of the Real World—hence the seven strangers concept). However, it’s not always seven and it’s not the same girls all season. Because they get into fights and get kicked off. Or they leave from fear or annoyance. Because they’re bad girls.

The most memorable bad girl thus far has been Ripsi. Ripsi got drunk and beat up the other girls. She ripped their clothes off. She ripped her clothes off. She ripped out hair from random scalps. Ah, Ripsi. Oh, wait a second. RIPsi. That should have been a tell-tale sign.

The other girls who have come and gone were Ty and Leslie. Ty left because she punched another girl. Leslie left because she was the only girl trying to stop her bad ways and she couldn’t change in a house of sin and demise.

That leaves us with a gaggle of the original girls plus some new ones. Here they are in no particular order:

[i]Zara[/i] who is young, beyond skinny, and drunk. She likes a guy who does not like her and she likes to cry.

[i]Jodie[/i] who wants to be a model and is a voluptuous blonde so she could be a model. However, she likes ice cream and bananas so she’s not as slender as most other models.

[i]Deann[/i] is another blonde and she likes to sumo wrestle, camp, and make out with the pool boy.

[i]Kerry[/i] is a blonde–shocker–with huge blue eyes. She’s sweet. I don’t know exactly why she’s a bad girl other than the pool boy kissed her first but she wasn’t even into that.

[i]Aimee[/i] has black hair. Aimee wears black eye make-up. I’m pretty sure Aimee is from either NY or NJ because she has a thick accent that makes her completely different from the other girls. Aimee has an attitude and likes revenge.

And now for the newer replacement girls:

[i]Andrea[/i] likes to drink and party. And steal.

[i]Joann[/i] likes to drink and party and is a self-proclaimed gold digger. She’s also a go-go dancer.

The girls all like to fight. They all like to drink. They like to go to the bar and find boys and drink. Then they come home and drink more and have parties. Then they fight some more. Some of them cry. Some of them comfort each other or hold each other’s hair back when they puke from drinking. Then they all take pictures and look back and laugh about it.

[b]And THIS is why I love reality tv[/b]: Proof that every gal has a bad side, even Oprah.

Really, the show has no point other than exploitation of horny, drunk women. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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