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American Idol Results, March 28th–It's All About the Hair

I get giddy when I see that familiar backlighting and crisscrossing spotlights. That means it’s time to lose another contestant from the American Idol stage.

Last night’s show wasn’t as much of a wreck as I expected it to be. Believe it or not, I think Phil was by far the best last night. Even my husband commented that he could record that song and release it now. That’s pretty high praise from a guy who doesn’t really like pop music—or Phil Stacey.

I also would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight about Sanjaya’s fauxhawk. I immediately saw it as a nod to the guys of No Doubt. Tony sported a fauxhawk in the late 90s and Adrian had a huge Mohawk. You can see my photo comparisons of Adrian and Sanjaya on the RealityShack forums or by clicking here.

I’ll get off my soapbox now, and get on with the results show. Ryan makes a crack about Sanjaya’s hair to start things off. Blake is wearing some funny looking shirt, thank goodness Phil has his hat, and Jordin looks smokin’ tonight. Then Ryan comes out from backstage with a wig in the form of Sanjaya’s fauxhawk. Luckily, he takes it off quickly, because he just can’t rock it like Sanjaya.

We get a quick montage with lots of “No Doubt” puns. We are treated to even MORE of Sanjaya’s hair. I’m starting to wish he’d borrow Phil’s head razor just so we can get on to something else.

The Ford commercial of the week is “I Fought the Law” with an old western feel to it. Of course, they are driving Mustangs and Chris R. ends up washing them. I see a future in car washing for him because I just don’t think this singing thing will pan out for too long.

Ryan immediately gets to naming the bottom three. Blake and Lakisha are immediately safe. My “WHAT??” moment comes when Phil gets dumped into the bottom three. He nailed that song last night, people. Yes, he looks creepy at times, but that song is about a stalker, so he was perfectly creepy. Bah! Melinda easily makes it through and Chris R. is told he’s safe as well. Sanjaya is also safe which makes him smile and do a little dance in his seat. Haley joins Phil in the middle of the stage as the next bottom three casualty. Jordin is also safe, so it comes down to Chris S. and Gina for the last spot in the final three. Of course, we’re going to have to wait awhile to find out who it will be.

This week’s trivia question to win the big money and tickets to the finale is about the Velvet Teddy Bear, so text B to 51555 and win that trip. You can send my cut of the money in care of RealityShack.

Exxon has agreed to chip in for the new Idol Gives Back campaign and that is quickly glossed over so Gwen Stefani can perform “Sweet Escape”. She is joined on stage by those strange looking dancers that are in the video and then some. It sounds to me as if she’s singing in a lower key than the song is recorded in. Akon joins her for the “woohoos”. She is obviously a seasoned professional performer. She looks like she’s having fun and it comes across as natural. It’s something the contestants are lacking right now. I think some of them can develop it with practice, but others I don’t think it will ever be natural. She plugs her tour and mentions Akon is joining her.

One more break before we find out who is the final contestant thrown into the bottom three. That person happens to be Chris S. and he walks to the center of the stage to join Phil and Haley. Ryan sends Phil back to the couch. Randy plays dumb when Ryan asks him who will be booted. Paula also avoids the question and Simon says it’s going to be “bye bye Curly”. Haley is safe and Chris Sligh hits the road. His friends and family look dumbfounded. We get the typical goodbye montage for Chris set to Daughtry. I think Vote for the Worst has just recruited a new member for the rest of the season. Ryan says he’s one of the most clever contestants they’ve ever had. What do you know? They let him sing his way out this week. His voice is shaky and he’s lost pretty much all of his humor. He is much closer to the correct tempo tonight than he was yesterday. He hugs all of the other contestants and tells Phil he’s got a great voice. Looks like tonight really was all about the hair. I’m sure somewhere, David Hasselhoff is crying.

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