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American Idol 6, March 27th – C'mon, Man!

Randy says he actually kind of liked it. He feels Phil gave a really solid performance and didn’t push it, although he could have because he has that “big old voice.” Randy thinks there were a couple of runs at the end that made it kind of nice, and he actually kidn of liked it. Paula calls it a good choice and interesting, with so much personality and color in his voice. She notes that the chorus is where he lives and where the magic is. The verses are where he kind of plays it safe until he is building up to the chorus. She would like him to work on building up the character in the verses. Simon tells Phil it might surprise him, but he actually thought it was very good. It was a great choice of song and the only time in the last few weeks that Simon has felt Phil was really taking it seriously and actually trying to do well.

Gwen says Melinda Doolittle blew her away and watching her sing, it was amazing. She can’t wait to see what Melinda does tonight. Melinda’s voice is mindblowing to her, and so crazy. She would say good luck, but she doesn’t think Melinda needs it. Melinda sings Heaven Knows by Donna Sommer, and she seems to be taking the Gladys Knight comment from the other week to heart with her hair and clothing style . Regardless, I hate to keep repeating myself with her, but it’s masterful.

Randy says it’s dope, and the reason he called her the pro last week was because a pro does what she does every week, look at the words, interpret the feeling in them, then sing with that. Living the words is what a singer does, and Randy thinks this is the bomb again. Paula says Melinda has charisma from the word go, and when she sings, she tells a story from the very first word that comes from her mouth. It’s fun and joyful, as Paula loves when people tell stories when they sing (me too!), and Melinda does it in spades. Simon doesn’t think they’ll remember this as Melinda’s best performance, but vocally she was, as usual outstanding. And, he hates the outfit. Ryan tells Melinda to embrace the positive comments and she hugs herself.

Blake Lewis is really excited about singing Lovesong by The Cure, and Gwen just wants him to be careful of the beat boxing, as it could distract from the melody. He finishes singing for her, and she says it was pretty, causing him to look away embarrassed and say thank you. It was kind of sweet to see. Tonight, it seems his voice is dead on, while I haven’t found it there for a few weeks. He skips the beat boxing altogether for the first time in awhile as well.

Randy isn’t sure if it was the perfect song choice for Blake, but he thinks he made the most of it. He got the tender thing, and left it in a tender spot. He’s not jumping up and down, but he liked it. Paula loved what Blake did with the song, and thinks it’s so cool that he’s taking risks and being original, making the whole competition hip and contemporary. She seems him as the dark horse, and thinks he could sail all the way to the finale. Simon ssays Blake is definitely the strongest guy in the competition, but he wants him to be careful not to stay in “Chris Daughtry” zone, which he considers too indulgent. Well, it seems to be doing pretty well for Chris right now. Ryan brings up Paula using the F word, finale, and Paula says the name of a Gwen Stefani song (Hella Good?), and when Blake starts to sing it, Ryan tells him not to, otherwise Fox will be mad at him when they have to pay for it..

Gwen is shocked to hear that Jordin Sparks is singing Hey Baby,but admits to saying “woah,” as she made it sound so much more musical than she thought it was. She tells her to get the beat going a little, and thinks Jordin is cute and refreshing. It’s great to see her on something current, although there are a few vocal slips, and the look is not a good one for Jordin. I do love this ‘tude on her, though.

Randy thinks it was a risky thing to do, as it’s once again one of those stylized songs, but he now thinks Jordin can literally sing anything. He thinks she’d be a great recording artist. Paula calls her adorable, hip and young, and says this song celebrated it. She loves seeing Jordin in this kind of mode. Simon again calls her the most improved contestant, as they’ve seen in the last few weeks a different side to her, much younger and more confident. His only problem is that it was perhaps a big copycat-ish, but as far as looking for something fun and different, she did.

When Gwen heard Chris Richardson was doing Don’t Speak, she knew he liked to do the vocal Olympics thing, but she doesn’t think this song really needs it, and hopes he sticks to melody, and just brings it in here or there, because that’s sort of his style. She thinks it could be beautiful if he focuses on the song and the emotion. His voice cracks a little tonight, and you can tell he’s nervous after being bottom two last week. No one ever mentions it, but he totally brings the emotion here like Gwen suggested.

Randy calls it very interesting, and says he kind of liked the R&B ska thing, the whole flavor of it. He’s not sure if it was his best vocal, but he liked the twist on it. He advises him to not be afraid to jump to R&B. He tells him not be afraid to do the runs, but Gwen had been telling him not to. Paula says Chris is good, just goooood. Simon thinks song choice got Chris in trouble last week, but this is a much better song choice and he quite liked the arrangement. Yet, he wasn’t crazy about the vocal. It was okay in bits, but he thinks Chris struggled in parts as well, and he thinks he really needs to pay more attention to the vocals right now. Chris is visibly upset after this, tearing up and all, and Ryan then asks if it fires him up to hear Blake is the front runner. It’s very uncomfortable and makes me want to mother him.

I’m not sure how this one is going to go tomorrow night. The mohawk thing could have turned off enough adults to not send any votes at all Sanjaya’s way, and I just don’t think Howard Stern or that one website are big enough to impact this. Haley might be in the bottom three, as she didn’t have the sex kitten look going to bring in the male votes. Or, it could be someone that is towards the lower middle. Chris Richardson and Phil Stacey have been down there before, so one of them could make it back there. I think either way, either Sanjaya or Haley has to make an appearance there again.

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