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American Idol 6, March 27th – C'mon, Man!

For those of us that follow American Idol closely, it was a shock to find ot the theme was a little different than we had originally thought. Instead of it being 90s songs and Gwen Stefani, it was songs by Stefani’s band No Doubt or by artists that have inspired her. Apparently she gave a list to the show, and that’s what the contestants had to pick from.

It made it quite an interesting night, and at least some of the contestants found that music that is an inspiration to another musician isn’t exactly easy to do. Even Gwen, herself, says the artists she loves aren’t known for big singing and amazing voices, but for personality and character styles. She can’t imagine what it feels like at this point for the Idols, figuring it must be nerve-wracking, as she’s even nervous, and she’s not them.

Lakisha Jones is first up on the block, and Gwen says after listening to Lakisha, she’s finding herself sweaty. She really blew Gwen away, as she’s really dynamic with her voice. It’s really effective, soft and sexy, and then to bounce out like that, Gwen thinks maybe she should be getting advice from Lakisha, as she just amazed her. Lakisha sings Donna Sommers’ Last Dance, and is wearing boots and a flashy dress that I know Simon will hate. She is just always so amazing to me. While some find Melinda to be the better of the two week after week, I always feel Lakisha is. This girl belongs singing on a big stage somewhere.

Randy says what’s kind of good about this performance for Lakisha is it’s the first time he’s seen her do an up tempo joint. He thinks it’s good to see her chance it by rocking it out. And he loved the boots, as they were true Fly diva. He calls it all hot. Paula says Donna Sommers isn’t an easy artist to start off with, but she feels Lakisha did her proud and did an excellent job. Simon, I think jokingly, says “love those boots.” He thinks the performance was great, as now she’s thirty years younger again. He also liked the change to up tempo and loves the big notes at the end. The Lakisha who he loved to see three or four weeks ago is coming back and putting her mark back on the competition. Lakisha says hi to her friends from the bank that are in the audience.

Chris Sligh takes a viewer question asking how much downtime they have and how he spends it. He replies, as only Chris can, that he’s been doing a lot of knitting, crocheting, and playing the bongos in his boxer shorts. Ryan notes not feeling very comfortable, and more seriously, Chris says he likes to get a s much sleep as possible so he doesn’t get sick. They work seven days a week and are constantly going. While it’s a lot of fun, it’s really tiring.

Chris is singing Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by The Police, and I can’t wait to hear one of my favorite songs on one of my favorite Idols. Gwen says he has a strong voice, and the only thing he needs to work on is the tempo. It’s definitely off, and she thinks it will be easier once he’s with the band. She wants him to focus on the drum beat. Singing tonight, Chris is off tempo from the get go. He finds the tempo, then tries walking around with the mic stand, and I think that just confuses him again. It’s a good thing he’s not chewing gum as well. Halfway through, his vocals that I like so much really kicked it into gear.

Randy calls it a good song choice, and says while he had a couple of runs in it, his biggest problem was what Gwen had said. Rhythmically the band was on one tempo, and he was on another. He asks for Chris’ opinion, and he admits he never tried to sing the song before, and singing it, he found it like a Masters class, but he found that out a day late. He did the best he could and thought he sang it well, but he knows Randy is right that the rhythm was off. Randy says it made it a train wreck for him. Well, that’s a little strong.

Paula says the biggest amount of criticism she has had for Chris all season is that he doesn’t stay in the pocket. What, is he a quarterback now? She thinks it becomes an “eyesore” (wouldn’t that be earsore?) for the audience, as they want to groove with him. vocally it sat really right in the tonal part, but she wants him to hear that beat. Simon says to forget pockets and timing, it was just a mess. He points out if it was the first time he’d ever seen or heard chris, he’d only get that it was a mess all over the place. Simon also doesn’t think the song suited him. He didn’t feel it represented his music. The band cuts him off switching back to Ryan, and Simon notes they aren’t the Oscars. Ryan asks if Chris thought the song was too risky after he picked it, and he says no, there’s just a trick to it as it’s rarely on the down beat. He admits it was his bad. I still love ya, Chris. It wasn’t “that” bad.


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