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The Amazing Race All Stars, March 25th – Too Hot to Handle

Uchenna decides to do the Roadblock, and as the beauty queens drive to the Roadblock, they wonder where Uchenna and Joyce are. Uchenna hits the target right away and says throwing the Rungu was like a dream come true. Dustin and Kandice arrive at the Road block and it will be Dustin throwing the weapon. Eric and Danielle arrive at the Detour as Uchenna and Joyce arrive on the mat and start their thirty minute penalty. The last two teams haven’t even gotten on the ferry yet, so Uchenna and Joyce are safe, but don’t realize it at this point. Although they have to realize with the 3 hour departures of the ferries, they’re probably more safe than not.

Before anyone else arrives on the mat, Uchenna and Joyce are declared officially team #3. Team Guido and Teri and Ian are in the last ferry, and the beauty queens arrive on the mat to be team #4. They must have fallen way behind Joyce and Uchenna at the Detour, although the editing didn’t seem like it, for the thirty minute penalty to not make a difference.

At the Roadblock, Danielle throws the Rungu, and Eric tells her she’s doing horribly and laughs at her. At least he’s not suggesting she use her boobs. She finally gets it and they land on the pit stop in fifth place before the last ferry even arrives. Once they do arrive on land, Teri and Ian decide to do the puzzle, and Bill smartly decides it’s best for them to stay neck and neck with them so there’s no chance of them slipping away. Team Guido separate the pieces into colors first to make it easier, and finish first, making their way to the Roadblock. These last two teams, coincidentally the oldest on the race, seem exhausted. Teri and Ian finish shortly after.

By the time Team Guido arrive at the Roadblock, it’s the following morning. Bill throws the weapon, and as Teri and Ian defeatedly make their way there, she says maybe someone will get stuck at the Roadblock. He tells her somebody can only be them or the Guidos. Bill hits his target as Teri and Ian arrive, and Ian decides to throw the weapon. Once he hits his target, they take off for the pit stop, saying they’re not throwing in the towel until Phil says they’re eliminated.

Team Guido thinks their driver might not know where he’s going, and like the first two teams, these last two teams run around to the wrong doors, wrong gates, etc. Again, editing could be fooling us, so they might not really be that close. As expected, though, it’s Team Guido running in for 6th place. Teri and Ian arrive in 7th and are told they are eliminated. Ian says they are going home to their families and children and will continue their great life. Teri chimes in it’s 25 years worth. He says she is the love of his life and has always been there for him. She knows he loves her like no one else can, and he says he wouldn’t wan to be in life without her. Although I’m guessing she won’ be sleeping in an airport for him anytime soon.

You have to wonder about the start of the next leg. Mirna and Charla’s 24 hour waiting period will be up in just a few hours. So they’ll take off, but Team Guido won’t leave until the next morning? Wow. They better be hoping for a great equalizer to take effect. Luckily for them, Mirna and Charla were held up by weather at the ferries, but they still seem just under a few hours shy of a 24 hour difference. Mirna and Charla left on the ferry at 5:30 AM. They were at least three hours ahead of Uchenna and Joyce and the beauty queens. Although those teams finished in the dark. Mirna and Charla must have come in in the afternoon, and dawn was breaking as Team Guido was completing the Roadblock. It has to be like an 18 hour difference or so.

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