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The Amazing Race All Stars, March 25th – Too Hot to Handle

At the standby counter, there is room for only two, and Eric and Danielle make it over the other two teams. Teri just cannot believe it’s happening to them again and asks for someone to just get her out of there. I have to say I understand that one. How frustrating! They’re told to check Air Malawi as they have a flight at noon, and they, along with Team Guido head over there. As they finally catch a flight to Tanzania, Team Guido says they have never been so happy to leave another country in all their life.

Back on the ferry boats, Charla is puking over the side. That’s pleasant. Mirna sits oddly waving a flag, smiling. Oswald does something to help Charla and she notes they know all the “beauty tips.” He cites that it’s more like first aid. Mirna is just happy, apparently, to have companions other than Charla for a few hours. I wonder if she’ll start barking at them as well. They arrive on land, reaching a Detour – Solve It or Schlep It. In Solve It, teams need to put toether a 62-piece puzzle to recreate an image from a style of local artwork. In Schlep it, they will make their way to a lumberyard, choose a local hand cart and load two curved 50 pound logs that are highly sought after for their use in the construction of dhows. They will travel on foot more than a mile to deliver the logs to a shipyard.

Both teams choose Solve It. On the second dhow, Uchenna is saying his grandfather was a pilot, and the beauty queens are so entertained, they ask Joyce where she found him. They offer to take him home with them. Getting a little lonely in Africa? Back at the Detour, Oswald and Danny finish first and receive a clue to make their way to Kikungwi. They ask their driver if he has air conditioning, saying they know they’re racing, but they don’t want to melt. They stop along the way to pick up fresh fruit to keep hydrated and get some energy. Mirna and Charla complete the puzzle and Mirna says they’re not there for a leisurely stroll. She is feeling positive about possibly being #1 again.

Mirna and Charla reach Kikungwi first and find a Roadblock. One person from each team will learn how to hunt with a traditional wooden weapon called a Rungu used by members of a local tribe. They will need to throw it 65 feet to destroy a clay target. The next clue is hidden inside. Not surprisingly, Mirna decides to do this one. When she fails miserably, Charla sweetly offers she might like to watch the demo again. Mirna asks her to throw her a water bottle, and when she lands it on target, Mirna says it was a good throw, and maybe Charla should have been doing the Roadblock instead.

Oswald and Danny arrive at the Roadblock and realize they’re in second place now because they stopped to get fruit. Danny does the Roadblock. The tribe is laughing at Mirna and her constant misses, yet she finally makes it and does a cartwheel out of pure joy. They next clue sends them to Old Fort, the next pit stop on the race. Oswald and Danny decide the cousins must have been praying to their grandmother, grandfather, and entire lineage to hit that target. Danny hits the target shortly after and they take off for the pit stop.

Oswald says the cousins are very formidable competitors, and they can beat the bejesus out of them. Charla and Mirna think they arrive first, but their driver took them to the wrong building. Both they and Oswald and Danny keep finding the wrong entrance to Old Fort, and it seems like it’s anybody’s game for first place, but we’ll know for sure next week when we see the difference in times they leave how close they really are. It’s Mirna and Charla that run in first, and Phil decides with two in a row, they must be “Too Hot to Handle.” His good news for them is they are each winning a catamaran, and they both ask what that is. How can you not know what a catamaran is? Oswald and Danny are named team #2, and being from Miami, I think they would have known what a catamaran is.

Joyce, Uchenna, and the beauty queens land at the Detour, and while the beauty queens choose the lumberyard, Uchenna and Joyce, after last week, wisely choose the puzzle. Joyce says she is glad to not be doing something more physical, and Dustin is telling Kandice she’s schleping logs so easily as she’s been doing her pushups. The flight carrying Eric and Danielle lands, and they pull a ticket for boat number three, saying they want to leave right away, for fear of seeing one of the last two teams, not knowing what flight they ended up with.

The beauty queens are pushing their cart that carries the two logs and their backpacks, and dump it in the middle of the road. Uchenna and Joyce have a much easier time, and finish their puzzle quickly. The beauty queens finish and take a taxi to the Roadblock, and still think this task with the right choice, thinking they have completed it very quickly. The flight carrying Teri, Ian, and Team Guido lands, and they know it’s a race between them at this point with the winner taking all and the loser going home. There won’t be two non-elimination legs and Joyce and Uchenna’s thirty minute penalty won’t affect them now that these other two teams are a day behind.


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