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The Amazing Race All Stars, March 25th – Too Hot to Handle

The other teams all move on to wait for South Africa Airlines to open up which will give them a stopover in Johannesburg. Ian laments that now they have to go to Johannesburg whether they like it or not, and Teri follows this saying they wasted their time. One of the racers, I can’t tell who, says now the cousins look like geniuses. Well, they did something, instead of sitting around waiting, they did something and took a risk. Mirna was right, for a change; you have to take risks to win. You can’t play it safe all the time.

In Johannesburg, Mirna says she found a new friend, Cristo. They’re working with him to get their standby flight, and he stoops down to explain things face to face with Charla. Mirna then suggests they all hold hands for a moment and think about the standby, and asks him if he’s praying. Later, Charla says they’re religious people, but that was a little awkward. A little? Mirna thinks he enjoyed it though. Of course. For whatever reason, it works. They hug him and head off to gate 25.

South Africa Airlines opens at 9:45, and when doors open upstairs ahead of time, everyone but Teri, Ian, and Team Guido head up there to try to get tickets. Ian plants his feet in the sand, saying standing in line is the thing to do. The agent upstairs says he can sell the tickets for the flight leaving at 1:15, however there are no more spots on the connecting flight. They all get on the standby list. When the official ticket counter opens up, Teri, Ian, and Team Guido wait in line only to be on standby, just like the others. Mirna and Charla’s connecting flight takes off at 9:55.

Eveyrone but Mirna and Charla, who are long gone, get on the flight to Johannesburg, and when everyone runs to the Air Tanzania counter to check the standby, they find that Oswald/Danny, Uchenna/Joyce, Dustin/Kandice, and Eric/Danielle all get on. Teri/Ian and Team Guido are once again left out of the loop. As they’re walking down the gangway, Eric tells Danielle he’s waiting for someone to run after them and tell them to stop because they can’t get on the plane. He should have waited a while longer, as once he and Danielle are sitting down, an agent boards the flight and says they are sitting in someone else’s seats. They were given someone’s else’s tickets. Before he leaves, Eric asks if anyone will give him their seats for $50. Could he lowball that a little more perhaps?

Danielle is beside herself saying they were already sitting on the plane, but no one seems to care. She and Eric are told they may have a flight that night. Danielle is still upset, saying she’s not going to calm down, because this is ridiculous. Eric explains it’s not too bad, because there’s still two other teams that are there. They are told there’s another flight at 9:55 the next morning, which is again full, but their names are being put on priority standby. What is it about Africa that they have so few flights and all are always booked? Obviously they need to put some more flights through here. Teri and Ian ask for help and are also told about the flight the next morning. They are put on standby as well. Teri isn’t happy about now spending a second night in an airport. I don’t blame her. Ian pitched a fit about doing that, saying he didn’t want to be 7th in line, but then didn’t do anything to protect that spot. They’re now tied for last place.

In Dar es Salaam, Mirna and Charla are landing, looking for the dhows. Eric and Danielle walk through the airport looking for the other teams. The Guidos spot them and toast themselves with a beer that it’s now a three way tie for last place. Teri and Ian see them as well, and Ian is shocked. Mirna and Charla arrive at the ferry terminal and run in, having no idea what type of flights the others ended up with. They’re told, however, that the boats won’t be leaving until 5:30 the next morning because of the weather. They pull ticket #1 and wonder where everyone else is.

The middle pack of teams arrive at 6:50 PM and all arrive at the ferry terminal after dark. Oswald and Danny get the second #1, and the beauty queens and Uchenna and Joyce both get #2. Uchenna and Joyce are somewhat frustrated with the thirty minute penalty looming over their heads. Oswald walks up to Danny on a park bench and pretends to pick him up, asking what he’s doing there that late at night, saying he comes cheap. The cousins walk up, and Oswald says that it’s their corner. They’re working that bench. Mirna says they’ll sleep on the other bench, and Oswald replies there’s no sleeping going on, realizing she doesn’t get the joke. If he was lying, though, Mirna would know, because, remember, she’s an attorney. On the boat the next morning, Oswald keeps the jokes flowing, saying they’re going to trade Mirna for food. It’s okay with her, as long as she has some of the food.

Eric and Danielle make sure the “line” is on so they can honor it when standing in line. Teri and Ian don’t choose to honor it, and the two teams banter back and forth on what constitutes a line. Eventually the married couple gets in line behind the just dating couple. Back at the ferry terminal, the beauty queens board the boat with Uchenna and Joyce, with him saying it’s one of the gateways to Europe, and that they took the slaves on that very same path. He looks at Dustin and Kandice and tells them now it’s their turn. To be slaves?


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