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The Amazing Race All Stars, March 25th – Too Hot to Handle

The big question all week was how Mirna and Charla managed to go from last place to first place on The Amazing Race. They were expected to be gone weeks ago, and now not only have they outlasted Rob and Amber, they had their first “1st” at the pit stop in Mozambique. Furthermore, Uchenna and Joyce were marked for elimination after surviving a non-elimination leg. No one ones knows quite how the order of the teams ended up all topsy turvy like this.

Charla and Mirna, at 9:07 AM, are the first to leave the pit stop in Mozambique. Mirna says that being in first place is nerve-wracking, and since they’ve never placed that high before, they want to prove that it wasn’t just a quirk. They know they need to take risks and don’t know how they would win if they didn’t. Their first clue is sending them to the airport to fly to Dar es Salaam, the largest city in Tanzania. There they will travel by taxi to the ferry terminal and pull a number for one of four dhows, traditional sailing crafts, which they will take to Zanzibar. In the car on the way to the airport, Mirna tells the driver not to hit the people in the street. I’m sure he appreciated her assistance.

The beauty queens, Dustin and Kandice, are the next to leave, but not for another forty minutes. They haven’t been first yet on this race, so they’re hoping this might be the leg for that. With a wink, nudge and much laughter, they say that first, they’ll have to kind of compete with “Too Hot to Handle.” That’s what’s printed on the matching t-shirts of Mirna and Charla.

Teri and Ian leave at 10:13 PM, and he says if he’s gruff, he’s gruff. He makes no apologizes for that. He believes in character and honor and tries to do the right thing at every turn. If he doesn’t get it done, he’ll redouble his efforts. As Oswald and Danny leave at 10:18, Oswald says the stress of the Race is getting to people. He believes when people get cut off from the competitive part of it, they lose who they are as a person. Going back to what you think keeps you grounded is what Oswald thinks is really important to run the Race better and really have fun with it. And they live by their words. Throughout the race, they have been focused, competitive, and have been having fun.

Team Guido leaves at 10:32 PM saying they’ve noticed a major mood shift as the number of teams on the Race gets smaller. It’s a very competitive field, and they know now they can’t trust anyone. Eric and Danielle leave just one minute later, with her saying they are both forming opinions of each other. He can be stubborn, but she doesn’t sit back and let him take charge. He talks about going to see the Tanzania Devil, and she tells him it’s the Tasmania Devil. He then corrects her, like she’s the doofy one, saying it’s the Tasmanian Devil. Can we just vote these two out of here or something? Uchenna and Joyce leave only three minutes later, and Uchenna says he knows no one else is going to lose sleep if they’re gone from the Race. They know they have to rely on themselves.

Mirna and Charla arrive at the travel agency and find the earliest flight has a departure half past 8:00 AM, but the agent can’t book the tickets until 5:00 AM. They plead with her telling her to try, and she says it’s not possible. Mirna picks up the phone, asking if she just needs to hit 9 to dial out and Charla again pleads with the agent to try. She asks why it’s not possible, saying she should “just dial. Hit. Hit. Hit.” And, of course, this is all said in that annoying fake accent thing they do. The cousins resign themselves to going back to the hotel where they have a room for a few more hours yet, upset that they lost their good lead. I’ve always wondered how they can go back to their room. Do they not turn in their hotel keys?

The beauty queens get the same information at the same place and also head back to the hotel. Teri and Ian fight over whether they should go back to the hotel or stay all night. Team Guido decides to spend the night in the airport, and Teri is begrudging this since it’s only 11:00 PM. Ian asks if she’d rather be a little inconvenienced or be in the front of the line. She replies she doesn’t know and asks if he wants to stay in the car. What does that have to do with anything? She’s a bad fighter. It’s not fun then. However, she says he’s a strong personality and opinionated. He sees black and white and not really very much in between. Hmm. I know a few people like that. He tries again to explain he doesn’t want to be seventh in line to get the tickets and wants to start racing right, with “stop, look, and listen.” I thought he was a member of the vice squad, not a traffic cop.

In the morning, there’s Teri and Ian at the front of the line. She says she is not staying there another day and wonders if there’s any flights to Miami. Charla says she was about to tell her to go back there if that’s what she was waiting for. All this waiting in line and in hotels, only to find that 8:30 flight full. Mirna asks if they can get on standby, saying it’s very urgent. They can take a 7:00 AM flight to Johannesburg, but the connecting flight there is full. They can wait for standby for a connecting flight there if they wish. Here’s the risk they were waiting to take, as they know this is risky, but Johannesburg is a bigger airport than this one, and they’re sure to find flights easier. They rush off, as it’s already 6:50, and they’re the only ones to choose this option.


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