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American Idol 6 Results, March 21st–Those Boots Were Made for Walkin'

It’s that time again. It’s time to get rid of some more dead weight. I will admit right off the bat that I’m rooting for a Jordin/Blake finale after last night, but there are a few I wouldn’t mind around at the end. Of course, there are a few more that need to leave sooner than later. In honor of the results shows that never ends, you will have to navigate through the filler commentary of my recaps to eventually find the only small tidbit of information you want to know—who got voted off American Idol this week?

Some quick thoughts about the idols as they quickly panned the stage at the beginning: thank goodness Phil is wearing a hat, I wish they’d straighten Sanjaya’s hair again so I can get a good picture to take to my hair dresser, and is that Kat McPhee on the end? Nope, it’s Haley but in the shadows she looked like Kat.

So let’s get to it! Last night was British Invasion night and Lulu and Peter Noone were the guests who worked with the contestants. I think they did a fabulous job and actually gave advice that made sense the idols could really use. Not a “dawg” or a “yo” in the bunch! They actually knew the contestants and their styles and how to play that up.

We get a quick recap of last night and Ryan doing the funky chicken beat box jive was considered a highlight, as was the weeping girl. Phil channels his inner Chris Daughtry and Jordin and Melinda bring down the house.

Peter Noone takes the stage and sings “There’s a Kind of Hush”. He and Lulu both aged very well. They almost made up for the disaster that was Diana Ross last week.

I couldn’t be happier that results shows are only 30 minutes long this year instead of an hour. That forces them to get to the votes right away. The only way it would be better is if there was no results show and they just sent me an email with the results. I’m all about efficiency.

This week’s Ford commercial is “Another Saturday Night” and the contestants vamp it up in a Laundromat where Melinda does front handsprings. They all play in some bubbles and drive away. Not bad, but not my favorite.

Brad Garrett is sitting with the contestants on the couches of doom. Seacrest tells him he’s been voted off and he slowly leaves the stage. Ryan then gets to the real results. He makes Phil, Melinda, and Blake stand. Ryan tells them they are not the bottom three. Phil is extremely excited. Next to stand are Chris Sligh, Lakisha, and Jordin. They are also not the bottom three. Sanjaya stands to wild applause and Haley then stands to a few polite applause. Gina reluctantly joins them with a look on her face like she just smelled what I imagine Ryan’s cologne to be like, and they are all told they are not the bottom three. The only ones left are Chris Richardson and Stephanie. They are the bottom two. Of course there is a bunch of stimulating filler like idol trivia and a Lulu performance left before we’ll find out who has been voted off. My money is on Stephanie. Those boots she wore yesterday with the dress were just wrong.

The idol trivia question’s answer is Fantasia so everyone needs to text the letter A to 51555. I don’t want to waste the 99 cents. Ryan talks about the Idols Give Back charity and talks about fundraising, talking specifically to corporations.

Lulu sings “To Sir with Love” and it looks for a minute that the screen isn’t going to open and she’s going to be stuck backstage. Her striking resemblance to Olivia Newton John is only enhanced by her leggings that Sandy from Grease would have worn at the school carnival.

I am glad to learn when I look at my clock that less than 5 minutes of the show remains. We will have to be told who leaves as soon as the commercial is over. They do have to torture me with the American Idol ice cream commercial that I can’t stand. Why are these people dancing? I have no idea because Simon keeps insisting this is a SINGING competition.

Stephanie and Chris R. stand in the middle of the stage together and await the news. Ryan drags it out as long as possible, but he tells Chris he’s staying and Stephanie watches her boot video set to Chris Daughtry’s song “Home”. They show all kinds of highlights and Diana Ross’s hair almost eats her when they hug. Stephanie is crying at the end there is no sing out. They even let Antonella sing herself out. This is bunk! We’re down to the top ten. Who will be the next one to go?

The tour is now set! Who are you looking forward to seeing when the top ten tours the country? Send me an email at heather@realityshack.com and let me know!