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American Idol 6, March 20th – The British Came!

After Simon feigns laughter, he tells Gina that there were moments in her performance that were complete torture. He believes it was so off melody and was just not very good, being style over content. He says that if she wants to do well in the competition, she’ll have to do better than that vocally. The judges all banter back and forth about what she needs to do, and Simon says to “feel free” is rubbish and she just needs to sing well, as it’s what the competition should be about. Gina wraps it up saying everyone says you wouldn’t be there if you couldn’t sing, and she feels she sang and performed, and feels good about it.

Chris Sligh takes a little bit of research in to meet with Peter, and says his dad used to sing Henry VIII to him, and reading up on him now, he finds Peter won sexiest artist alive in 2001. Peter says he paid everyone off to win that, and that’s the secret, that Chris just needs to convince every teenage girl that he’s sexy, singing things like Henry VIII. Chris sings She’s Not There by the Zombies for him, saying it’s always been a favorite, and Peter advises him to figure out what the song is about to be sure the audience buys it 100%. I’ll agree to that one; it’s always an imporpant factor for me. Chris starts singing it tonight from deep in the audience, and comes out singing and high fiving. I think this song is perfect for him, and he shows a little of his humor as he picks up a mic stand heading to the stage, and pretends to jab Simon with it when he passes him.

Randy loves that everybody is performing tonight, and says the way Chris came out of the crowd, it was like a concert. It started a little rough, and he got ahead of the beat at first, but he knows it was hard to sing and walk around, shaking hands, etc. It wound up being a great song for him,being really strong by the end, although it started rough. Paula notes Chris is dressing much nicer and says she likes the fact that he’s working the audience, but she wants him to feel free to be more personable with them. She did think his vocals were good.

Simon asks what else he could do to be more “free” with the audience. Paula suggests Chris could have really jabbed Simon with the mic stand. Simon wants a serious discussion on this, and Chris says he knows what she’s saying, that he could have worked the audience more, but he adds the song is dark, about a girl that’s not there. Simon chimes back in, saying he didn’t think Chris had a problem with the audience, and it was fun. While it wasn’t the best vocal heard tonight, he thinks it was a good choice for Chris, showing his personality. Besides, it ws a lot better than last week. Ryan asks Chris is there’s a trick to roaming the audience, and Chris says he has to focus on the camera and not tripping, since he’s a little clumsy and chubby.

Melinda Doolittle says her first thought with this theme was, “Oh sweet Lord Jesus, what am I gonna do?” She decides on a “torch song,” As Long as He Needs Me from Oliver! Melinda says it’s the first time a song has been this much out of her comfort zone, but I don’t consider a torch song to be out of her comfort zone. I don’t see this as all that much differnet than My Funny Valentine. Lulu liked that she got completely lost in the song, and says every time she watches American Idol, she hears how Melinda is a background signer and shy, but she thinks she’s shining big time. Tonight, she’s still shining, just like every week, although it isn’t the most exciting song. She’s again, masterful.

Randy feels the best vocal was saved for last, and refers to this as yet another stunning performance. He loves the way Melinda takes her time and listens to every word and has great relative pitch. She’s a pro up there. Paula tells her she is in her own league with how she tells a story with a song. There’s a beginning, middle and end. It’s never forced, and just is, and it’s beautiful. Simon asks Melinda if she really is that nice as she seems, and Melinda says she hopes she is. Simon agrees with Randy, saying that it started off as a boring song, but she made the second part absolutely sensational with an impeccable vocal. And he believes she really is that nice. Ryan asks Melinda about working with Lulu, and she refers to her as the ultimate firecracker. She makes it sound like she’s 80 years old.

Watching the quick recap at the end, they show Haley, and I think Simon’s wrong. The audience won’t be talking about what she was wearing, as they won’t be talking about her at all. I totally forgot about her performance. I saw it here again, and was like, “Oh yeah.” I forgot about many of those earlier ones. As good as they were, by the end of the two hours, I forgot. She may last tomorrow night, but not much longer. Sanjaya will probably last as well, which is terrible news for the woman on the hunger strike until he’s kicked off. As the show kicks off tonight, Ryan brings up Ashley from the audience for a meet and greet with all the Idols. I’m getting the warm fuzzies here.

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