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American Idol 6, March 20th – The British Came!

Meeting Lulu, Jordin says she is the sweetest thing and she thinks she’s so cute. She, too, sings a Shirley Bassey song, I Who Have Nothing, and Lulu says she loves the song as it’s so dramatic with so much pleading going on. Jordin really liked Lulu’s critiques, teling her to change certain things, and Lulu is really telling her to grab for the emotion in it, and she finds Jordin to be amazing for just 17. She thinks she has a big chance of making it to the finale. Jordin calls the whole thing empowering, and says to sing the song she doesn’t even have a boyfriend. Singing it tonight, I have to say that while I thought she would struggle bringing in the emotions of these songs at such a young age, she totally brings it tonight. This, I think, is her best performance. I can’t see how she would understand what the song is talking about, but she sure seems to.

Randy calls the song a tall order for Jordin, yet says he was really impressed with her. It was a very different, very controlled performance, and he is guessing it’s the best they’ll see all night. Paula adds that each week we learn just how great her range is becoming. She doesn’t think her age matters at all here, as a good singer is a good singer. While she talks, Simon is oddly winking at someone off-camera. When it’s his turn, he tells Jordin she sang the song beautifully, but he feels like jumping off a bridge as it was so gloomy. He just wants the sun to shine, as it was a bit depressing. Ryan tells him that to get it, he has to have experienced love with someone other than himself. Jordin says she was trying to get in that zone before the show to sing the song and everyone was laughing, and she thought, “Oh crap! I have to be serious!” I say it every week, but how can you not like this girl?

Ryan chats with Peter in the audience tonight, and says it seems he has really brought something special out of the guys so far. Peter thinks they needed to listen to the melody and says that was his biggest suggestion. He takes issue with Simon saying it’s a singing competition, saying it’s really a voting competition (I agree!) and says they’re now all equal as singers, and need to have great performances while they sing. Simon looks incredibly pissy about all this. Ryan asks if he was positive with the Idols, and he says he’s always positive, as he’s just a positive kind of chap like most English people. Predictably, Ryan points out a big exception to that rule.

Sanjaya Malakar walks into his meeting with Peter being on the fence about singing one of two songs, You Really Got Me by the Kinks and I’m Into Something Good by Herman’s Hermits, a band fronted by none other than Peter Noone. He says Sanjaya is a cute-looking guy whose only problem is not a lot of experience. Sanjaya admits here he knows he’s not the best singer in the competition, but he’s going to work on both songs, hoping the right choice will hit him. Peter notes Sanjaya looks more like a Herman’s Hermit than a Kink. And honestly, the rumor was false, obviously, that he was going to be sporting a mohawk. As here he is with not anoddball choice at all, but his own hair. And he’s singing the Kinks, and even more surprisingly, he isn’t half bad! He totally lets himself go here, something we’ve been asking for all season. He takes it out in the audience and sings to the little girl who is still crying, and she is just beside herself with her little Marcia Brady pigtails going on.

Randy admits to being shocked tonight as well, saying Sanjaya’s usually so reserved and meek. He thinks it’s cool that he came out of his shell and thinks it’s his best performance to date. Randy just can’t get over his shock. Paula says they’ve all been waiting for Sanjaya to go for it and says it was a lot of fun to see him like this. She hopes he had fun up there. Simon only says that the little girl’s face says it all. I like Simon right now for not blowing smoke here and just letting the guy have this moment. Ryan asks the little girl her name, and finding it’s Ashley, sends Sanjaya out into the audience for a little meet and greet with hugs. When Sanjaya is back up onstage, Ashley goes back to her hands clasped tightly in front of her face with wet, wide eyes and nodding head.

Gina Glocksen, in either a wig or with yet another shorter ‘do, tells Ryan everyone backstage seems to be doing pretty well. There’s been a lot of good performances, and she’s sure there are a lot more to come. Ryan loves the audience tease here for Fox. She answers a viewer question wondering if being on the show has made her stronger by saying definitely. She’s under a lot of pressure and has never been under that much stress before. She talks about reading the critiques online and in blogs every week, and says it can get you down, but you have to be confident in yourself. :Waving at Gina!:

When Gina sings Paint It Black by The Rolling Stones for Lulu, she thinks it’s perfect for her, and it makes her think of Mick Jagger in 1966 with all the drama. Lulu advises Gina to take it up a half step in key, and after the suggestion, Gina thinks it’s a really good idea. Lulu says she really needs to get the drama out of it and get right in there, devouring it. She shows Gina how to sing it, and she’s shocked, saying Lulu looks sweet, but she’s a rocker girl at heart, and she think they connect. Tonight she does the change-ups in the song really well, but it’s not my favorite of hers.

Randy says Gina’s always been the resident rocker of this season, and he loves it. He loves her edgy voice, but this wasn’t his favorite vocal of hers, as he calls it just a’ight and a little pitchy in spots. Paula says it was miles better than last week, and she thinks this is what Gina really has fun doing. She thinks she’ll have more fun when she lets loose. She notes, jokingly that it’s Simon’s favorite song because of the word “Black.”


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