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The Amazing Race: All Stars, March 18th – We Came to Win, Not Sissyfoot!

I’ll admit I’m still in mourning over Rob and Amber getting eliminated last week, and it leaves me without a clear favorite to root for. And really, it’s The Amazing Race, so it’s anyone’s game. Without Rob’s control of the game, though, as he was clearly in control before he couldn’t figure out how to spell Philippines, was what was keeping this game in the order it was. It makes me wonder what will happen now without his control.

Something tells me, as the other teams leave Argentina, that the ghosts of Rob and Amber will still be pretty prominent in the Race. It seems I’m correct, as Teri and Ian say it was a real shocker to see Romber eliminated, and Uchenna and Joyce say Rob and Amber are great to beat, because they are such amazing competitors. Mirna says says that the other teams were all happy to find out she and Chirna were the ones to beat Romber and kick them out of The Amazing Race. I don’t know about that.

Oswald and Danny are the first to leave the pit stop in Argentina as 12:02 AM, as Oswald says he and Danny repsect every team on the Race, because doing well isn’t necessarily a sign of someone being incredibly smart or athletic. They see everyone as contenders. Is it a coincidence that they are saying that only after Romber’s elimination? Their clue tells them to travel by taxi to the base of the Martial Mountain chain, ride a chair lift up, then hike a half mile, using an avalanche beacon to search the glacier for another beacon that will have the next clue attached.

Eric and Danielle leave only four minutes later, with Danielle saying Eric thinks he’s the best at everything, and it’s very annoying how cocky he is. She doesn’t care, though, as they’re in second place. Okay, I may not be sure who I want to win, but I know it better not be them. Teri and Ian leave nearly an hour later at 1:40 AM, with Ian saying this Race is really involved and more of a headgame than their last race. This time it’s more psychological and involves a lot more strategy. That’s because they’re competing against what is supposedly the best of the best, but many viewers I’m sure will take issue with that.

Team Guido leave at 1:55 AM, and Joe says they are trying to be the kinder gentler Guido. Bill adds the others think they’re too old to finish the Race, and Joe hopes they’ll just limp to the front of the pack and win. The beauty queens leave three minutes later, with Dustin saying they have been playing it very safe so the other teams wouldn’t conceive them as sneaky or the “competitive blondes,” but they really can’t afford to do that right now. Kandice thinks it’s time to stop worrying what the other teams think.

As Uchenna and Joyce leave at 2:38 AM, he says that following intuition is the key. When you second guess that, it’s like saying to God and the universe that you’re not trusting them. He has such nuggets of wisdom at the beginning of each leg. Charla and Mirna are the last to leave three minutes later, and Mirna says somehow she and Charla muster up their strength on every leg of the race. They just pull through. It doesn’t matter how much pain she’s in or that Charla is out of breath and can’t run anymore. Okay I definitely don’t want Eric/Danielle or Charla/Mirna to win.

Oswald and Danny are the first to arrive at the Marshall Mountain chain, and find it doesn’t open until 8:00 AM, and they go back to the hotel they have just left, as do the others. The next morning, as everyone arrives back, they see Team Guido already waiting, first in line. Ian wonders if they slept there or just got there earlier. He and Teri also notice the Guidos have everything on and ask if their underwear is tagged “Team Guido.” Joe and Bill say it’s not, but then again they wear thongs, and sometime they give them wedgies. TMI! Eric and Danielle arrive, and Eric points out he knew Team Guido would be first, and we see highlights of the earlier tension between the two teams.

The Guidos are the first to the chair lift, followed by Teri/Ian, Oswald/Danny, and the beauty queens. Charla and Mirna bring up the rear. Ian complains he’s having issues breathing. Team Guido is the first to find a hidden beacon, and the clue has them flying to Maputo, Mozambique. They will need to use a travel agency, as international flights can’t be booked inside the airport. Since the flights are so limited, the teams are being provided with tickets for a 3 PM flight, yet are encouraged to find an earlier flight.

Dustin and Kandice screw up again and need to go all the way back to the base of the mountain to get the original beacon. They decide that’s what they get for not reading the clue. The thing is, this isn’t their first time to make a huge mistake, yet they’re still hanging around. Charla and Mirna pass them going back for their beacon and agree that they aren’t smart. Uchenna and Joyce are the second to find the clue, and note they passed three teams from their order touching down after the chair lift. Joyce asks if Mozambique is in Africa. Okay. I’m terrible with geography, and even I knew that. Probably the only other person that didn’t is Mama Weaver.


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