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American Idol Season 6, Week 4 Results: Back to Backup

The biggest disappointment of the week – Diana Ross. Looking like she’s been in storage for the past 20 years, the original diva wasn’t much of a judge and her performance could only rate one word – pitchy. C’mon, Ms. Ross, even Kenny Rogers gave more.

Brandon knew he was on the block when he forgot his words – “You can’t hurry love, no you just have to wait” being very complex lyrically. I’m disappointed that Haley didn’t get the same treatment but maybe her adorably contrite reaction saved her. I loved Big Chris’s revamped Endless Love. It’s hard to make such a saccharine duet sound modern and I thought he did a great job. Ditto for Blake. Every year, the judges want the contestants to “make it their own” but when they do, coloring outside the lines, all of a sudden it’s too much and they need to go back to the original version.

Two people who have been coloring a little too well within the lines are Melinda and LaKisha (newly rechristened Kiki). Going into week 4 and with the judges struggling to find new adjectives for incredible, I’m getting bored with them both. Yes, they’re amazing singers but they’re not doing anything new. Every week, it’s the same type of song and the same type of performance. I was delighted to see Jordin break through this week and really own the stage. I think she’s got Katherine McPhee potential and has a shot to go all the way.

But enough with all that, time for the results. A half hour means the suffering for both us and the contestants is reduced significantly. Bottom 3: Brandon, Boy George & Sanjaya.

Then Diana Ross performed and frankly, she looked like an over the hill Vegas showgirl. She also sang like one.

And who do you send home? Brandon, who’s mature about it. Let me just go back up for a second – you kept Boy George and Sanjaya. Sometimes, I think you’re just doing this out of spite.

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