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American Idol 6, March 13th – Guys Not Supreme

On the outset, Stephanie sounds great with this, yet she doesn’t know how not to power it and take it down a little. That’s what Lakisha and Melinda have over her. Randy calls it an interesting kind of night and mentions how she, too, forgot part of the words. It was a good vocal, yet she didn’t think it was her best. He was waiting for the up tempo part to start. Paula asks if there was a reason why she didn’t add in that part they were all waiting for, as they were all waiting for it. Stephanie says it was too long of a song, and it wouldn’t fit. Paula answers that’s what arranging is for. Regardless, she has strong vocals, and should strive for better, as she has a beautiful voice.

Simon, too, thought it was a very strange arrangement, saying the song teased them with the good part, then failed to deliver. It didn’t close particularly well, and he thinks Stephanie was completely outsung by Lakisha and Melinda. With the multitude of amazing Diana Ross songs, he feels she chose the wrong song, and needs to make a better impact at this stage of the competition. Stephanie admits to Ryan she had control over the arrangement but when it got to the whole disco part, there was a lot of music and adlibbing, and she had wanted to do the chorus and lyrics. That’s great, but that’s not what your audience was looking for.

Chris Richardson is choosing to sing The Boss tonight, and was trying hard not to be starstruck, but was for some reason. Diana tells him to take a deep breath and not be nervous. She’s not different than him, except older. And … she’s also been in the business he wants to break into for forty years. He was wondering if she liked it or if he was completely butchering her song. He was waiting for her stop him and day it was horrible. Yet instead, she says he just needs to find where the hook is in the song, and needs to get it going to work the audience. As Chris sings it tonight, it’s probably right for him, but I don’t like it too much. He goes out to the audience to sing on the catwalk and gives a goofy look at the camera. He’s got some weird energy at the moment.

Randy tells Chris he is definitely holding the line for the boys, but it wasn’t his favorite of Chris’. He thinks he overdid it a bit, as he should sing the melody without doing all the runs. Yet, the runs he did connect on were hot. It was just half and half for him. Paula thinks of all the guys, Chris nailed the blend of bringing the contemporary into the song. She talks about some guy from back in the day that had a good vibe with one of the best dance songs, and she feels this kind of turned in that direction. I’m sure one of the kind readers here will inform me what song and artist she was talking about. Simon says that remembering it’s a singing competition, if they took out the charm and personality from Chris, and just listened to the vocals, it was dreadful. Once again, if you heard that as a record in isolation on the radio, he thinks everyone would switch channels instantly. I could be wrong, but it looks like Chris is holding back tears. Again, with this genre, how many of the guys were going to do outstanding?

Diana thinks Jordin Sparks is absolutely gorgeous, but she says when she sings If We Hold On Together, she needs to be able to project the song. She needs to be able to look at the audience and make them believe the words to the song. Jordin is definitely going to apply “Miss Ross'” advice, thinking about what it means to her. Diana believes Jordin has real star quality with her smile and the shine in her eyes. There’s an inner light which is very important. As Jordin sings the song tonight, you can see the whole Disney like thing from her, putting her right up there with Hilary Duff. There’s a few pitchy spots, but overall I think she does pretty good.

Randy says he’s been a fan of Jordin’s since day one, and for a 17 year old, he’s very impressed with her. A lot of people may think this was a two girl song night, but he thinks she just made it a three girl race. Paula ads that she is a natural gift and a breath of fresh air. Jordin is beautiful and can sing her heart out, and although Paula wasn’t familiar with the song, it didn’t matter, as she drew her in right away. Simon thinks it may have been a little bit gooey, but having said that, he totally agrees with Randy that it was a very, very good vocal, and she absolutely put herself in the finals of the competition. Ryan says it’s fun to watch Jordin grown on the show, and she should be smiling. She adds she can’t wipe it off her face.

By the end of the night, it appears it came down to arranging more than male or female songs. It’s possible everyone is thinking they can rearrange songs to suit their style, like Chris Daughtry did last year. But they have to remember not everyone can do that as skillfully, and the judges didn’t always appreciate him doing that either. Like they always say, it’s all brand new this week, and everyone is starting over.

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