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The Amazing Race: All Stars, March 11th – Phillipeans, Phillipinese, Philippines!

Teri finds her letter, and it’s from Flo and Zach, the winners of their season. The letters say they wouldn’t have expected a retired couple to make it this far. It’s funny, but in the written word, you can’t hear Flo shrieking. Team Guido, Uchenna/Joyce, and the beauty queens arrive at the bay and pull numbers for the order they will be leaving. Teri and Ian run in just then to take third place. Phil has to tell them to kiss each other to celebrate.

Rob and Amber arrive and pull a number placing them sharing a boat with their old “friends” Uchenna and Joyce. Romber tells everyone what they did to Mirna and Charla and all get a good laugh. Rob says they were behind everyone else; they had to do something. Mirna and Charla arrive and ask Amber why she lied. She lies again, saying she was talking to Rob, saying she figured it out. “I got it.” She pleads ignorance in finding out Mirna and Charla thought she meant she found the clue. Rob says he’s rubbing off on her. As they’re left the last ones waiting for a boat, Mirna says it was another lie, and now they’re the last ones on the boat, cold and all alone. They’re at a disadvantage compared to the other teams, and need to wait, while they try to stay warm. Oh for gosh sakes! Give it up!

On their boat, the beauty queens and Guidos laugh about Mirna and Charla having a hard time. Bill and Kandice do the Roadblock, and Joe tells Bill not to get a paper cut or ruin his manicure. Kandice says she wishes she had a manicure right now, and Bill offers to let her use his nail buffer later. Bill finds his letter, and it’s from Frank Mesa from their season, with a bunch of gibberish and a line saying he hopes it didn’t annoy them. Now knowing it will be from a previous team, Kandice jokes maybe theirs will be from ‘Bama, and sure enough, she finds it, and it’s written by Lyn, and definitely not Karlyn. Lyn saw while they won’t be lifelong friends, they will always have lifelong memories to share. “TAR 10 for the Win!” I wonder if she wrote something for Kentucky had they made it this far, or if it was the Chos.

Rob and Joyce do the Roadblock, as Amber says with her doing the previous ones, she thinks he was just itching to do a Roadblock. The Guidos run in for fourth place with a big kiss, and Phil asks if they could be any more in love. The beauty queens arrive in fifth place, and at the post office, everyone is shocked that Mirna and Charla are arriving already. Joyce finds hers really quickly, and it’s written by their friends Susan and Patrick from their season. They are told to not trust “you know who.”

“You know who” is still searching his pile and Mirna is searching hers. Charla points out two white ones in the front that she missed, and Rob tells Charla she can’t talk to Mirna doing the Roadblock. That’s right, unless you’re offering the services of a nail buffer. Mirna tells Rob to “shut the hell up. You lie all the time.” She was just telling her to pray to their deceased grandma to help them, and she’s sure he wouldn’t have a clue what it means. Uchenna and Joyce run in in sixth place.

Mirna finds the letter, and reading it out loud, it’s from Lance and Marshall, and we see clips of them saying how much they hate Mirna, calling her a bitch, etc. He makes a comment on how they found out Mirna barely speaks English. They start running, and Amber tells Rob it’s okay, as they can definitely beat them in a footrace. Rob finally finds the letter, and it’s from Susan and Patrick, telling them they hope the letters finds them cold, hungry, and in last place. Well, I don’t know about hungry, but they’re definitely cold and in last place.

Mirna is shrieking again at Charla, telling her it’s like being on a treadmill. She grabs Charla’s hand to pull her along, drags her, and drops her on the ground. It’s Mirna and Charla that make it to the mat first, although Uchenna helps Charla up there. She tells Phil it was a hard day, and she asked God when it was going to change. Finally when it counted, it did. Uchenna says that’s the key to the game, never quitting. Rob and Amber walk in, and I’m hoping for a non-elimination, but instead they are eliminated. She says at least they had a good run in the beginning and it was a bad leg. But, she figures what a better place to end the Race than the end of the world.

Amber says it’s not the end for them, and the fact they got to come back to do this a second time is really spectacular. They had a really great first three legs, and the time they got to spend together is really special to her. The thing Rob is going to miss the most is not being able to compete, knowing the game is going on without him. Yet, in the end of it all, he still has an amazing wife, a great family, and he knows he’s a lucky man.

This was of course the shocker that no one, probably including the Amazing Race producers, expected to happen. Although, each of these teams and everyone else involved with the show, knows better than anyone else that anything can happen here. You can be first in on three legs and totally run the Race, but make a very stupid mistake, and lose. Philippines, Rob, Philippines!

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