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The Amazing Race: All Stars, March 11th – Phillipeans, Phillipinese, Philippines!

Team Guido chooses Navigate It and Mirna and Charla choose the Sign. Romber and the beauty queens decide to work together on Navigate It, and when Rob says he knows where he’s going, the beauty queens offer to give him a gold star. While Mirna and Charla are gathering their supplies and carrying them up the stairs, Mirna is the perfect picture of a shrew. She yells at Charla to put the things in a box, then to get the bucket. Charla says she’s not getting a bucket. Mirna just totally freaks out, telling Charla to hurry up, then telling her to leave the stuff she can’t carry, as they’ll come back for it. All you hear is Charla, Charla, Charla, Charla. She’s told to put the stuff she’s carrying down as it makes no sense, and indeed, with all this to carry, she is walking around at that point with one small paint can. She tells her cousin she is trying to help and asks her what she wants her to do.

Team Guido finishes Navigate It, followed by the beauty queens and Romber finish Navigate It with Kandice saying she doesn’t think teaming up with them was very helpful. Well, you two are the ones that offered it. No one forced you. You could have left them struggling with their sign, and moved on to Navigate It on your own. And would have been well ahead of them. Mirna and Charla switch to navigate It as well.

Amber tries to comfort Rob at the airport, and he gets upset with her, saying she’s just trying to comfort him, but for the rest of the Race, she will not try to comfort him. She says he’s deeply upset, but won’t admit it, that they aren’t leading the Race anymore. He finally admits it with a smile, saying he wants to be in first. Right, because you’re the only team on the Race that wants that.

The first charter carrying Oswald/Danny, Eric/Danielle, and Teri/Ian arrives fifteen minutes before the other will be leaving. At Playa Larga, they all walk right by the clue box. Oswald and Danny are the first to find it, and get a clue sending them by taxi to the bay Bahia Lepataia, where they will need to take boats that depart every twenty minutes and can carry two teams at a time. They will reach Isla Redonda, also known as the end of the world, as the southern most tip of South America. There they will need to find the post office.

Oswald/Danny and Eric/Danielle get the first boat, and Teri and Ian get the second one, traveling in it alone, with no other teams arriving yet. At the post office, the teams find a Road Block. One member of each team will need to take on the duties of a postal worker, sorting the mail from a huge mail box holding 1600 envelopes. They need to find one of two letters written to their team. What they won’t know until they find it is that it’s written by a team from their first season on the Race. They will need to read it out loud to their teammate to receive their next clue.

Oswald and Eric do the Roadblock as Teri and Ian’s boat leaves. The other teams are landing at the airport. Uchenna/Joyce, Team Guido, and the beauty queens get the only available taxis, and Romber and Mirna/Charla are left waiting. Rob and Amber start walking the direction they know the taxi will be coming, and when one comes, they jump in. Charla starts screaming that she called for the cab; it’s her and Mirna’s. Rob says he called too. Charla and Mirna knock on the windows telling “amigo” to let them take the cab. Mirna and Charla end up getting another one shortly after that.

Oswald finds the letter, and reading it to Danny, he finds it was written from Blake and Paige from their season. The letter tells them to think of the beach chairs and pina coladas waiting for them back home. It also tells them to travel on foot to the next pit stop, Mastil de Belgrano. Eric finds his and Danielle’s letter, and of course, it’s written by their teammates from the last race, since they were in different teams them. Jeremy and Dani warn them no babies on the race. Teri starts looking for their letter, and Ian tells her to remember it’s like a needle in a haystack.

Dustin/Kandice, Uchenna/Joyce, and Team Guido reach the clue box at Playa Larga, and Amber is pacifying Rob, telling him they don’t need to come in first every time, but Rob is still hoping to somehow manage to get in first place. And as he is saying this, Oswald and Danny arrive on the mat as the team in first place. They win a trip for two from Travelocity to Maui, prompting Danny to ask Phil if he will come with them. He informs them that would be a different reality show. I love Phil. Eric and Danielle run in in second place.

Romber, Charla, and Mirna also pass the clue box, and as Romber figure it out, they start walking back up the path, and tell Mirna and Charla “got it” as they pass them. Romber held onto his old clue to make it look like it was the new one. Mirna and Charla figure it out that Amber was lying to them. Mirna says as an attorney, she can tell when someone’s lying. She wonders just who they think they’re dealing with. Oh brother.


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