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The Amazing Race: All Stars, March 11th – Phillipeans, Phillipinese, Philippines!

Mirna and Charla find the same information at the travel agency and Mirna talks about making the 9:40 flight, but Charla tells her they will never get there in time, and should take the 11:15. Mirna doesn’t want to argue now, and wants to just get going. Teri looks like she is going to pass out while they wait to find out if they can get on the earlier flight, and luckily for her, they get the flight. The Guidos arrive at the airport and also try to get that flight. They argue they are ready right now, and the sign says “embarque,” so they’re still boarding right now. They are still told no.

Team Guido takes the later flight, and start looking for the shipwreck in their information before Mirna and Charla get there, knowing how good the cousins are at clinging on to other people to get information. Mirna still asks to get the 9:40 flight, and being denied, she accepts the 11:15 flight. When they arrive at the gate, the Guidos already have their stuff packed up to not give it away they were already looking for the shipwreck. Mirna and Charla aren’t happy about being stuck with them since they ditched them earlier in the Race.

The first flight arrives in Punta Renas at 11:50, and Rob is holding onto a huge piece of information. His story is that when he came out of the bathroom on the plane, the flight attendant handed him this note with directions to the shipwreck. The note was originally meant for Uchenna, but Rob was handed it. Uchenna has a slightly different version, saying that Rob stole it out of the flight attendant’s hands. I can’t see either version as the way it really happened. I can’t see Rob being “handed” the information, and I can’t see him grabbing it away either.

Rob and Amber are the first to the shipwreck, and find a Detour that revolves around explorer Magellan – Navigate It or Sign It. In Navigate It, teams must use a map to get to the town plaza where they will find a sailor. He will give them a compass that will help them find the Nautilus building, a deep sea salvage business, where they will get the next clue. In Sign it, teams will choose a pole and building supplies, and bring up the stairs. Using a map for reference, they need to figure out that Magellan began and ended his trek in Seville, then build a sign post in the order of the fourteen ports of call. The hang-up here is that the signs don’t need to point the right direction, but the cities need to be spelled right.

Amber wants to Navigate it, but Rob insists on Sign It, as he knows he’s better at building things. Oswald and Danny arrive and choose Navigate It, while Uchenna and Joyce choose Sign It, as do Dustin and Kandice. Teri and Ian choose Navigate It. Rob knows the exploration started and ended in Spain, even though the map doesn’t necessarily look like that. Amber tells him to keep that information quiet, as she doesn’t think anyone else knows that. Sure enough as Uchenna and Joyce look at the map, they think it starts in Guam.

As Rob and Amber are painting the ports of call, Rob spells Philippines wrong, spelling it Phillipeans. You should have known, Rob, that it wouldn’t just be building something. They are told it’s not right, and go back, trying to figure it out. Eric and Danielle finish Navigate It quickly, and receive a clue to send them to the international airport to sign up for one of the two charter planes that are three hours apart. They will land in Ushuaia, Argentina and will need to find Playa Larga Beach. Oswald and Danny finish Navigate It as well.

Uchenna and Joyce are building their sign post, still believing that Guam is the first port of call, as Teri and Ian finish Navigate It. Clearly that is the better choice on the Detour. Dustin and Kandice work on their sign post, and realize the arrows don’t need to point in the right direction as Uchenna and Joyce aren’t doing it that way. Rob and Amber try again with a post that now reads Phillipines. It’s obviously still wrong. Joyce starts to realize their ports of call are in the wrong order.

Oswald and Danny are the first to the airport and do a little dance after finding out they made it on the first flight, and Eric and Danielle arrive just after. Amber wants to switch Detours, saying they need to know when to quit, but Rob insists on sticking with the sign. Teri and Ian arrive at the airport, and when finding they made the first flight, they are pelted with items from above, and it’s none other than Oswald/Danny and Eric/Danielle. Ian asks where they’re all going to party and gets a really weird look from Danielle. At least he’s not talking about her boobs.

The flight carrying Mirna/Charla and Team Guido arrives as Joyce is figuring out it goes from Seville back to Seville. She and Uchenna quickly redo their sign, and get it right this time. Rob is looking very frustrated. Mirna tells their taxi to pass the one carrying the Guidos, and as they pas, Joe sticks out his tongue. That’s mature. Uchenna and Joyce get to the airport and are on the second flight, with Uchenna looking very pissed. The beauty queens tell Rob and Amber that the second flight is just arriving, and ask if they want to quit this task at the same time as them, and move on to Navigate It. Rob tries the sign one more time, and when it’s not right, he agrees.


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