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The Amazing Race: All Stars, March 11th – Phillipeans, Phillipinese, Philippines!

I mentioned last week that each leg of the race would start out one way with crazy things happening, but by the end of the leg, it seemed liked the people that were doing well were still doing well, and those that were doing badly, were still doing badly. I guess it was time for a shakeup, as that’s what we got tonight with the teams leaving southern Chile.

Rob and Amber are the first to leave at 6:11 AM, and Rob says he’s not trying to be arrogant or cocky, but he believes they are the stronger team there. Amber thinks they have great communication skills, and she feels they are peaking. Rob disagrees, saying they aren’t peaking, as he’s not even close to his prime. I don’t know if he has a definitive prime; I think he’s just a competition junkie. Their first clue for this leg of the race sends them to Punta Arenas, Chile, via airplane. There they will travel by taxi to a shipwreck.

Uchenna and Joyce leave at 6:26, with her saying Romber beat them a lot in their season, but they didn’t beat them when it counted, and she’s sure they’re still hurt over that. Uchenna believes there’s a bit of a rivalry because of it, and he’s sure they want to set the record straight. He’s welcoming the competition and considers it healthy. Eric and Danielle leave just two minutes later, with him saying it’s hard to have a girlfriend on the Race, and they need to separate their relationship from everything around them, otherwise some people go nuts. He treats Danielle like a guy, except she has better boobs. We get it Eric. You like her boobs. Do we have to hear about them every race?

Rob and Amber get tickets for the flight leaving at 9:40, and they hear from the ticketing agent that there aren’t too many seats left. They go find some computers so they can research the shipwreck online. They start to wonder if it’s just a painting when that’s all they can dig up, but eventually find out it is a real shipwreck. Uchenna/Joyce and Eric/Danielle arrive at the airport, book their flights, and wonder why they haven’t seen Rob and Amber yet. Why are they the only ones to think of using the internet to track down this information?

Dustin and Kandice leave at 6:48, with Kandice saying if she had to guess the reasons of their inconsistencies, she would think it was because they tend to overthink things quite a bit. Proving her case, she says she’s analyzed what the solution is for what ails them, and she thinks they need to do preparation beforehand, then trust themselves and let go. They know that Rob and Amber are the team to beat.

Oswald and Danny leave at 6:51, with Oswald saying he thinks they just like to have fun. Some like to think they’re competitive, yet it’s just the opposite. They’re doing it in the spirit of fun with a sense of style. Danny starts talking about snoring, saying the only time he does it is when he drinks excessively. For an example of someone that snores up a storm, he mentions Kandice. He wants that to be a warning for all the men out there.

Teri and Ian leave at 6:53, and say as an older team their physical abilities aren’t as good as the younger teams. Duh! Team Guido leaves more than an hour later with Joe saying that being at the back of the pack has been a real eye opener for them and a humbling experience. It makes them more competitive. Mirna and Charla leave at 8:11, in last place, and go back to the hotel to call a travel agency after they get their clue. Mirna yells at Charla from inside the hotel for not bringing their purses with her. She knows Charla wants to contribute, but she’s needed to do more than any one person has ever had to do to compensate for Charla. Good grief. She can be annoying sometimes.

The beauty queens and Oswald and Danny are all up at the counter in the airport working on getting tickets, and while Kandice doesn’t know what the two guys are saying to the agent, Dustin interprets it well enough to know that Oswald had said not to let the blondes get on the plane. Oswald tells Dustin if he had a knife, he’d stab her right in front of of her chest. Teri and Ian find the 9:40 flight is closed, and Ian asks if they can find a way to get on that flight. If not, they’ll have to take the flight that lands at 11:15.


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