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American Idol 6, March 7th – It's All About the Yo

Tonight, Antonella, who is suffering from an image problem due to a certain set of pictures of herself on the internet, comes out in thigh high boots and a short dress. It’s a cute look, but again isn’t showing us her dedication to her craft. She sings Corrine Bailey Rae’s Put Your Records On, and isn’t as pitchy as she was the past two weeks, yet still is to a certain point, and proves she is still really out of her league. Randy calls it a pretty good song choice with a nice ending, but adds she was still a little bit pitchy in the middle. He’s felt the past couple weeks that she doesn’t believe in herself. He thinks she’s a better singer than she’s shown, as it was just another okay performance for him. Paula agrees that it was the right song choice for Antonella, as it’s where she stands right now with her range, yet with the bottom notes, she needs to watch out for them, because her higher ranger is where her magic is.

Simon shrugs and says Antonella has gone as far as she can go. The reality is, and she knows this herself, that she is surrounded by some pretty good amazing girl singers, and he doesn’t know how much more she can do. He doesn’t know if her voice is going to get any better. He feels for her, taking a lot of stick in the media, and thinks she’s handled herself throughout, as he doesn’t think anyone should be put through that. Yet, he won’t patronize her. It wasn’t her worst, yet he has a problem with her being there, and is wishing she could sing better. I really admire him for that statement. As harsh as he can sometimes be, he recognizes she’s taken a lot of crap, yet, he puts everything back onto her singing, and not the other stuff, and says she just doesn’t belong here.

Ryan asks Antonella if she feels she deserves a place in the final 12, and she says she knows she’s surrounded by really talented people, but she has a different sound than them (I’ll say!), yet she’s not comparing herself, and wishes the judges wouldn’t either. That’s all well and good, Antonella, but you do realize you’re in a competition, meaning you have to be compared to the next person. She goes on to say she understands what Simon is saying, and she’s not going to doubt the talent she’s surrounded by. She thinks everyone here is an amazing singer, and they are each different and unique. She sounds like she’s giving a speech in a beauty pageant here. Simon adds here that no one is being critical for the sake of being critical, and Randy adds it is a singing competition. Paula asks to go to a warmer place, and I don’t think she means Tahiti. It’s all become very uncomfortable, and I think it comes down to putting away the internet pictures for a bit, and realizing, when you just take talent into consideration, she’s outmatched.

Haley Scnarnato says she was a gymnast since the age of 5. She did it for years, and it was a lot of fun, until her body gave out on her. She dislocated one shoulder, then the other, and was forced to quit. She turned to singing, what she calls her true love and passion. Again, you can’t give up one passion and dream, and say, okay maybe this is who I am, and measure up to the other people here. We see that on stage, their lack of passion for it. Singing If My Heart Had Wings by Faith Hill, it seems a good song choice for her, but like with Antonella, still out of her league, yet not as much.

Randy calls it an interesting song choice at this point in the competition, yet he feels it’s part of who she is, which is probably why she chose it. He’s not jumping up and down (I can’t wait for the performance that makes him and Simon actually jump up and down), and felt it was in tune, yet there was no pizzazz. There was no “wow”, and no, “Yo!” Paula sees that it’s a difficult critique to hear, yo, but she thinks that is the kind of artist she is. It’s a song she sang well, even though it wasn’t one of their favorite songs. She sang it well and she looks great up there.

Simon thought it was horrible, like some terrible ghastly high school performance. Where this turns ugly here, is where Simon admits he asked Paula halfway through the competition what Haley’s name was. He doesn’t think she’s made enough of an impression. Paula tells him that’s terrible; her name is Haley. He then asks what her surname is, and is told Scarnato. And that is terrible, as he would have just heard it when she was being introduced a couple minutes a ago.

Ryan tells Haley it’s probably hard to talk about, but he wants her to give people an idea of what it’s like to sing, then hear comments like that. He wonders if she takes it personally. She says she does, yet every week she’s gotten bad comments. You have to do what you gotta do. “Clock in and clock out.” Again, this isn’t her passion, and that is why she doesn’t belong here. Paula tells her she hasn’t always gotten bad comments, but Haley says she knows Simon doesn’t like her. He says he does, he just thinks there’s better people in the competition. And for what may be her last performance, it didn’t do her any favors, and he doesn’t think it showed her as an artist. Randy adds they need to hear some wow, and Paula says it’s tough and anyone’s game right now. I don’t think it’s “anyone’s.” I think there are a couple of gals here that know exactly where they will be next Tuesday and Wednesday.


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