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American Idol 6, March 7th – It's All About the Yo

Do the words night and day mean anything to you? The difference between the better girls and the better guys this week is definitely night and day, with the girls just in a completely different league. And the difference between the worst guys and worst girls is again night and day, but here the girls are worse yet. In other words the best of the best and worst of the worst lies in these eight performances tonight.

Of course, it starts out a little odd. Ryan Seacrest is going for a completely different look, taking a page from Simon Cowell, and going in all black, turtleneck, jacket, and pants, and well, his head is too small and looks like it’s floating with this look. It’s not good. Maybe that’s why Paula Abdul can’t be found. Maybe she’s off looking for the rest of him. She appears finally, and Simon lets us know she was under the desk, and witty Randy Jackson tells us she was dong something for him. Ryan has to remind them all this is a family show and live.

With everyone calmed down, Jordin Sparks is up first. Continuing the theme started last night of things we’d be surprised to know about the contestants, Jordin tells us football is a big part of her life. With a father that was a retired pro, that’s not exactly a shocker. Jordin says that on weekends no one sees her, as she’s out supporting her team, face paint and all. There was a time in her life she wanted to play football, but then decided singing took a larger precedence. She sings Pat Benatar’s Heartbreaker, and the girl rocks it out pretty well. Benatar is always hard to replicate, as she’s a trained opera singer, so for this 17 year old to come in and do okay with it, is saying a lot.

I’m not sure where Randy’s going with it when he says it’s crazy and wild for him, but he then explains it’s a different show when the girls come. He calls this hot and a great way to start out the night. While it wasn’t Jordin’s best performance, it was dope, although pitchy in a couple spots. He was “like, what’s goin’ on?” Paula liked the energy Jordin brought to the stage and says each week she’s getting better and better. Jordin was exploding and coming into her own artistry, and Paula thinks she’ll be there for a long, long time. Simon isn’t quite as enthusiastic as the other two, and saw it as a bit manic and shrieky in the middle, yet she’s done well showing her personality, and he thinks she’ll 100% be there next week. With the possibility of being in the top 12, she tells Ryan, she can hardly contain herself. While Ryan is reading her number, she moves down about 8 inches to be the same height as him.

Ryan asks Gina Glocksen if the girls getting lots of praise is a blessing or curse. She sees it as a blessing, as all of them together feed off each other’s energy and talent. Each and every one of them is getting higher and higher. Sabrina Sloan is asked if she’s nervous, and says she thinks they all are, as they’re aware of the stakes. The best thing, she thinks, is to go out and sing well and have fun, leaving the rest up to God and America. Her secret is wanting to be the next Katie Couric in high school, where she hosted a weekly TV show, Diablo Heat. She’s glad she started singing, though, as she’s definitely not the next Ryan Seacrest. She’s back in her groove again, singing En Vogue’s Don’t Let Go, and is obviously going for the sultry thing again. There’s some of that shriekiness that Simon was talking about earlier. She’s better than last week, but still shouting some.

Randy doesn’t know if it’s his favorite from Sabrina, but it was good and solid. He didn’t love it, and while she did her thing, she should really pick songs she can show her big voice on. He just wishes the song had more melody for him. Paula says the one consistent thing for her with Sabrina is that she can “sing, sing, sing.” Paula thinks she has a gorgeous voice that just soars and pierces through. She calls it an amazing instrument, and says she looks beautiful. Going back to Randy’s previous comment, Paula agrees it’s a whole different energy tonight.

Simon tells Sabrina she’s a great singer, but he knows where Randy is coming from, as she seems to be lacking the emotion he sees from her main competitors, Lakisha, Stephanie, and Melinda. It comes off as a little roboic, particularly with her choice of song. It reminded him of a hotel resort performance, and he’s not saying she’s not a great singer, but she does need to inject some personality, as without that, she’ll only go so far. She needs to start believing in herself. Paula tells Sabrina that if she’s performing in any hotel, she’ll go there, and Simon offers to send her. Ryan just wants it noted that Simon does pick very good hotels and results. When he asks Paula if Sabrina belongs in the top 12, she gives a thumbs up and says definitely. I’m a little worried for her, yet this is the problem with someone that got here solely by picking the perfect songs.

Antonella Barba has been playing the violin since she was 4, and continued all the way through high school. Since she’s been in college, she hasn’t had the time to practice and is a little rusty. She still teaches lessons when she comes home for the summer, as that’s really fun. Here’s the thing, the people here that have a talent doing something else, but have given up on it and now are trying singing, they don’t have the passion to be here. If she belongs here, she would be giving singing lessons because it’s fun and has been doing it since she was 4. Next to the people that make this their life, that’s why she pales in comparison.


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