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American Idol 6, March 6th – No Surprises Here

To borrow a page from Randy Jackson, I don’t know, Dawg. I would have thought the guys would have come out tonight guns ablazing, but only a few of them had loaded guns. The others seemed like they were hiding their only bullet in their pocket like Barney Fife. I started my evening saying that it was a given that both Chrises, Sundance, and Blake would be singing next week, and I figured if Phil could do well again, he’d be #5, leaving that last position between Sanjaya, Jared, and Brandon. I’m still pretty close to that, but I’m not sure where Phil is going to land. He’s iffy again.

The theme this week is everyone is supposed to share something America doesn’t know about them, and it just makes me think of Mandisa saying last year she sucked her thumb until she was in her 20s. Blake Lewis’ big secret is that he loves improv comedy, character acting, and Halloween. He then dons a hat, wig, and teeth, and slips into the character of Jimmy Walker Blue, although it reminds me of a Jim Carrey bit. He sings something I’ve never heard of, although that’s not news for me, yet the words are so close, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to grab enough of the lyrics to search google for the song title. He does a little beat boxing with it, and it has a cool kind of Jamaican beat as well. Surprisingly, though, he was a little pitchy at the beginning. Yet, he’s the only one there that could pull this off.

Randy Jackson says what he loves about Blake, is that he’s really current, and it’s probably the first season they’ve had that type of current music. He loved the hip hop/reggae thing and thought it was hot. He, too, didn’t recognize the song, but loved it, whatever it was. Paula Abdul says she didn’t know the song either, but what was great was that was what made it more interesting. She says it’s hard to do, to hold people’s interest when they don’t know the song, but she thought it was really cool.

Simon Cowell didn’t understand a word Blake sang, but feels Randy and Paula are right. Blake will stand there in the crowd, because at this point of the competition, it can become very karaoke. His being an individual and making it current leaves Simon with a 100% belief that Blake will be with us still again next week. I agree. Ryan Seacrest informs us the song is by 311, which Blake says is his favorite band of all time. So searching lyrics for the band 311, I find it’s called All Mixed Up.

Ryan sits down with the guys and mentions to Sundance Head about results night last week when he was really emotional, with tears and all. Sundance blames it on Chris Robinson, and says when he looked at him, he lost it. He tells Ryan he wouldn’t want to watch Charlotte’s Web with him, and Ryan adds “Or any Hugh Grant film.” Hugh Grant makes me laugh, not cry, so I don’t get that one. Now we know Hugh Grant makes Ryan cry, though. And Divine Brown makes High Grant cryl. Ryan says Simon likes to think it’s all artificial emotion and only for the cameras, and Sundance explains he didn’t even know the cameras were on him, otherwise he would have hit the couch. Simon adds a big eye roll here.

Turning to Sanjaya Malakar, Ryan asks if he is shocked to be here. He says today he’s not, but he was surprised after Ryan read the results last week. What he thinks people will be surprised to learn about him is that he can hula dance. He lived in Hawaii for four years and decided to learn some culture. Now he can shake his booty Hawaiian style. The young girls are going to love this. He sings John Mayer’s Waiting On the World to Change, one of my favorites. They asked him to sing something more younger, and he’s doing just that. He’s listening. He’s much better than last week, but still lacking some. He has a great smooth voice when he hits it.

For Randy to say it was a little bit better than last week is really funny for him. When it started off, it didn’t have that kind of energy from when they first saw Sanjaya. There was something special about him then, and he hasn’t returned to form since. Randy doesn’t think this was that good, and doesn’t know what happened. Paula stammers some, and says she doesn’t agree completely with Randy, and thinks the older guys around Sanjaya that are more more experienced are helping him push to be better. She encourages him to continue getting out of his comfort zone and keeping the sincerity of his voice. Wrapping it up after Simon’s insistence, Paula tells Sanjaya she wants to see hm raise his game.

Simon has good news for Sanjaya. He wasn’t as ghastly as he was last week. However, he’s finding the whole hula hooping and Paula hairstyle thing all a bit weird. Sanjaya has straightened his hair for the evening, no more cute little waves at the end, but he reminds me of a hairstyle my lookalike cousin had at one point. Simon continues, saying Sanjaya is obviously popular, because he’s still there, but based on the fact it’s a singing competition, it wasn’t a very good vocal. It would be his hair keeping him in the game, Simon thinks. Ryan steps in to be the voice of reason, and says anybody comparing Paula and Sanjaya could tell they have clearly different hairstyles, and besides, one of them has extensions, though he’s not sure which.


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