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The Amazing Race: All Stars, March 4th – Dave, Why Ain't You Gettin' Any?

Romber finishes rafting, and receives a clue telling them to travel through the lake district to Playa Petrahue. As David and Mary drive back to La Maquina, they’re hoping someone else made a big mistake, and at count, there are currently Mirna/Charla, the Guidos, and the beauty queens, all with big mistakes. The question is whose is going to prove to be the bigger mistake. The beauty queens finish their rafting and get the clue to travel to the pit stop, and note they never had a Detour during this race.

Rob and Amber reach the pit stop, and are pronounced team #1 by Phil. Amber tells him, “Shut up!” As winners of this leg, each of them will win a full home gym, complete with an elliptical trainer and exercise bike. Being married, they only need one home gym, so maybe they should give the other to Danny, since Oswald wants him to work on his cardio. Phil tells Romber it’s three for three for them, and thinks maybe they need to slow down a bit. Rob says he’ll trade all of them as long as they’re team #1 on the thirteenth leg.

Eric/Danielle and Uchenna/Joyce finish the rafting, and Uchenna notes the beauty queens made up a lot of time somewhere, as they left the Roadblock after them. The beauty queens struggle getting their car started, but eventually get out. I wonder what’s to prevent them from getting in a car, not having it start, and jumping into a different one. Uchenna and Joyce are #2 at the pit stop, and Eric and Danielle are #3.

While Teri and Ian are rafting, Teri dumps out of the boat, and Ian screams out for her. She’s pulled back in, and says how exciting it was to fall out. Exciting? As they reach the clue box, Oswald and Danny are rafting. Dustin and Kandice run in to the pit stop, and Phil tells them they’re the 4th team to arrive; however, they didn’t pick up all the clues they needed, and they need all of them to check in. They decide to retrace their steps and start to realize where they went wrong. Heading back to find La Maquina which they missed the first time around., they find it fairly quickly, and head back to the pit stop, still in fourth place. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me that they were able to do all that and get back, so it makes me wonder if there is a huge gap in time between #3 and #5, or what. Everyone had a hard time finding La Maquina, yet they’re able to figure out they missed it originally, find it, and get back in that short of time?

Team Guido and Mirna and Charla reach La Maquina, and as the Guidos decide to raft, Charla says she can’t do a rock climb, so they’ll be doing the rafting as well. Oswald and Danny see that this pit stop’s official greeter is a little person, and remark that Charla is going to be in love. They’re team #5. Mary and David arrive at La Maquina, and she says she can’t do a 40 foot rope climb, so they have to do the rafting. Teri and Ian run onto the mat for 6th place. Mirna/Charla and the Guidos take off rafting, and Mary and David appear to be right behind them. Mary asks what happens if she falls over, and the guide tells her she won’t if she follows directions. As they take off, she tells David she saw Mirna’s boots in her tent, so they know they aren’t too far behind. She says she’d “love to meet ’em and beat ’em.”

Mirna and Charla finish rafting, and Mirna tells the local they picked up, in that weird accent thing she does, “Sorry, I’m wearing a bathing suit. Very weird, I know.” She realizes then that she left stuff, including the car key, back in the tent, and makes Charla come with her, as she doesn’t want to go back by herself. Now, she knows Charla can’t run as fast, so wouldn’t it make sense to leave her there waiting? Team Guido runs onto the mat in 7th place, and Mirna and Charla get their key and make it to the mat in 8th place. Again, how does this happen so quickly, that she can run to the tent so quickly? The rafting course must not be too long.

David and Mary finish rafting, and drive to the pit stop, and know it’s probably the end for them. She says it was awesome to do it once, let alone twice. She’s amazed she whitewater rafted, saying she’s not normally a thrills and chills type of person. Phil tells them they are team #9, and are eliminated. Mary says it’s okay, as they had a great time. Phil asks her if she is still in love with David, and she says she thinks this time they both came to the realization that she’s her and he’s him. They have to accept each other for who they are, as they’re not going to change. David says she’s not going to change him, and he’s not going to change her. She ends it telling him she loves him and laughs.

Team Kentucky was able to do so well without other teams’ help, making up time all over the place; however, Mary’s heart isn’t there when they’re racing alone, and I think it’s too big a part of who she is to play a game without it. She needs to be sharing and caring, otherwise, it takes her too much out of her game. The problem is, she was such a fan of this show for such a long time, and know all these teams from seeing them on TV, but to run a race with them is different, and they were never going to be able to create with any of them what they had with the Chos last time.

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