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The Amazing Race: All Stars, March 4th – Dave, Why Ain't You Gettin' Any?

Rob and Amber are lucky enough to find a travel agency open in the middle of the night and get tickets that will have them landing at 12:55 PM. Oswald/Danny, Eric/Danielle, Team Guido, and Joyce/Uchenna arrive at the airport, while Terri, Ian, and the beauty queens arrive at the clue box at the church sharing last place, and with the beauty queens apologizing. While the airport is closed for the night, Uchenna and Joyce make a deal with the other three teams that have already arrived, that they will get their credit card info and arrange for flights for all of them at a nearby hotel.

Team Kentucky and the cousins arrive at the airport, and Eric and Danielle begin to wonder why they haven’t seen Rob and Amber yet. As Uchenna and Joyce try to book the flights for themselves and the other three teams, they realize that while they gave them their credit card numbers, they didn’t give them the security codes from the cards. Rob and Amber arrive at the airport, and Rob laughs seeing everyone sleeping while waiting in line. They try to make it look like they’re doing the same thing, as to not raise suspicions that they already have their tickets.

Terri, Ian, and the beauty queens arrive at the airport, with Teri saying they were taking the scenic route. Uchenna and Joyce arrive back at the airport and tell the others about the security code problem. The ticket counters open, and everyone flocks to get their tickets. Oswald, Danny, and the beauty queens are at the counter trying to get their tickets, and Charla walks up and brazenly asks the beauty queens to get tickets for her and Mirna. When that doesn’t work, she uses the excuse that she can’t see over the counter and isn’t as privileged as them, so needs to stand right at the counter butting in, as it’s the only place she can talk to them and be seen.

Others find out that the flight Uchenna and Joyce arranged for at the hotel gets in at 12:55, but the one they are all now getting tickets to gets in at 1:55. As Eric tries to get his and Danielle’s flight switched to the earlier one, Charla listens in. By the time she and Mirna, and Teri and Ian try the same thing, there are not seats left, and they’re forced to try standby once they reach Santiago for the connecting flight.

Mirna/Charla and Terri/Ian rush to get to the standby counter first, and as Teri and Ian are at the counter trying to get on standby, Mirna and Charla walk up, with Mirna butting right in front of Teri and interrupting her conversation with the ticketing agent. Teri tells Mirna to not speak to her “person” while he is helping her. She can wait until he finishes her stuff. Ian tells them to not intercede, and the former cop asks for the help of security. He calls Mirna rude, and she says she took lessons from the “King of Rude.” Boy, Mirna and Charla are racking up friends all over the place. Niether of them ends up getting on standby.

Those on the earlier flight, Uchenna/Joyce, Team Guido, Romber, and Eric/Danielle, arrive, with Rob and Amber being the first team out with all the others following them. Danielle tells Eric that Bill looks nuts, like a psycho. She has some really odd comments. While Rob and Amber turn right, the others all go straight. Uchenna and Joyce get the aid of a taxi as they follow, and Romber realizes they needed to go straight instead of turning off. The others arrive at the fishery, and wonder what happened to Romber.

At the fishery, the other three teams find a Roadblock. One member of each teams needs to go through an 1800 gallon breeding tank and catch and transfer all eighty fish to the holding tank a the other end of the farm. After all the fish are emptied from the breeding tank, there will be a clue at the bottom. Danielle, Uchenna, and Joe do the Roadblock, and Danielle is complaining from the start, saying it’s disgusting and not her thing. She complains that she can’t even pick the fish up. Eric yells at her and tells her to just grab one and quit being a baby. This one’s a keeper, Girls! And I mean the guy, not the fish.

Uchenna goes to town making quick work of his tankful, and Eric complains that he he should have done it himself. Romber arrives, and Amber does it, figuring if Danielle can do it, so can she. Although, I think if she would have looked longer than a few seconds, she would have seen that Danielle wasn’t doing it, but complaining about doing it.

The second flight arrives, and David and Mary are out in front of everyone else. Dustin and Kandice follow a taxi to the fishery, and in return Teri and Ian follow them. The four of them catch up to Oswald and Danny, and Teri and Ian pass them. Back at the fishery, Danielle screams and drops a fish after finally getting her hands on it. Amber figures she’s going to smell real good after all this. Teri/Ian, the beauty queens, and Oswald and Danny arrive, and it will be Teri , Danny, and Kandice doing the Roadblock. Meanwhile Joe is reprimanding his fish, “Stop it! Calm down!” As he walks away with them much calmer, he refers to himself as the Fish Whisperer.


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