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The Amazing Race: All Stars, March 4th – Dave, Why Ain't You Gettin' Any?

It’s just amazing to me how everything can change so quickly in the The Amazing Race. Being that everyone here this time is experienced in the race, you wouldn’t think it would still be that way, but amazingly it changes even more quickly and more often in All Stars than it does in others. Yet, the people in the front of the pack keep coming out ahead, and those in the back keep ending up back there.

Leaving tonight from the second pit stop of the race in the Valley of the Dead in Chile, Rob and Amber take off first, at 11:39 PM. Rob says they’re constantly taking chances and trying new things and different angles. They aren’t really concerned with what the others are doing. Amber say they’re not even concerned if the other racers like them or not. Rob points out he could care less and gives his signature smile. The first clue on this leg sends them driving to the town of San Pedro De Atacama, to find its namesake church.

Oswald and Danny leave next, at 12:18 AM, with Oswald saying they’re two Cubans who came to this country with nothing. If you get in his way, he’ll run you over. However, they’re not going to do it out of maliciousness, as they’re not out there to hurt anyone. So when he runs over you, there will be no malice involved, apparently. Romber reaches the clue box at the church first, and finds a clue telling them to fly to the city of Puerto Montt, choose a marked vehicle, and drive thirty miles to a fishery in the city of Metri. Romber convince a couple of locals to show them where they can find the nearest place with internet.

Team Guido leaves at 12:32 AM, and Joe says they feel like Godfathers, being tough competitors, ruthless, and fast. There’s no reason to minimize them just because they happen to be two gay men living together. As they’re heading out to their car, they talk about wanting a glass of chardonnay. Eric and Danielle leave one minute later, and Danielle is thinking that Eric forgets that the race is about her as much as him. She asks him how he can read the clue and walk at the same time, and he says it’s because he’s amazing. …. Excuse me, I had to break away for a bit to gag. Danielle continues, saying she’s a girl, but trying to keep up with him, and doing the best she can, because she doesn’t want to disappoint him. I think these two are setting women back about fifty years.

Uchenna and Joyce leave at 12:34 AM, with Uchenna saying that they believe that if they make intelligent choices together, they’ll be fine. Thank God, we’re back to the new millennium with their relationship. Oswald and Danny reach the clue box, and Eric and Danielle are right behind the Guidos, who stop and ask for directions. Eric and Danielle listen in, then take off around the Guidos, making Bill very upset. Eric and Danielle get to the clue box first, and when the Guidos arrive, Bill has a few words Eric and Danielle. The Guidos block Eric and Danielle from leaving with their car and Danielle wonders what’s wrong with them. Unlike her, they aren’t trying to not disappoint each other, they’re trying to win.

As Rob and Amber are led to a place with internet service, Uchenna and Joyce are arriving at the church. Dustin and Kandice leave at 12:48 AM, and Kandice says they have decided to work together with Teri and Ian, as they’re good with directions. As Teri and Ian leave two minutes later, he says the beauty queens are strong racers. They’re funny and wiggle and jiggle around the world, but it’s cool with him. Something tells me this alliance won’t last too long. It’s different watching these racers from your living room and thinking they’re good players, and actually racing alongside them.

Charla and Mirna leave at 12:54 AM, and Mirna says that if someone wants to battle with them, they won’t be pushovers and just pushed aside. Team Kentucky leaves just one minute later, and Mary says she thinks she loves just about every team here, but it’s so hard to run the race when you’re so used to your friends. This time they don’t have the Chos. As Mary starts to cry, we have some great editing as we switch to one of their foes, the beauty queens. Kandice says this all stinks, as they’re in big trouble. They’re lost, and what’s worse, is that Teri and Ian are following them. I thought they were teaming with Teri and Ian because they were great with directions, so why are the beauty queens in front?

Mirna and Charla arrive at the clue box and ask for directions to the airport. David and Mary arrive at the clue box just after, and Mary is evidently still quite bitter about what happened on the last leg with Mirna and Charla, as she says those two girls aren’t going to beat her at anything. Instead of waiting for the cousins to leave, Mary and David back out of the alley in the other direction. Mirna calls it weird.


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