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American Idol Season 6, Week 2 Results: Four on the Floor

America, what’s going on with your voting? After a week of mostly strong performances, you choose looks over voices? Short skirts over talent? Suaveness over tone? As Simon pointed out this week, America voted out Jennifer Hudson and America may be voting out some great talent for flash.

But I’m getting ahead of myself as usual. Both the guys and girls stepped up their game this week, although I could have done without the teary-eyed dedication references. In fact, the week’s highlight for me was when Simon “I like puppies” Cowell just lost it with Brandon’s warm and fuzzy vibes. Blake and Hot Chris continued their ongoing Justin transformation while Funny Chris continued to be awesome. Sanjaya needs some more maturity, as a singer and a person, in order to compete but A.J. surprised me. On girls’ night, Melinda and LaKisha were once again impressive, although I didn’t appreciate Simon’s comment about LaKisha’s wardrobe. Would he have been “distracted” if Antonella wore that? What I also love about those two ladies is that they both have no sense of how great they are and bring skill, not ego to the stage. Discovering singers like that is what AI should be all about.

First to go was Nick. Simon had said that Nick just didn’t radiate any charisma. Very true, as I kept thinking he looked like he should be taking my order at a restaurant rather than performing on stage. But he achieved his goal of making it to the top 24 and after quitting last year, which has to feel good. Next to go was Alaina, who was 75%looks/5% talent/20% attitude.

Let’s break for another Idol reunion. Pickler’s in the house and she looks…different. For some reason, she’s styled very Marilyn Monroe and she, how do I say this delicately, looked better when she was on the show. On the plus side, she is adorable as ever, talking to Ryan about sushi and shoes. Then she sings a song she co-wrote and even tears up towards the end. Lovely.

Back to the brutal eliminations. Ryan brings up A.J. and Sanjaya and then sends A.J. home. Everyone’s shocked, no one more than Sanjaya who was sure that this was his last week. Last to go is Leslie, who was a good singer but also lacked stage presence.

Through it all, Paula looks like she’s in pain, Randy doles out valuable advice like “keep on keepin’ on” and Simon looks bored and disgusted simultaneously. America, your choices surprised me. There were definitely other people that should have gone home tonight but I’ll let you have your shallow pleasures this week. But I know you take your top twelve seriously and will choose substance over a pretty face. Right? Right?

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