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American Idol 6, February 28th – Im begging, no more Celine and Whitney!

Leslie is dedicating this to her grandfather who passed away three years ago. She was very closing to him while growing up, and when she first started performing, he was so interested in everything she did. His unconditional love is what she carries with her on the stage since he passed away, as he was so proud of her. She thinks if she dedicates this to him it will help keep his spirit alive. If he was alive, he’d be telling her to just be herself and just do what it is she does. She goes back to the jazz that she does best, doing Feelin’ Good that AJ Tabaldo did the night before. She’s much improved over the week before, but she still has some pitchy moments. But I liked this much better on her than than Natural Woman.

Randy says it’s good to see Leslie reutrn to that whole kidn of jazzy scatting kind of thing, but she was definitely a little on the pitchy side. He loved the a cappella beginning, making it just a’ight for him. Paula notes Leslie is back in her element, and Simon chirps in saying he knows the reason Paula loved Leslie is the scatting she did sounds like Paula judging the show. Even Paula admits, that was funny. Simon says the problem is that Leslie was just whacked by three or four really big voices before her. He thinks she’s getting a little bit lost, and although she’s doing the best she can, and is better than last week, people are going to remember three or four other performances, and not hers. Paula says they all like different flavors of ice cream and she is just a different flavor. Simon says there were four raspberry ripples on tonight, and Leslie was vanilla, prompting Paula to call him frozen sour pickle juice. Ryan wants to clear up the lyrics, as on her lyrics sheet, Leslie actually has the scatting written out. I did search the lyrics online, and they’re not on there, so she must have “wrote” those. Perhaps using Paula’s joke writer from a few seasons ago.

Haley dedicates tonight’s performance to her fiance Bobby. He’s not here with her, but back home, and every chance they get, he’s supporting her on the phone. He’s not good with her being away, but know how much this means to her. She’s not good with it either, but knows this is what she needs to do. Having all the ups and downs in the competition, it’s nice to talk to somebody that knows how to make you marry him. Sounding like she needs to borrow Alaina’s hairbrush microphone, Haley says she can’t wait to marry him.

I’m not to sure why Haley thinks Queen of the Night by Whitney Houston suits her more, as I think it’s worse than last week. A few horrible parts in it. Not just pitchy, but that make you go eeewww. Randy notes how both she and band had a good time, but also says what he didn’t love about it was the song has more background parts than lead vocal. Simon shoots in a smartass remark, saying that’s why Haley chose it. It’s wasn’t great for Randy, as vocally it wasn’t on point. Paula uses her leaps and bounds comment again, but I just can’t see it. She thinks it suits Haley’s personality more. Simon gives Haley an A for effort, sayingno one could say she didn’t give it a go, al though at times he found it very manic, verging on insame. Yet yet says that again, if you’re going to take a Whitney song, you need to be comparable, and vocally she came out badly. He thinks she’s one of two or three girls that are vulnerable tonight. Ryan notes her tears and says next week he’s bringing tissues out with him. Haley says it’s okay, as she’ll just go get “blotted.” Well, for your makeup, great, but what about your feelings?

Sabrina Sloan is dedicating this to her grandmother who is 86. She’s hilarious and makes Sabrina crack up. She thinks her “Grammy” is very glamourous for her age, especially with the fierce hats she wears. Sabrina says she thrives at church listening and clapping along, and she is sure this is w here she got her love for music. Grammy has been in and out of the hospital, and it’s hard for Sabrina to think of her not being in her life. She hopes she’s seeing the performance on TV and just beaming. Thinking of her face will bring Sabrina joy while she sings. She sings He Fills Me Up, another Whitney Houston song, and what I was afraid of happening, happens. Simon had told her in her audition she’d only make it through the first round in Hollywood with a perfect song. She found the perfect song and made it through. She found the perfect song last week and did great. This week, she doesn’t have the perfect song, and it doesn’t work right.

Randy tells her she had some moments where she lost touch with it a little bit, and says she had a big voice and she’s showing it this week. Paula notes she showed it last week as well, and Paula loved it t hen. She thinks Sabrina is fantastic and says she’s a big contender in the competition. Simon seems non-plussed to say the least. He tells her not to compare power with shouting, and says she was right on the limit. He wouldn’t have chosen the song for the same reason he told haley, and he still prefers her last week as she was younger and more refreshing. She’s a great singer, but he wasn’t jumping out of his chair. Regardless, he thinks she’ll be back next week.

There’s a definite line forming here between performers, and I think Sabrina is straddling it. Definitely safe are Lakisha, Melinda, Stephanie, and Jordin. Those that have a great need to be worried are Alaina, Antonella, and Haley. We’ll see how it plays out tonight.

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