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American Idol 6, February 28th – Im begging, no more Celine and Whitney!

Randy tells Antonella that on the positive side she is a drop dead gorgeous beautiful girl, but on the other side, the song choice is completely wrong and too big for her. He says her pitch was all over the place, and while he wishes he could sing like Celine, too, he knows he can’t. Paula notes less than 1% of the population can sing like Celine, but she feels Antonella made leaps and bounds over her performance from last week. Simon tells her the problem was most of the vocals weren’t good enough, and he thought she was worse than last week. Antonella says she does feel better than she did last week, and she’s choosing to go with Paula’s criticism instead of Simon’s, as he was wrong about Jennifer Hudson. Get this straight. You are no Steven Tyler! You are no Celine Dion. And you sure as hell aren’t Jennifer Hudson! Simon clears it up for her, saying they put Jennifer in the competition and America voted her out, not him.

After Ryan notes that with ten girls on the stage tonight, Sanjaya Malakar has better hair than any of them, Jordin Sparks dedicates her song to her younger brother, PJ. He’s always been there for her and supports her unconditionally. He is like her other rock, other than her parents. They goof around, making jokes, giggling and making faces, and he also calms her down and gets her to forget whatever she’s worried about. It makes her want to cry, but she loves him so much. She just wishes he could have the same thing as her with this, as he supports her so much. How can you not love this girl? She’s cute as a button. Jordin sings Christina Aguilera’s Reflection from the Mulan soundtrack, and where it has some definite pitchy parts, when she’s on, she’s on, with some awesome power for a young girl.

As Jordin cries after her song, Randy notes her emotions, and knows it’s because of the piece about her brother. He tells her she chose a really good song, especially after he told her to go for her power last week. She had some little pitchy moments, but for 17 years old, it’s unbelievable to him as a record producer, how impressive she is and the abilities she has. It wasn’t her best, but it was really good. Paula says there’s something about Jordin that’s infectious. You just know that she is a good human being. She is also one brilliantly talented girl. Paula thinks she will come into her own and be around for a long time. Simon agrees with Randy that it wasn’t Jordin’s best, but compared to a lot of other people there, it was excellent. He thinks the dedications are probably getting to her, but like Randy said, for 17, she has massive potential and a great personality. Referring obviously to Alaina, he says someone asked him earlier what she could do, and the answer is what Jordin just did, sing well.

After hugging Ryan, Jordin tells him she had to watch the taped piece through her fingers, trying not to be affected. As they show her father in the audience, he’s crying as well, but gives her two thumbs up. Trying to show her phone number, she accidentally puts up seven instead of six fingers, and Ryan says that would suck if she hadn’t fixed it. He also notes her likability, and she then moves down a step to be the same height as Ryan. Honestly, I like her more and more every week.

Stephanie Edwards confirms that they aren’t catty with each other, and are friendly and not competitive. Simon, as usual, disputes how that could work, but Ryan holds up the hands of both Stephanie and Lakisha, saying whoever wins is fine with everybody, and even though it doesn’t matter, wink wink, he wonders what Stephanie will do to stand out. She’s going to try to pour her heart and soul in and give it her all and sing with as much conviction as the night before. She’s dedicating it to her parents, as she didn’t want to audition for the show to begin with, but they forced her into it, as they has already gone and booked a hotel room. Once she was there in Memphis, she tried her best. In a gorgeous long dress, Stephanie sings Beyonce’s Dangerously In Love, and she gets the difficult timing of the song down. She puts a terrific ending on it.

Randy says that for the pluses of the performance, Stephanie looks hot and sang her face off. She proved she should be up there, and was much better than the week before, even though she was good then. Yet, his only complaint, is that it was Beyonce like to him. He wants Stephanie Edwards, and thinks she should worry less about copying all the rhythmical things. Paula says she disagrees with Randy, as she thought Stephanie was fantastically brilliant. It’s hard to sing something so many others are in love with, such as a Beyonce song, but she thinks people will now be in love with Stephanie Edwards. Simon agrees with Paula, saying you have to take your part in this competition, and coming out there again, putting her mark on it, he thought was a terrific performance.

Ryan asks Randy what his problem is with Beyonce, and of course Randy says he loves Beyonce and has worked with her, but the vibrato Stephanie has seems to be exactly the same. Simon tells him to be quiet, but he continues, and asks her if people have told her she sounds like Beyonce because of her vibrato, and the Dawg is right. Ryan ends it, telling Stephanie she looks beautiful, regal, and elegant, and he’s right. She reminds me some of LaToya London.

Haley Scarnado talks to Ryan comparing her performance from last week to this week, saying they said she was a little cabaret last week, but she’s going to counter it this week with something fun and up tempo. She’s hoping if she rocks out it will help the cabaret thing disappear. Ryan reminds Leslie Hunt that she was told she looked uncomfortable, awkward and gawky. She says she’s learning that less is more here, so she’s going to dry and not do w hat she normally does when she gigs, which is flap around the stage. She doesn’t think that works here, so she will be flapless.


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