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American Idol 6, February 28th – Im begging, no more Celine and Whitney!

The top 10 guys on American Idol sure picked it up last night, and I just can’t wait to see how the gals answer. Someone like Lakisha Jones did so phenomenally last week, how could she top it? It could be an interesting night, and I expect the same thing to happen with the gals as it did the guys, a wider gap starting to appear between the awesome, so-so, and why are they there.

Ryan Seacrest seems to be wondering the same thing, and asks Randy Jackson how tonight will balance up against how the guys did. Randy says we’ll see what the girls do, but the pressure is definitely on, as the boys brought it the night before. Paula adds she thinks the girls are ready, as they all look gorgeous, and Ryan notes here that Chris Sligh was on his feet after Paula mentioned that. (Quick note, that Chris seems to be developing a personality there of who he is as an artist and person, which means he’s going to connect more with the audience). Simon is asked what some of the traps are that the contestants can fall into at this stage, and he believes it’s not giving themselves an identity. They need to make themselves stand out. And … that kind of goes back to what I just said about Chris Sligh.

Up first is Gina Glocksen, and she is dedicating her performance to her boyfriend, Joe, whom she calls her rock throughout Gina’s whole two-year American Idol process. She doesn’t feel she’d be there without him, as she wasn’t going to do it again, feeling so rejected after being cut in Hollywood last season. He told her this is her year, and he even dyed his hair red to match hers. She thinks it makes him really cute, like a little punk rocker wannabe. I’m not sure a guy wants to be called that, but she continues, saying he’s the best thing that ever happened to her, and she thanks God for him every day. It’s a very nice sentiment, and reminds me of Chris Sligh’s words about his wife.

Gina looks absolutely drop-dead gorgeous tonight, walking out in red slinky dress. Singing Alone by Heart, and by Carrie Underwood two seasons ago, she does the song justice. There’s a high note she’s really trying to get and comes much closer than last week, but still struggles with it. Randy tells her it was a good song choice for her, and he thinks she belongs in that rock genre. While she started out a little pitchy, he feels she got it by the middle. He makes special note that “Charlotte was throwing down with you. Y’all sounded like Heart.” Charlotte is apparently one of the backup singers, and combined with Gina, Randy’s right. They sounded like the Wilson sisters.

Paula brings up that if Gina has watched the past seasons of American Idol, Carry sang it, and they were surprised then, but Gina’s done an excellent job with it as well. Paula feels she should be very proud of herself. Simon agrees it was a good choice of song, but feels her vocal were a little forced at the end. He thinks she’s a little bit confused as to who she is, as she’s never going to outsing some of them. He adds that when they put Gina through, they thought she was a little more edgy. Randy argues Heart is edgy, and Paula says the song is rock. Simon points out she’s not dressed like that, but Paula disagrees, pointing to Gina’s tattoo, her beautiful jewelry, great dress, and sarcastically adds that Gina should take fashion advice from Simon.

I know what Simon is trying to say. She is going for the power vocals, and she won’t beat the others in the competition with that, so needs to go to her strength here, which is that edginess, and then have a look that backs that up as well. Ryan takes the conversation back to Gina’s boyfriend, and when she says they’ve been together two years in March, Ryan mentions it’s time for the ring.

Sitting down with the other gals, Ryan mentions Lakisha is showing some leg, and tells her she is looking very, very sexy. He mentions she’s been getting some good vibes the last few days, and asks if she’s been paying attention to the media buzz and if she’s been influenced by it. Lakisha says she hasn’t been paying much attention to it all, and he assures her it’s all been good things about her. He asks if she’s nervous about tonight, and she says she is, but it comes with the territory. He points back to her outfit again, saying it’s not a very nervous outfit. She asks what is it then, and Ryan says it’s an “I wanna show it all off” outfit. This girl could come out in a burlap sack and we’d notice her.

Alaina Alexander tells Ryan she had a hard time with her song choice last week, but her song this week is an easier one for her to connect with. It’s a pretty well-known song and she hopes that she can give it justice. It’s 100% dedicated to Alaina’s mom, as she’s worked four jobs just to support her children, and to have her mom as her strength makes Alaina want to never give up. When she came out after making the final 24, she nearly fell out the door, but her mom was there for her, telling her to stop crying. To now be successful, Alaina’s goal is to give back to her mom, as she’s done so well for her and her brothers and sisters. Alaina sees her as the strongest, most beautiful person she’s met.


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